Weekly Upgrades Report #1

I know that I really appreciate transparency with a company myself, so I’ve decided to begin posting weekly updates to our websites. If you have any updates that you would like to see, go ahead and post in the comments. From there we will be hosting polls to see what upgrades to add first.

Community Site

– Updated the trade page to show features even before you have made a trade (means it should be working for everyone now)
– Updated the decks and blog page to show featured content even before creating either
– When on the sell page and making a sell offer, the estimated offer in cash or store credit from Covenant TCG appears. This let’s you know how much you can expect us to offer you, whether it be cash or store credit that you are asking for.
– After registration a user is automatically taken to your profile.
– Added an ‘add products to your collection’ link when viewing your own profile

Team Covenant

– Added header and navigation bar

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas. Please let us know what features you would like to see us add.


  1. I’d like to see more bells and whistles, gratuitous prizes, and the like. 😉

    That aside, things are coming along quite nicely. Just keep up the good work.