X-Wing Vassal Tournament: Round 3

The first two round are done, and there’s been a lot of close matches so far.  Nikolaj stole a win with a final shot on turn 15 to finish off Darth Vadar.  Now at the begining of this tournament I mentioned that we would alternate factions through out the event.  I also mentioned that I might alter some people to adjust things to try and stay close to a true swiss style tournament.  As it stands now the top 4 players are all in the same rotation, so I’m going to make some adjustments this round and see how things work out.  I also want to point out that this time around you can use Wave 2 ships as well.  Seems like perfect timing for this change as Wave 2 has arrived for everyone.  Now’s you chance to try out some of the new ships, and test the limits of list building. Now for the standings.

  • Robert M 225
  • Nikolaj Friis Hansen 220
  • Zach Bunn 188
  • Chris Engler 187
  • Bryan Moore 176
  • Nick Harrison 163
  • Gary Hall 162
  • Tony Frederico 147
  • Daniel Smith 131
  • Trevor Payton 126
  • Kevin Allen 123
  • Bobb Beauchamp 114
  • Will Balvanz 90
  • Israel Brenton 78
  • Wesley Osorio 58
  • Mathew Caudill 53
  • Scott Williams 50
  • Ronald Brannan 0

Now for this rounds match ups

  • Robert M Rebels VS Nikolaj Friis Hansen Imperials
  • Zach Bunn Rebels VS Chris Engler Imperials
  • Bryan Moore Rebels VS Nick Harrison Imperials
  • Gary Hall Rebels VS Tony Frederico Imperials
  • Daniel Smith Rebels VS Trevor Payton Imperials
  • Kevin Allen Rebels VS Bobb Beauchamp Imperials
  • Will Balvanz Rebels VS Israel Brenton Imperials
  • Wesley Osorio Rebels VS Mathew Caudill Imperials
  • Scott Williams Rebels VS Ronald Brannan Imperials

Rulings Question:

Kevin asked me a question about Gunner and second attack options.  I’m going to give my ruling now so that everyone knows what my answer is.  Here’s the question, If you have a Gunner do you have to make an attack on the same target? I’ve checked out the FF forums and was unable to find this particular question.  It may have been asked but under a heading for something else.  The text on both Gunner and Luke card reads, “After you perform an attack that does not hit, immediatly perform a primary weapon attack..”.  I interpert this to mean that you begin the attack phase all over again.  You declare target, Roll dice, etc.  At the Declare target phase you may choose any target that’s within your firing arc. You could fire on the same ship, or another if you so choose.  Until there’s an official FAQ about this, then this is how I will play these cards.