Unplayable Characters

I have seen a lot floating around the internet about rotating out sets of chapter packs in order to keep the meta fresh or to help to avoid power creep, etc. I have noted, however, that some cards in the older packs are super strong! I acquired a few just for Bear Island and the Fury Plots, and the other cards in there will see use in my decks. However, there are also a few that are just ridiculously out of line in terms of cost and ability. Here’s a few; I’d like to hear your thoughts about some other terrible cards that will never see the light of day.

Ten Towers: Greyjoy location cost 5. Once per round, play the event card in the top of any opponent’s discard pile as if it were your own. This is ridiculous. Cost 2, maybe. Can someone tell me something I’m not seeing?

Drowned Prophet: Kneel 8 influence and remove from the game to end the challenge phase. Again, ridiculous. When will Greyjoy run 8 influence for a one shot effect? (3 cost 3 strength Mil/Int icon)

Any other cards that jump out as just too terrible to ever consider playing? I’m sure there’s a ton…