X-Wing Tournament II Round 1

I’m excited as the first round of play begins.  There are a lot of great players joining in this time with a lot of different lists.  I can’t wait to see some terrific matches take place.  As matches finalize, I will update this post with the scores and a link to the Log file so that players may review other players matches.  Now lets introduce the players and their squads.  Please let me know if I made any mistakes with the squad lists.  I received several last minute changes.  I think everything is correct, but if not let me know and I will update it right away.

The Empire: They are Fighting for you!

The Rebels: Remember Alderaan!

First Round Matches:

Will Balvanz L VS Ryan Voigt W Game Log
Ron Brannan L VS Chris Engler W Game Log
Trenden Flanigan W VS Jesus Sanchez L Game Log
Nikolaj Friis Hansen W VS Keith Wilson L Game Log
Patrick Corifxsen L VS Roy Engebakken MW Game Log
Russell W VS Aaron Bonar L Game Log
Richard White W VS Joshua Brown L Game Log
Jeff Wilder W VS Garrett Hughes L Game Log
Kevin Allen W VS Robert McCowen L Game Log
Zach Bunn L VS Michael Juneau W Game Log
Mike Rebman L VS Theorist W Game Log
Doug Kinney W VS Gabriel Hughes L Game Log
Nick Harrison L VS Tony Frederico W Game Log
Bryan L VS Trevor Payton W Game Log
Scott Williams W VS Commander Stew L Game Log
Ceodryn L VS Gabor Horn W Game Log

Vassal Etiquette:

I wanted to touch on this subject before the tournament gets going full steam.  I wanted to just put this out there for people, as a general guide.

  • If you are observing another players match, please refrain from commenting on the match, or giving advice.  If you want to talk to other spectators, there is a private chat feature available.
  • If there is a rule dispute try to work out the rule together.  If I’m online I will be happy to make a ruling.  You may also ask spectators what they think.  If neither player can come to a resolution, then you can do a couple of things.  You can stop the match, and send me your question, or you can continue playing and roll dice to see who wins the rule question.  Once you pick a way to handle this, then that’s how it will be handled for the rest of the match.  When you turn in your log file please let me know about the dispute, so I can post a ruling for the rest of the Tournament.
  • Try and be on time for you match, with your list ready to go.  A little bit of prep saves a lot of time for playing the game.
  • Please be considerate to players who are new to vassal.  Speed will come with practice and guidance.

Squad Deployment In Vassal:

  •  Each player sets up all his ships and movement pieces outside the map area, or in their hand.   Make sure your ships are numbered and labeled clearly.
  • Players determine initiative.  Initiative goes to the player with the lowest squad point total.  If both players have the same point total, then they will roll for it.  Each player will roll 3 attack dice, and the winner is the one with the most hits.  Treat focus as a blank, and critical hits are just regular hits.  The winner has initiative.
  • The player who won Initiative places the 6 Asteroid tokens outside of the Map area, and places the first asteroid.  Then each player takes turns placing the Asteroids starting with the player who won initiative.  Asteroid placement follows standard x-wing rules.
  • The player who lost choses player side, either Top or Bottom of the screen. UPDATE (see pg 20 rules)
  • Players place their ships in Ascending order of Pilot skill as per standard X-Wing Rules.

End of Match:

Each match will end in one of the following 4 ways.

  • All of one players ships are destroyed.  The player with at least one remaining ship earns a match win.
  • If at the end of 15 rounds of play, and both players have ships remaining in the play area, then games will go to sudden death.  One player will roll 3 attack dice, if you get 3 hits (that includes crits), then the game is over.  If you don’t then play continues.  Otherwise the player who has the highest squad point value receives a modified match win.
  • Conceding the match.  If one of the players can’t make it to the match, or during the course of the game find that they have no reasonable chance to win, they may concede the match.  The player who concedes gets a match loss and their opponent gets a Match win
  • No match takes place.  Both players get a match Loss.  If one of the players can’t make the match they should inform their opponent and me.  If you can’t make the match then it’s treated like you conceded the game for scoring purposes.

Scoring the Match:

Scoring the match will follow the FFG tournament rules.  Here is a link to the FFG Tournament Rules

Reporting Matches:

Please email me at ( mrfroggies@gmail.com ) with your log file.  In your email please post who won, how many points worth of ships you destroyed, and how many points worth of ships you lost.

Tournament Rules FAQ

I’ve had several people ask me questions on how I might rule on a given event, so I thought I would post a Tournament FAQ.  This is how I would rule a given situation.  Sense I’m playing in this event, I have Kevin Allan as my second for Rules clarifications.  If I’m unavailable then Kevin is your guy.  Some of these are explained via the rules, while a few on the list can be ruled on either way, and FFG hasn’t answered the question yet.  Here’s the list of questions and how I  would rule on them.  If there are others please let us know so that we can resolve your issue.

