State of the Game

Lately, I’ve been trying to come to terms with what the future of Monsterpocalypse holds…

Fair warning, this is mostly just me venting my feelings, and setting them out on the table for all to see. This is not a thought-out argument.


Let me set the record straight first and foremost:

Do I think Monsterpocalypse is dead?

No. As long as one army opposes another army, it is not dead.


Lately just haven’t been excited about VASSAL play, but there is no local gaming happening where I’m at. Here, locally, the game is dead.

Nobody is willing to take a chance to collect monsters and units, even with the nonrandom boxes, since they feel the game has no future. No store is willing to stock them either for the same reasons. Those who have collected it thus far have moved back to their old games.

Even the TC community is moving on beyond Monsterpocalypse. A Game of Thrones and Warmachine/Hordes seem to be the games being played lately.


The reason is clear: Total radio silence from Privateer Press.

It’s been almost 2 years since Big in Japan, and the only new figures released have been the new Quantums, albeit in extremely limited quantities.

There are plenty of us in the world who never had a chance at being at the event to even try to acquire one of these new Quantum forms, so there’s been absolutely nothing new for us except for on VASSAL…

The game has gone stagnant.


Monsterpocalypse right now is not healthy.

The lifeblood of any game is its players.

A game needs to attract new players to stay healthy.

Monsterpocalypse is not attracting new players due to the inaction of Privateer Press.


If Monsterpocalypse were a child, this silence would be akin to child abuse by malnourishment.


So, what do we as players do?

Do we sit back and watch this happen, and keep trying to keep it alive regardless?

Do we try to take the game away from Privateer Press and try to restore its health on our own?

Do we pray Privateer Press has been holding out and will start releasing information soon?

Do we find a new game to play, and do the minimum to keep Monsterpocalypse alive until it shows signs of recovery?


I don’t know.

I would like to hear from the community, though.

Please comment.