YOTG: Monsters Menace America!

Hello my friends.  Even tax day can’t stop the Year of the Gamer!  Here we roll on…..

Apr 15:  Hare and Tortoise (Board Game)  A German style 1974 board game.  Sold over 2 million copies.  Based on the Aesop fable of the same name.  Considered innovated at the time, because it is a race game with cards determining movement, not dice.  You spend carrot cards and have to try and earn more as the game goes on.  Never played but sounds kind of fun.

Apr 16:  221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game  A couple years ago it might have been a little tougher to find someone who could tell you who lives at the 221B address.  Thanks to the Sherlock Holmes movies though, the average person knows.  All players get clues to a case while they travel the board.  Your goal is to solve the case first.  Like Clue, you better be sure before you look at the answer.  Cause you will be out.  I have to say, I don’t really care for games like this.  Once you solve the case, you can’t really play it again.  Unless you get amnesia I guess.  Replayability is limited unless you keep buying expansions.  And eventually you run out.

Apr 17:  Scattergories (Party Game)  Fun word game.  Played in 3 rounds.  Players have a different random letter each round.  And all words (no matter what category) must start with that letter.  For example, category is Zoo Animals and the letter is M.  So monkey would be acceptable.  But not Mouse.  At the same time you need to be careful because if you match answers with another player you get no points.  Fun and a lot of replayability because of the random letter every round.

Apr 18:  Monsters Menace America (Board Game)  Originally a 1988 Avalon Hill game called Monsters Ravage America it was redone when Wizards of the Coast bought Avalon Hill.  Think the video game Rampage as a board game.  Players play B picture movie monsters.  You trash America with them, and then send your troops you control to try and defeat other monsters.  Last monster standing wins.

Apr 19:  Batman (NES)  The 1989 movie spawned this game.  A sidescroller, the player had to navigate 5 levels then defeat the Joker.  The ability to grab on walls reminds me of some popular ninja games.  Game is very hard actually, but still got critical acclaim.  Visually the game is impressive for the NES.  A lot of the art was inspired by the excellent Alan Moore graphic novel The Killing Joke.

Apr 20:  Batman Returns (SNES)   I heart this great game.  Think Final Fight.  Side scrolling beat um up.  The music alone helped the game out so much as Danny Elfman did the score for the game!  How much does that rock?  Last good Batman Game till Arkham Asylum 16 years later!  A classic of awesomeness!

Apr 21:  Batman Forever (SNES)  Another beat em up.  This one was pretty annoying though.  The graphics were artsy looking but not cool.  And the controls were so awkward!  I spent more time mashing buttons trying to get a certain affect then I did playing the game!  Piece of garbage.  Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

So there we have it.  The last Year of the Gamer post…..till next Friday anyway.  🙂  Happy gaming!