Wow. I’m blown away by you guys.

I didn’t think that me selling off my stuff would trigger the outpouring of support and well-wishing that it has. Especially considering how bitchy I can be on certain topics. 😉

Also, I’m not 100% out. I’m probably keeping a triton army around, and Coor (he doesn’t post much, if at all) plays at my shop, and has everything; he and I have an agreement to let me borrow armies from time to time if we ever decide to play again.

And as angry as I am at PP, and won’t be buying any of series 6, you know its release will pull me back in, if only to make some more stat cards.

Thanks, guys, for being a great community. I wish i had more games in common with y’all (to be fair, x-wing is fun; i’m just so burnt out on star wars branding that I can’t take it anymore). If any of you find yourselves in the SF bay area, let me know; we can arrange a game day (monpoc or magic or euro-style board games or what have you).