Warmachine / Hordes Special Orders Now Available

Last week we announced that we were pre-selling the Colossal models and book. In the same announcement, we revealed that at long last we were carrying Warmachine and Hordes. We are currently focused on building a player base at our retail store in Tulsa, Oklahoma and as such our inventory features mostly items that newer players would be after (battleboxes, rulebooks, token sets, paint, key additional models, etc.). Last week we also added a pre-order section featuring upcoming models.

For those that want to support their FOGS (friendly online game store) and get in on our insanely great prices, we are now offering items that show as out of stock on our store as special order items. Although we don’t keep every item on hand, we can get nearly any model / accessory / book. Here is the process:

1. Submit a contact form (or email support@teamcovenant.com) with a list of the models that you want (be sure your email address is right!)
2. We will see what models we can actually get and send you a list and a bill
3. Once your bill is paid, your items will be put on order

Anything that is confirmed and paid by Monday (and each recurring Monday) at noon will arrive to our store on Wednesday or Thursday. Any special order items will ship out within twenty four hours of arrival to our store. You can find just about every Warmachine / Hordes model and our prices (even if we’re out of stock) in the Warmachine / Hordes section of our online catalog.

We can’t thank everyone enough for their purchases and support! After announcing pre-orders for the Colossi (or Colossal’s, whatever!) last week, we had a number of you asking about this very capacity to order out of stock models from us. We’re stoked to expand our line of games to Warmachine and Hordes and are happy to do whatever we can to be your FOGS.

Team Covenant