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State of the Game

April 27, 2012

Lately, I’ve been trying to come to terms with what the future of Monsterpocalypse holds…

Fair warning, this is mostly just me venting my feelings, and setting them out on the table for all to see. This is not a thought-out argument.


Let me set the record straight first and foremost:

Do I think Monsterpocalypse is dead?

No. As long as one army opposes another army, it is not dead.


Lately just haven’t been excited about VASSAL play, but there is no local gaming happening where I’m at. Here, locally, the game is dead.

Nobody is willing to take a chance to collect monsters and units, even with the nonrandom boxes, since they feel the game has no future. No store is willing to stock them either for the same reasons. Those who have collected it thus far have moved back to their old games.

Even the TC community is moving on beyond Monsterpocalypse. A Game of Thrones and Warmachine/Hordes seem to be the games being played lately.


The reason is clear: Total radio silence from Privateer Press.

It’s been almost 2 years since Big in Japan, and the only new figures released have been the new Quantums, albeit in extremely limited quantities.

There are plenty of us in the world who never had a chance at being at the event to even try to acquire one of these new Quantum forms, so there’s been absolutely nothing new for us except for on VASSAL…

The game has gone stagnant.


Monsterpocalypse right now is not healthy.

The lifeblood of any game is its players.

A game needs to attract new players to stay healthy.

Monsterpocalypse is not attracting new players due to the inaction of Privateer Press.


If Monsterpocalypse were a child, this silence would be akin to child abuse by malnourishment.


So, what do we as players do?

Do we sit back and watch this happen, and keep trying to keep it alive regardless?

Do we try to take the game away from Privateer Press and try to restore its health on our own?

Do we pray Privateer Press has been holding out and will start releasing information soon?

Do we find a new game to play, and do the minimum to keep Monsterpocalypse alive until it shows signs of recovery?


I don’t know.

I would like to hear from the community, though.

Please comment.

  1. We play. For those of us fortunate enough to still have an active local community, we play where others can see and welcome others to join. We try to stay upbeat (this can be tough with PP silence, I know). There’s been no new figures for what seems like an eternity so this can lead to seeing alot of the same monster/monster types as opponents and a meta that is more stagnant than is desirable…so we run some alternate rules and scenarios so we see some unusual stuff to keep things fresh.

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    1. So you’re advocating sit and wait, continue to play and pray?

      Alternate rules and scenarios, fan-made figures, these can hold an established community over, but cannot bring in new blood.

      I wish I could play more, but I’m so tired of playing exclusively on VASSAL. I want to use my figures, but there’s no opponent to play against… I think that’s what’s got me down the most right now.

      1. I know exactly how you feel. All my games Monpoc games are online right now. I’ve been trying to get some people together locally, but our schedules are all just off. I feel like we as the community should send PP a message. Release the new Quantums as price support. Give the rest of us a chance to win these cool figures.

      2. Have children. Wait 5 or 6 years until they are ready to play. POW, you got yourself an opponent.

        Yes it has been looking grim and TC does seem to be ignoring MonPoc as well, which is understandable as they need to make money and MonPoc just isn’t going to do it anymore.

        I feel fortunate I still have people to play against. We even just had a tournament this past Sunday, though I was late due to a pub mix up. I have at least one game every other week with a competitive player and then of course many games with Huck and honestly, for me, that’s enough. I just love to play the game, I don’t need organized events, though those were nice for a while. I don’t even NEED any new pieces(though I would like them). Honestly I would be happy to continue on as I have, playing with my son and a few other opponents. Plus I have all these cool models now.

    1. In a slight defense of the TC guys, although I feel disappointed about the lack of He Saids, I do understand their starting to focus on other games. They are geeks like us after all, and when an active game with a strong community (such as AGoT) captures your interest, it’s hard not to neglect other games, especially when said games aren’t being supported by their companies very well. I’m not saying I want TC to give up on MonPoc entirely, but I understand why the TC guys have started to leave MonPoc behind a bit, and it’s mostly PP’s fault.

