X-Wing Regionals

After the success of the last X-Wing Vassal tournament, I’ve been wanting to do another event.  I have so many ideas, but I need to narrow things down.  I also want to get some feedback from the community.  My first idea was to run a vassal League.  This would be less formal then the last tournament.  Players would play 1 game a week against someone they haven’t played against.  I would mix up regular games with some missions.  I would use some of the missions that FFG provided, plus a few of my own.  This sounded like a lot of fun to me.  With Regionals coming up, I want to give people a chance to practice their lists and hone their skills before the big day.  For this I would run a standard swiss style Vassal tournament.  Players play one list through the whole event, and will be scored just like you would in a standard FFG tournament.  No achievements, this time.  This event would be a way to get ready for Regionals.  This also sounds like fun to me.  I though I would open this up to the community at large and see what people want to do.