X-Wing Wave 3 Announcement Discussion

OK, we’ve seen the miniatures, and FFG even has an official announcement.  With the information they have released so far, it is time to begin commentary on the Wave 3 ships that are due in 3rd Quarter.

Lambda-class Shuttle
No surprise here, the Imperials will get a second large (or is it medium-) based ship.  For many of us, this is among our top three favorite ships from the original trilogy.  As durable as a Firespray (more shields and fewer hull means fewer critical hits) with less maneuverability, the Lambda-class may mount a cannon (looks like the same icon as found on Slave-1), a systems upgrade (Sensor Jammer was shown), and two crew.  The main guns are respectable but there doesn’t seem to be any special firing arcs.  It is lacking an Evade maneuver as well as a Barrel-Roll (but nobody expected that anyway – its hard to fly casual when you are rolling around like a fresh Academy pilot).

It will probably maneuver for garbage, making that standard fire arc less useful, but being able to bring two crew opens up options previously unavailable to the Empire.  There are two upgrade cards for this set here on display, too.  The version shown has an interesting ability, too, manipulating where target locks can be set.

The Sensor Jammer will interfere with your opponent by forcing a HIT to change to a FOCUS without the ability for a re-roll.  I don’t know how effective this will be, but will change the way Target Locks and Han’s Re-Rolls will function, for sure.  For four points, I’m just not sure I’d take it.

There is a new crew card, too, Rebel Captive, which for 3 points says “Once per round, the first ship that declares you as the target of an attack immediately receives 1 stress token.”  That is certainly cool from a story-telling standpoint, and adds a bit of a defensive upgrade.  Being a crew card, they could be placed aboard Firespray style ships as well.

This could be another way to get a Heavy Laser Cannon or Ion Cannon in play, and I’m sure we will see some fun scenario in the box.  I love it because of the model, which has always been a favorite of mine.

TIE Bomber
Again, nobody is surprised at this one.  I  love that it has no shields, but has a ridiculous amount of hull points.  Two attack and two defense seem about right.  I can’t see the maneuver dial being very favorable (probably pretty close to a TIE Advanced).

But look at the weapon loadout!  2 Torpedoes, 2 Missiles, and 1 bomb.  This thing can seriously pack some ordnance.  And a new bomb type, which will deal damage at range when it detonates – even bypassing shields, will be found here.  Get ready for bomb payloads you Bounty Hunters.  @hothie I’m looking at you.

I don’t think the Imperials have as many ways to use or abuse Target Locks, so it will be pretty straightforward.  Protect this ship with a TIE Advanced and watch YT-1300’s disappear.

I don’t think 18 points is too much for this, given it’s real strength is not as a dogfighter but as an ordnance platform.

They even revealed a new torpedo, but it is probably found with the B-Wing (below).

I will likely have one or two of these for the models, and by then my play style may evolve to favor ordnance more than it does now.


B-Wing Starfighter
We all called this one, too.  It makes sense.  It has the durability of a Y-Wing, main guns like an X-Wing, and can mount a systems upgrade, a cannon, and two Torpedoes.  Yet another place to stick Heavy Laser Cannons, right?  The one shown is only PS2 but 22 points, so its a point higher than an X-Wing at the same Pilot Skill.  This will find its way into many squadrons, and can finally give the rebels a ship that can barrel roll.

This now begs the question, what about Target Locking?  The B Wing and the TIE Bomber are ordnance heavy ships, and they lack any (obvious) methods of getting around target locking to fire their torpedoes and missiles.  Could this be the meta-game change that Fantasy Flight Games was speaking of?  Will Target Locking make its way into the game in a big way?  Personally, I’d rather focus because you can keep that for defense if needed, but with these some methodology may have to change.

Also, I promised it so it will be so.  I will have to build a Rebel force around these ships.  I can’t wait to see named pilots.

One more thing – Advanced Proton Torpedoes.  Range 1.  6 points.  5 attack, and you can change up to three blanks into eyeballs.  Perfect for Target Lock + Focus scenarios, which were previously difficult to acquire.  This combo also gets past the Sensor Jammer.  Or, could there be another upgrade in that new systems upgrade spot that will help with this?

Have no fear, there are already Rebel ways to increase Target Locking, this ship will make use of them synergistically, I’m sure.

I’m out in the woods on this one, I’m not really sure how to take it.  I like that there are Proton Torpedo options, I’m just not sure about this one.


I don’t think any of us predicted a ship from the Dark Forces games.  This is Kyle Katarn’s light freighter and it is on a small base.

Very poor main guns, average (for Rebels) agility, and a durable if not well shielded durability with nothing special as far as maneuvers go.

It can mount a turret, though, and I hope this means we will see another turret option (which will benefit Y-Wing players).  It also has a spot for a crew upgrade, so more places to put gunners, I suppose.  At 21 points for a named ship, I think the points are about right, and Kyle Katarn has an interesting ability to move focus about – which has far reaching implications that I can’t even get into right now.

This one is the only one I’m not totally in love with.  I will wait for more spoilers and eagerly anticipate the release (Q3 2013 may well be next year, we know what happened with Wave 2).


So what does the Team Covenant community think?  Likes, dislikes?

Let’s start the discussion!