You are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive!

Ever since I read the card text on Boba Fett I have wanted to make a deck focused on capture and control, my first attempt failed horribly due the the limited Objective sets and having to run a Triple Affiliation deck to get them all but I really love the theme-yness of the idea and it is a big part of the Star Wars story – there cannot be a great victory for the underdog without the control and despair being exerted by the Empire.

However, as I said with the available cards I couldn’t really get it working but can we get it working now that Search for Skywalker is out?


On a side Note: I think Search for Skywalker is the first  real game changer – Sure Desolation of Hoth made some decks change but Sith Hoth still functioned very much like the previous Sith Control, Same with Rebel Hoth and Core Rebel Vehicles and Jedi/Smugglers Den just dropped 2 utility sets for another. DoH did bring us some changes with new rules changing abilities but SfW feels like FFG have decided we have treading water enough with DoH and it is time to jump right in.


So a capture and control deck will start with The Bespin Exchange obviously and the second of 5 sets will be:


Jabba’s Orders has some pretty cool cards like one of the most useful cards I have seen thus far – Jabba’s Palace: for only 2 cost we get an enhancement that give +1 damage capacity to ALL of your objectives, it provides 1 resource which is also a Scum and Villainy affiliated resource  and in a pinch it gives you 3 force icons for an edge battle. I think I am a little in love with that enhancement.

However the rest of the cards in Jabba’s Orders are (while cool) a bit ordinary by themselves which is why we move to:


Now we start to get the synergies working, Cruel Interrogations gives us an auto capture and makes the Weeqauy Elite go from an awesome but expensive unit to an awesome and cheep unit. 

Interrogation gives us another way to see the opponents hand for Get Me Solo! and forced discard

Interrogation Droid for random opponent discard and more tactics icons.

Intimidate is a great card (and free) to help you control the game some more.


So between Bespin Exchange, Jabba’s Orders and Cruel Interrogations I think it is clear there are some good synergys going on in terms of capturing units and triggering capture events then controlling the play area but there are some expensive/potentially expensive units there and a lot of cards we are only not going to want to get our hands on but also be able to play so the next set will have to be a utility set and why not go with one of the best utility Objective Sets in the game:


Yup, Counsel of The Sith – Extra card draw, more resources, the ever useful Twist of Fate and more card draw again with Dark Precognition (even with the fact you have to discard a card I cannot believe this card has no cost!)

And finally what deck focused on Capture and Control isn’t complete without the best controller in the game, from:


The Emperor’s Web brings us The Emperor of course, such a good card, so good at control and with all the resources in this deck we do not care about the cost plus we get more resources, Force Choke and Force Lightning to bring some extra pain and Royal Guard for protecting  our MVPs like Boba and The Emperor.


The deck that if it works I think I will name “No Disintegrations”

Affiliation: Scum and Villainy


2x Counsel of the Sith (Core)

2x The Emperor’s Web (Core)

2x Cruel Interrogations (Core)

2x The Bespin Exchange (Core)

2x Jabba’s Orders (The Search For Skywalker)


Strengths: Lots of cards that cost 2 or less

A good ratio of units, enhancements and events (24/12/12)

Lots of black unit damage and tactics icons

Plenty of extra resource cards

Weaknesses: Every Objective is only 1 resource

Only 2 Fate cards

Only 2 black blast damage icons


Should be an interesting deck to play and may require some finesses, I am looking forward to trying it out ASAP