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      1. No full defense of TC? 😉

        The lack of he said casts recently is certainly regrettable and if time and opportunity were no object they would still be a weekly feature. But given the obvious, it was an unfortunate casualty of all the prevailing circumstances. It is however, not dead, and will be coming back as and when we can.

        And certainly, we at TC are just as anxious to see more activity from the game that brought most of us together in the first place.

  2. Wow there must have been something in the water last night. I definitely was complaining a LOT about this same issue myself, directly to Robert.

    I cannot +1 you more Marcus and Scott. My scene died in Lafayette even though we had upwards of 12 people who played at one time… Then I moved to NYC thinking there must be some people here who play this. I took two mutable armies: Protectors and Martians.

    I was in a pool for figures, and though the others got more boosters and stuff like that, and spent more money, I was the one in the end to get Megas, Tornadus, Installations, and of course, my PRIDE AND FREAKING JOY a real Quantum Deimos-9… that I’ve never used in person. Not once.

    It really, truly sucks to not be able to play in person. I’ll play on Vassal with most anyone that seeks me out, but I’m sick of e-mail games, and truly, sick of Vassal. It was great when it was supplementary, or as a learning tool, and still is awesome for “real-time-chatting.”

    I’ve been saying we take the game, and will continue to push that idea, but, as long as PP “officially” holds on to it, we cannot do such a thing. What I suggest, is that people interested in taking the game (if it is let go) do is start thinking about errata! We need to fix what is there before we move on to things like Series 6 etc… Just get it out there, like Max and I are doing, so that when the time comes, we can mush it all together and have most of the important errata work done for us.

    I know this doesn’t sound pleasing to anyone, but if “we” end up taking the game, the only way to errata and add stuff is going to be Vassal, because, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time or money to even think about making little plastic models to distribute!

    I, for one, think they should send all a Quantum to all of the faithful TC members that play this game no matter what. THEN make them available for prize support.

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  3. Privateer Press has said numerous times that they have not given up on MonPoc and they are working on new releases. It is very aggravating that they can’t even give us a hint as to when we will see this new content, but they have mentioned releasing new content nonetheless. I think, while it is quite hard, we need to try and wait to see what PP has in store for us. Monsterpocalypse is going through a very rough time right now, but I get the feeling that if we wait patiently, it will rise out of the ashes like a pheonix, and MonPoc will start again with fresh new content that continues hopefully for a very long time.

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  4. I enjoy Monsterpocalypse. Although I have definite favorites, it barely matters what monster I am on when I play. VASSAL has been my only outlet for almost a year now…unfortunate. (packed up my stuff, then LOST my stuff) I do not need to ever see a new figure to enjoy the game.

    I hear two different “cries of woe” here:

    NOW-block was never completed. It left a hole in the heart of everyone whose favorite monster(s) come from that block, and the game feels like it isn’t OK as a stand-alone completed game without SERIES-6. People who might buy into MonPoc maybe pass on it because the set they want to collect isn’t complete and (according to the pessimistic) may never be completed. Calls for a sign of life from Privateer really come from this place. We want series-6 someday. Just word that the block WILL definitely one day be completed would let us all breathe again. We’d be patient for 3 years I think. Maybe even 5 years. We don’t need new. We need hope we can trust.

    The lack of local opponents — this is the bigger one. If you have close friends that also play, and all of you have time to hang out with each other and play…well that’s awesome, and one of the best things in life. Treasure that time in your life, because it has a way of vanishing and life gets absurdly busy and sometimes even lonely. A person can be so overworked and overwhelmed they miss the spouse sleeping next to them…let alone having any time for the friends they used to hang out with. No free time shared. No games either, as a result.

    I suggest everyone make friends with those who share their schedule, just so that you have friends who share your schedule. Old friends are great, but when their schedule isn’t yours you really can’t play games with them. And if you have NO free time? That’s a life choice I can’t recommend to anyone.

    I also suggest making a few armies that are fun for you to play, and then teaching said new friends the game. Treat it like Monopoly — YOU get out the game from your own closet, enough pieces for both of you to play. Even a modest collection can muster this. It takes the one barrier that keeps new players away out of the equation — buy in cost.

