What Would You Do? – Learn From My Mistake

This is a scenario from a recent regional match. In this game, I made a bad play that resulted in my DS deck’s only loss of the 5-round tournament. I’ll give the scenario up to the decision point here, and after everyone has had some time to discuss the right play I’ll come back with what I did, what I should have done instead, and why. This match takes place before the release of Search for Skywalker

Your Sith control deck has finally stabilized the board and started to go on the offensive. You’ve destroyed 2 objectives now and have the dial up to 8. Unfortunately, your opponent has managed to take out 2 of your objectives as well. On the board, your resources are all used up, Vader and the Emperor are exhausted after attacking, and a lone Rancor sits ready to defend. You know that if you can survive through your opponent’s turn, you’ll win the game. Your weakest objective has 4 damage capacity remaining. Life looks good.

Across the board, your opponent is playing a pure Jedi deck, running A Journey to Dagobah and Jedi Training instead of the more typical Questionable Contacts and Message from Beyond. He has no units in play at the start of his turn, but has plenty of resources available.

After uneventful Balance, Refresh, and Draw phases, your opponent starts their Deploy phase by playing a Twi’Lek Loyalist.

You glance back through your hand. Sure enough, a Force Choke is sitting there, waiting to be used. Do you:
A) Force Choke the Loyalist immediately
B) Wait and see what else your opponent plays

I choose the wrong option that game, but after thinking back through things I’m confident that there is a correct solution (not the play that will always win the game, but still the play that should be made).

EDIT: For the number crunchers who need to know for calculating the odds, you’ve seen and destroyed 1 Loyalist and 1 Guardian already.