[Video] Star Wars LCG Review

There have been quite a few reviews for the Star Wars LCG hitting the internet lately, including a not so flattering one right here on Team Covenant! As someone who was fortunate enough to grab a copy AND have many other local players also have a copy, I thought I would add my voice (and face) to the mix.

Most of the reviews I’ve read so far sound as though they are coming from someone who has played three, maybe four games of the Star Wars LCG. I think they are absolutely wrong in their assessment of the game. Tune in below to find out why!

For those of you who trust your feelings (and me, of course), you can pre-order the Star Wars LCG for only $29.97 here. If you’re pretty sure you’ll end up playing, I’d recommend two copies of the game. I already¬†desperately¬†want two copies!