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  5. As a member of the Press Gang, I guess I’m supposed to be positive and promote all things Privateer Press. Not too long after last year’s MonCon life started to get in the way of gaming, and with nothing new coming from PP I also started to lose interest. Being a work casualty of the economy, I’ve been relegated to working part-time retail jobs, which also put a big fork in my schedule, not allowing me to run events for the local guys. I don’t mean the retail crack to be a shot at anyone that does work retail as their means to make a living. After almost 20 years of professional work, it’s just hard to accept doing something I wasn’t train for, or passionate about.

    So after a 7-8 month hiatus, I missed seeing the local group, actually had time to start running events, and we seem to have the train moving forward again.

    I never really liked playing on Vassal, but I can understand how those without a local group only have that as an option. We’ve actually managed to attract the interest of three players the last two weeks, hopefully they will join us and start playing the game.

    Before playing MP, I used to play Star Wars Miniatures. When WoTC cancelled it, a group similar to Team Covenant took the reigns and kept the game alive. They’ve been running events at Gen Con the last few years, and have released a few virtual sets of figures. They made cards with new stats, and players use previous released figures that match up with the new cards. I don’t think we’ve reached that stage yet, but if PP doesn’t eventually release more sets (after the movie), I’m sure that would be something to look at. I know several guys were already working on Project V, so maybe we’re ahead of the game.

    All I can say is hang in there, and hopefully things will turn around.

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  6. I would love to be able to finish my Cyber Khan army, but I don’t think we need new figures, quantum or otherwise, to keep the game alive. What we need now is solid reassurance that the game is still being cared for.

    Even if it’s unimportant things like concept artwork for older figures, some stories on design of monsters. Even things like that would be better than the consistant “we have plans for the game, but we can’t talk about it” that we seem to keep getting.

    If it is a movie deal, I understand that Hollywood might have PP obligated to say nothing… But, if it is a movie deal, then this silence is causing me to think unfavorably on the movie before it’s even released.

    I am moving in a few months, and if my new local doesn’t have a gaming scene for MonPoc, I don’t know if I can get a scene going with distributors running out of boxes. I could see about letting people play with what I got once I get out there, hopefully keep some interest going for when PP starts releasing stuff again.

    Until then, I’ll keep stopping by Vassal every now and then, and maybe start looking for a new game to play in the meantime. The only gaming scene here though is MtG, and I don’t want to get into that again.

    1. It’s only inactive from the company’s standpoint. And maybe retail. But there were a number of new players joining the TC community over the past 6 months, and if PP could just make even some small gesture…like making the new Quantums available as prize support…I think you’d see more activity in more areas.

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    2. MonPoc is in deep slumber, like the giant monsters often are. The game is great, and we all love it. Nobody WANTS to quit playing it. Some of us just flatly refuse actually. Definitely we are excited whenever we have new players come in — but the truth of it is that they replace disheartened old players (who have reluctantly left) as often as they bolster our numbers.

      Some of us yearn for news that the game will continue to grow beyond what it currently is, in the hopes that “new stuff” will bring back some of those old players and extra new ones. We see how big this game could be, how fun it is. Games this good do not come along regularly…maybe 1 every 5 or 10 years, if that. Just hoping that Privateer won’t squander what they have. Personally I don’t think they will.

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  7. I think the greater problem is still with PP. We can and have done many of the things listed to try to continue to stir up interest in the game. I still think a Intro shorter alternate rule set would be one way to re-ignite the current player base.

    Also Errata should focus on abilities only and not modifying the cards. The abilities in Monpoc are so numerous that it’s very easy to add and remove power without needing to modify cards(look at theorist’s meaner monster, or errata suggested in many of the blogs here). PP may need to take a idea of “it’s all so broken strong that no one cares”, instead of the current focus of it’s not broke so don’t fix it. After all they are Monsters… monsters should be strong.

    I’ve often used the MMO analogy with Monpoc. If your not going to release new content then tweak the rules to buff and nerf. A truly alternate rule set focused on 30 minute games is another idea that has not been pursued. This same 30 minute mind set I believe has been used in things like Warhammer (Kill team) to recapture some interest. With a 30 minute game focus on taking out steps that are common to make the game faster (Example: No spawn cost, but limit shadows and out of AGN figures), up the damage in the game for monster to monster battles, introduce alternate win conditions, buff PED’s.

