[Video] X-Wing Vassal Tournament Finals

“We have our finals match now. Paul verses Richard will battle it out for the top spot. Both players are running 2X2B lists, so this should be a big slug fest. Both players are very good, and both players have solid squads. Good luck to both of you.” – Mr. Froggies

Mr. Froggies joins Zach Bunn live for pulse pounding game of X-Wing.

A HUGE thanks to FFG for letting us play and film the finals on an unused table at their World Championship weekend. A truly amazing company full of equally amazing people!

  1. Great match to watch! Paul’s dice were quite hot early doors (A lot of 3 hits coming off) whereas your HLCs were mediocre at best! Paul’s opening was absolutely fantastic – very glad I saw that. You played very well to stay in the game – honestly I’m surprised it came down to 1v1 in the end, Paul’s list is a really bad matchup for you!

    I think the biggest swing was perhaps the movement in the round after the first engagement. Your rookie dived off and blocked the dagger, and you dived your Bs forwards into the Daggers.

    I appreciate you dived the rookie forward to keep him alive, and I know you had to move 2 forward to clear the asteroid with 4, but blocking the Dagger gave you literally no advantage (due to Advanced Sensors) in exchange for losing your Rookies shots.

    Moving in fast meant that on that turn Paul had a range 1 shot on your dagger, and in subsequent turns you had 1 of your K-Turns blocked, and Paul was able to immediately K-Turn behind you – both of which were big.

    I believe here you would have been much better off going for Biggs, your rookie could have dived forward and blocked Biggs, and your Bs could have pulled left 1s, maintaining range and getting the most out of the HLCs. It’s not unreasonable to expect 2 focused HLC shots to take out an unfocused Biggs.

    I guess targeting Biggs would have been a bit of a gamble – he didn’t HAVE to pull a 3 bank, he could have pulled a straight 1 and delayed, but then you would have been in the position to have a straight gunfight, a situation that is more in your favour (awful HLC dice notwithstanding).

    I guess hindsight is 20/20 (Although I did think that when I was watching the video – and Froggies thought you were gonna go for Biggs too), and honestly I still think you did very well for what was essentially a very bad matchup, against a very good player! Paul played fairly flawlessly (especially at the beginning of the game), so you should be proud of your performance!

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  2. I spent a lot of attempts coming up with different openings, but really, the one where I go forward and rotate the whole formation into the center was found to work in just about all situations. It just generically worked against most people, since they set up their formations to work vertically, and I was often able to fight them horizontally. I’m not sure if it’ll work as well anymore, since people are aware of it.

    I have one with that list that I call “Romeo and Juliet” that I never got to use. It’s for when I’m against a PS4 list (Bloody Daggers, etc) and have to set up first, and they set up to joust.

    Or, if the TIE swarm sets up rocks in my corners, I have an opening where I set up facing horizontally and try to draw them in.

    That’s all I can think of offhand. One generic opening, and then a few specific ones for difficult match-ups that I expect to see in an event.

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