The Spoils Winter Championships

It’s finally here. This is the announcement we’ve been waiting for since The Spoils was first picked up by Arcane Tinmen. The quarterly championships are back. Major tournaments every few months all over the world that test players and help build communities – can you beat that? It’s safe to say that The Spoils is back, really back, and I personally could not be more excited.

The Winter Championships will be Sealed, with a Seed Competition Pack and 2 Seed II Boosters. Get your Yurt hats on…

Here’s the official announcement.

  1. It’s got special prizes and the tournaments are regional, so you have larger groups of people playing. It’s basically a way to have all the small, local Spoils groups compete in a central location for better, more illustrious, prizes.

    More than anything it’s a great time and a great way to meet fellow Spoils players and see if your deck is the best in the area!