    Again, I think though you need a “home office” PP that makes the rules or at least “blesses” the rules. Because for as good as this game is it’s still difficult to sell and play. You need over 50 pieces and 30 dice to play this game. The rules as written have nuances that are sometimes vague and slightly unnecessary. The game is slow when compared to Video games.

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    1. EVERYTHING is slow compared to video games. And actually the things I hate most about a lot of the newer video games? They are absurdly short to beat, with a minimal replay value. I feel scammed by them, and I have largely gone back to boardgames these past few years because of that.

      MonPoc -IS- awkward to buy into, due to (*brace yourself*) having to collect pieces without a clear idea initially of what you even SHOULD collect. That in turn makes it more difficult to sell. I’m all for an even better packaging than DMZ has supplied because of that — it’s far easier to drop a static amount on a game than it is to buy in with the hazy prospect of needing to buy more. That was the #1 issue with blind buying, and it’s still an issue with DMZ.

      One thing about errata — it needs to be well thought out, and it needs to be neither set in stone nor cast upon the winds of current public opinion. I really do not trust public opinion on things that require a lot of math and experience to deeply understand… you end up with popular figures OP and a lot of needless nerfing elsewhere, and as players intuitively adapt to the new dynamic they end up complaining about the very errata they demanded several months back (only to be silenced by the crowd of new-blood players who themselves don’t yet understand).

      I’d actually like to see blackouts of the bases (just solid black bases), and cards instead for figures that players can pass to the opponent. That immediately takes the game to a place where a “broken strong/weak” or “so boring nobody will play it” figure can get an update. We could have multiple alpha forms to choose from (beta form, anyone?), quantum-forms (and later maybe giga-forms) for every monster, etc etc etc.

      Privateer does lose out a bit if we do things that way. They have to come up with new models, instead of selling the same mold several times with different stats. Players TOO easily buying exactly what they need means less money by the person, so they’d have to really count on player volume to compensate.

      I still think it’s the only real way to go forward.

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      1. I’d disagree. Today’s video games are not necessarily shorter, they just lack replay value. A board game has replay value. When I say Slow, I mean how long it takes to setup and play. Every step and rule that must be methodically followed makes monpoc a slow game. Also This includes getting 50+ figures in their proper spots. This is why Card games are generally more accepted. The way I look at it you can’t bring monpoc to a middle or high school and play during recess. You can however play Magic.

        What I would like to see if a shorter version of
        Monpoc with a focus on alternate win conditions based on what Faction you play. This way you force the player to play each faction more in tune with the flavor of the game. This gives the ability to retune some abilities to make them more powerful.

        Also your feelings on the length or speed of a game doesn’t matter, if the idea of this post is how to get monpoc further accepted we have to assume and accept that the changes will not necessarily be what the “old guard” like. You may like slower games, but there are more players that want a faster paced experience.

        I’d argue that what I found to be the most off putting to new players when selling it was not the difficulty to buy. I’d tell them DMZ + 2 player starter and your good to go. What put most people off is just the shear number of steps, pieces and time required to play. I think many people today have shorter attention spans and that’s just how it is.

      2. Will, sometimes I worry about you.
        First, feel “free to disagree” about whether video games are shorter than they used to be — but that’s a calculated statistic, and you arguing 6 is greater than 30 will be met with an appropriate lack of rebuttal beyond this reply. Video games today are less than 1/3 the play-time to end they used to be. Less than 1/3, Will. I can even tell you WHY, but that’s another 2 conversations on a different subject.
        Second, I’m 100% with you on the superiority of certain card games when it comes to playing during homeroom/lunch or on the bus (etc etc). They are easy to transport and easy to play quickly, compared to other types of games. And unlike dice or tile games (the only other small transportable games) , they don’t particularly need a good flat surface.