  • Vassal will often have ships with their sides parallel to each other, which will lead to minimal shooting distances that are not unique, but rather come in bunches. Some of these pass through an asteroid, some don’t, leaving us with the problem of deciding whether the defender gets +1 def or not?  If any part of the ship has a line of sight to the opposing ship then the defender does not gain the bonus defense.
  • Can you clarify when a unit is considered to have left the table and thus destroyed.  So, do you measure if the ship is out after the maneuver is complete, or as if the ship were following the maneuver template the entire way? The way we have seemed to play it is you test after the movement is complete, even if the template itself leaves the table. Only the final position matters.
  • Okay to measure Boost before committing? Yes.  Boost functions similarly to Barrel Roll in this manner.
  • Players assumed permitted to measure the current state of the table? (I.e., ranges, but not maneuvers?)  Is abuse of measuring recognizable as unsportsmanlike play?  You are not allowed to measure during the Planning Phase with maneuver templates or range rulers.  Measuring during the Activation or Combat phase is allowed.  I would consider it unsportsmanlike play to measure during the End Phase.
  • How does HLC work with TL? (In a game I was told that rerolled dice also have [crits] downgraded to [hits], but the HLC says “immediately after rolling your attack dice.” Does this trigger twice — initial roll, downgrade, TL roll, downgrade?)  This would also downgrade Target Lock or Krassis Trelix reroll ability.
  • Kath+Ion Cannon?  If the target evades then they receive a stress token, If they are hit and the Ion Cannon cancels out a crit, then they are just Ioned. They don’t get a stress token too. That’s how I want to play it until FFG puts a ruling out.
  • Daredevil and whether it adds stress/is changed by the R2 Astromech?  The R2 would override the red maneuver for Daredevil so it would be green.  You wouldn’t have to take a stress sense it’s now green.  You would have to check that the ship can perform a boost action, and if not they would have to roll for damage, as is explained on the card.
  • Gunner multiple targets we covered last tourney, but probably good to reiterate.  Yes you may choose a different target if you miss with your first shot.
  • Can you Boost and Daredevil in the same turn.  For example can Darth Vader with the Engine Upgrade and Daredevil elite pilot talent boost then do the Daredevil action? Yes as they are different actions.
  • Ion Cannon and Draw their Fire. Soontir took a Crit from an Ion attack and didn’t cancel it. The Black Squadron Pilot drew the crit, then it gets turned to a hit and the Black Sqaudron gets ionised. Would you agree? No and here’s why.  Both of these effects take place during step 7 of the combat phase. The order of when each effect goes of is determined by initiative, see Page 16: “If multiple abilities resolve at the same time, the player with initiative resolves his abilities first.”  Since both have the same trigger, it would come to initiative order.  But I don’t think it actually matters which goes first as far as the results. One important thing is that the Black Squadron Pilot cannot be the one to take the damage/ion token from the ion cannon.  The Ion Cannon only cares about who it hits, not who suffers the damage.  So even if the BSP takes the damage (which I don’t think it will, see below) Fel will still suffer the results of the ion hit.Just to make sure I’ve got all the players right: Ion Cannot hits Fel, Black Squadron Pilot with Draw Their Fire is close enough to pull the crit.Draw Their Fire first:
    1.  Attack hits with an uncanceled crit
    2.  Draw Their Fire resolves, pulls the crit over.
    3.  Ion Cannon resolves.  Fel suffers the damage and is ionized, because he was hit.  Ion cannon cancels all results.
    4.  With no results, there’s no crit for the Black Squadron Pilot to suffer.Ion Cannon first:
    1.  Attack hits with an uncanceled crit.
    2.  Ion Cannon resolves as normal.
    3.  Draw Their Fire resolves, but there is no crit remaining (the Ion Cannon canceled it).”
Links to the FFG Updated FAQ

General Questions:

After posting this, I received several very good questions about sort of general topics.  I thought I would answer them here, to help everyone out.

  • What’s a .vlog file? A .vlog file is a record of everything done during that session until the log is ended.  I use these to pre build my squads, and to record matches.  Here’s a link to my tutorial for creating a squad log file. In the Resources section I have files for all the ships.
  • When do we start the Log file? Please start your log file before you place your first asteroid.
  • How many rounds will the tournament be?  The tournament will go for 4 swiss style rounds, then I will cut to a top 8.
  • How would we go about making a page to show everyones play times?  You can post your schedule matches in the comments or you can make a blog post if you want.  To make a blog post you simply go to your dashboard then add new post.  I would recommend that players post their play times here, as many players will come here to look for information.


Here’s some help links, and useful resources to have for playing.

This site has all of the Critical Hit text on one page, which makes things easier to look up while you play.

Here’s links to all of the Wave 1 and Wave 2 ships fully labeled for easy list building.