The Spoils Web Blarg Returns – Rescuing The Spoils

The Spoils has recently relaunched it’s web blog (The Spoils Web Blarg) and the first series to get kicked off on the relaunched site is written by the owner and CEO of Arcane Tinmen (company that owns The Spoils TCG). He plans to outline some of what goes on ‘behind the curtains’ at Arcane Tinmen involving The Spoils TCG. As a taste of the full blog, below is an excerpt:

Thinking that The Spoils was far too good a game to just fade away like that, we decided to take on the monstrous challenge of turning the ship around. We went into negotiations and, after a while, we were the proud owners of a quality game that would be a fitting match for our sleeves.

Check out The Spoils Web Blarg to see the entire post and check back for more posts coming in the near future.