        However, this has nothing to do with MonPoc. There is no way you can shrink the game into a pencil box, nor simplify the number of pieces to make it playable in those environments where really only cards can be played. There was no point to make there, at all.
        Thirdly, I didn’t give my opinion on the length or speed of games…either way. And while you are right that no one person’s opinion represents the whole picture, telling me “my opinion doesn’t matter” was not really the best way to put it. YOUR opinion doesn’t matter either, Will. You excluded yourself. It should have been “our opinion doesn’t matter”, not just mine.

        I actually prefer to play MonPoc at breakneck speeds. I rarely take more than a minute per turn. I like it when my opponent tries to do the same. If you want to make the game faster, I’m with that.

        That said, it’s a seriously flawed assumption to think that making the game faster to play would draw any attention from prospective players. Simpler, more straightforward rules? That I’ll give you easily — every game can benefit from fewer and more easily understood rules. Convolution always drives away players. You don’t need that many rules to have a deeply complex game.

        People have short attention spans for things that don’t spark their interest, and will spend HOURS on something that hooks them. It’s not the length of the game. It’s that players who might get hooked by the theme and the cool figures get turned off by a messy rules-set.

        Which is to say I THINK I understand where you intended to come from. But it really didn’t come across at all — I had to read and reread between the lines to get even this far as to what you were thinking.

      3. While I’m all for re-writing the rules so that they make more sense, I’m not sure I want the game itself to be made simpler, at least in its original form. If PP wants to create an alternate rule set for faster and simpler games, I wouldn’t mind that, but if they wanted to make MonPoc have less strategic depth entirely then I wouldn’t approve of that idea. I love this game for all of the strategy it requires (even though it can make turns a little long), so I wouldn’t want that taken away.

        I also want to quickly mention that I love Theorists idea for blackout bases on the figures. It would certainly make changing figures stats a lot cheaper and easier, although i suppose the only downside would be that a player would have to bring cards for every monster, unit, and building they’re using. Still, it could allow figures that already exist even be changed without being reprinted since PP could say to disregard the stats on the figure base and use the new official cards.

      4. I feel the same way about pronouns referring to me — “you” and “your”. It did get personal for me in a hurry, as soon as my eye crossed them and saw that I was being directly spoken to in a certain manner. I’ll admit that my feathers ruffled up and I came out a’scratchin’. But honestly, it’s making it personal that makes it personal. Not names. Still I understand where you are coming from.

      5. Probably way off topic,

        But, I disagree and agree on the length of video games.

        I agree with the stereotype that your average console game has gotten shorter in the day of the “online shooter”.

        That said, most DS jrpgs (devil survivor series, VP: covenant plume, and of course the pokemon games) rival many of their glory day ps2 predecessors in terms of gameplay length with several eclipsing 200 hours for me (dragon quest 9), and most all of them breaking the 40 hour mark.

        Everything coming out on PC ain;t half bad. Just put 9 days played into Star Wars the old Republic. I also can’t tell you how many hours I’ve put into League of Legends…countless.

        Fighter genre is still solid if you have friends that play (not online, except if Clay and I can ever get on the same console).

        Interestingly enough, I play with Mark, Clay, and mostly Billy if I do get online with anything (genre specific).

        WIth consoles you have to be more choosey, but PS3 totes two Disgaea titles that you can sink well over 500 hours into that are quite similar to tabletop. My file on both sits somewhere over 100 hours. Last Remnant and Resonance of Fate were both very good if you could get past framerate, learning curves, and other unreal engine drawbacks.

        There’s stuff that’s not crap.

        Here’s hoping Diablo 3 follows suit. I am willing to bet it’s not a short game.

  8. “One thing about errata — it needs to be well thought out, and it needs to be neither set in stone nor cast upon the winds of current public opinion. I really do not trust public opinion on things that require a lot of math and experience to deeply understand… you end up with popular figures OP and a lot of needless nerfing elsewhere, and as players intuitively adapt to the new dynamic they end up complaining about the very errata they demanded several months back (only to be silenced by the crowd of new-blood players who themselves don’t yet understand). ” –Theorist

    I cannot agree with this more… There needs to be a “board” of “rules/errata refs” who dictate what changes and how, but with MASSIVE amounts of testing! The problem is that the designers of Monpoc (two people, from what I understand, one of whom did most of the work) did not really know their game when they made Series 1-3, fixed some issues and created others with Series 4-5, and of course, have left us in the dust… One thing I will say, however, is that the Quantum forms were WAY more thought out and fitting than many of the monsters from Series 1-3, as well as others from 4-5 (Leviathron? WTF), which says a lot for the future of the game, design-wise.

