The Spoils TCG: Shade of the Devoured Emperor

Just a week ago, Michael posted Rescuing The Spoils #4 and hinted at the first post SEED 3 set by calling it SotDE. Just this morning we got another web blarg from lead designer Ken Pilcher in which he revealed the official name of the next full set: Shade of the Devoured Emperor!

Along with the name reveal, we found out that once that set releases draft will officially become three packs of Shade and sealed will become six packs of Shade! With that in mind, Ken discusses the importance of balancing the current constructed format as well as producing a set that really does justice to a Spoils sealed pool. Combine those with the telling of a fantastical and whimsical story and you have quite the task on your hand!

It seems as though Spoils is finally on track to make a resurgence… and we couldn’t be more excited!