    The problem I have is this: If the game is to continue, Series 6 + get released, or if the game stops where it is, IT STILL NEEDS ERRATA. If PP makes new figures up to par with the Quantums, they really should fix all the useless crap they’ve made; I think it makes them look bad. If PP lets the game go, then it certainly will need to be fixed up, tweaked, etc, to make it interesting for those of us that want to keep it around. The problem is that we just don’t know… We assume that because they haven’t totally crapped on the game yet, (the players are another issue), that they will indeed keep producing figures for it, just not in the immediate future, but much later, perhaps, 3 years or so. If we all just wait idly for that day to come our numbers will more than likely be so small that no one would really carry the game to where it needs to go, which would be very sad. I suggest people not only start their own errata, but playtest these errata, and post them, get feedback, etc… It can’t hurt, and might be very important one day!

    “What I would like to see if a shorter version of
    Monpoc with a focus on alternate win conditions based on what Faction you play.” –William Hepler

    You know, I thought these same things and started crafting my own miniatures game, the factions of which are based on the 7 deadly sins, each with a unique “win” condition. When I feel like I have enough worked out, I’ll post something about it for all of you fine people to peruse. So, I do not disagree with you, but, I don’t think it’s right for Monpoc. People certainly don’t take Warhammer or Warmahordes to school with them, and neither should they Monpoc.

    I do wish it was possible for all the figures to have their abilities printed out instead of represented by symbols, though, that isn’t really plausible. The card idea is alright, but, most of the people I tried to get to play simply got bored or confused too often, and did not continue past our one game, if they even made it that far. This game isn’t for everyone. That’s it.

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    1. You are right, Lester. MonPoc, like any other game, is not for everyone. And certainly, MonPoc could use something a little beyond errata. Most figures are fine. Several need help, and a few just need some zazz. A few need a nerf, and every veteran player knows which ones if they are objectively honest about it.

      I don’t actually believe there is a “group B” out there, unconsciously yearning to play MonPoc but wanting it to be a lot easier. It sounds like total conjecture based on a few people who passed on learning a game they weren’t that psyched about to begin by citing “it’s too complicated” as their excuse to stop learning the game.

      I also see no point in changing a game so drastically that the players who previously enjoyed it could no longer do so. At that point, you should be leaving the first game alone and making a second game. A fallacy of logic going on there — we aren’t forced to choose between versions of MonPoc…both can exist side by side.

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      1. I know the group B. Psyched about the kaiju but the game is not for everyone. Perhaps not yearning to play, but interest. I can get them all to play Wings of Glory/War but it’s nowhere near as deep a game to obsess on as MP.

  9. Hi everyone, I’m a new player. Although my opinion will probably not matter in this case, I do want to mention that I’m not new to tabletop gaming.

    As several of you have stated, the stats on cards for the figures is an excellent idea and is very much like Warmachine/Hordes. You wouldn’t need a lot of cards, just one per unit/building/monster type and then the Elite/Grunts/Shadows/Glass can all be printed on the same card.

    Being new I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of errata, but Mr. Tisdale has a point about players playing games with the errata and then posting their findings on what works and does not work. I don’t know if TC would be able to print the cards with the errata in the future, but that might have to be a strong consideration if nothing happens on PP’s end. Granted this brings up copyright issues, but at this point perhaps Team Covenant would be a better producer and is filled with plenty of game testers. (If you don’t think so, just look at everyone that posted above this post and you will see qualified play testers with a plethora of knowledge.)

    It’s been stated before: We probably will not get any news or new releases until Dreamworks releases the movie…whenever that is.

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    1. Don’t be fooled by any heated disagreements — you are always welcome to jump in and give your 2 cents, and will make no enemies here. We are just passionate about things we like. Glad to see you speak up. Welcome to the game!

      I know that Privateer publicly posted the errata themselves in PDF form, so it’s pretty public access. Anyone has the right to print off that, or make something if they want to make something. Only thing you really cannot do is make money off of it — as you say, TC could not sell it or hand it out as a self-promotion gimmick. But certainly any one of us could make them and share them with others, so long as we didn’t charge. Privateer doesn’t charge to view the PDF. They aren’t losing any money and actually WANT the info out there.

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    2. Yes your opinion is absolutely valid and welcome! Most of us have known each other for a pretty long time, and things can get a little frumpy. Buttons can be pushed, whether intended to or not. Thanks for sweating it out and making your word known! It is invaluable!

      Although I believe an errata of some kind will eventually be necessary, I no longer stand by my original opinion that WE need to do this right now, for real. I do, however, believe that people should start putting there purposed errata out there, and test it if they can.

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  10. I don’t see any reason why the MonPoc community as a whole can’t look at and attempt to come to some agreeance on an eratta. I believe that the more we as players interact and continue to show support for the game, the better PP will react when they’re able.

    Personally I think it’s a fantastic game, and I can’t wait to start playing it again F2F or Vassal.

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  11. My main issue is there is no local gaming for Monsterpocalypse, or really for any game except Magic. Monsterpocalypse here was never alive enough for official tournaments, and is pretty much dead with me being the only one still interested.

    For the past two years, I’ve had nowhere to play except VASSAL, excepting the occasional game against my nephew–who lives 2.5 hours away, so seeing him is rare enough, and he has other interests to keep occupied while he’s here.

    As for immediate family, I feel like I’m the only one who enjoys games that are more complicated than Rummy or Yahtzee. I feel lucky to get games of Dominion in with them. They prefer games of luck, not so much games of strategy. I do get to play the occasional game of Scrabble or Boggle with grandma, which helps break the monotony of pretty much heavily luck-based games…

    I’d be happy if my family would try more games with me, but I doubt I can ever get them into a sort of game that requires building your own force outside the game.

    As for a circle of friends here? I don’t really have any. I moved here a few years ago, tried getting into game store scene but was scared away by the Magic crowd that was always there taking up every table at all times, and the feeling the owner didn’t really like me, and was always cold towards me.

    So, I’m stuck in a situation where if I want anything besides games like Rummy with family, my options are get into Magic or play games online. I’m not getting back into Magic, and I’m sick of playing Monsterpocalypse on VASSAL. I want more; I want to use these figures I collected; I know it exists, but it’s not here for me to reach. And I cannot justify the expense of going to MonCon or anywhere else for gaming, either.

    The fact that Privateer Press is saying nothing of value for the future of the game is not helping pull in new players, either.

    Altogether, it’s all just frustrating me to the point of bursting. Almost ready to just give up on gaming altogether, Monsterpocalypse included…

    1. Marcus, I feel you. I have oscillated in and out of gaming my entire life, and sometimes, it’s just what you need to do. Of course I’d feel bad not having you around, but it can get you into more productive things when you no longer care about playing games, and if these hobbies are bringing you down more than they’re worth, I’d say dump them. Like I said, been there, done that.

      I too used to play MTG. As of now, I’m only interested in it from an outside perspective, looking at design and development vs playing the game, and like you, could never go back, outside of casual group games, maybe the occasional draft (which I still do from time to time, and just give away all the cards or sell the money rares I happen to get). One thing is certain: MTG players can be some of the D-Bagginest people on the planet because it attracts people from so many different backgrounds. You might meet someone like a Wooly, or some one who is totally inept at being human… Those moments (the latter) suck big time, and can really put you off. I’ve been put off permanently.

      I really am sorry for how you feel about all this… I’m also sorry you haven’t made any connections with people (at least through games). Maybe not playing them so much will allow for you to meet people that share other interests of yours, perhaps in an academic, political, art or scene. Or perhaps you really like electronics. I dunno, but I’m sure there are people out there who shares these interests with you. Good luck, good friend, and best wishes, no matter what you decide to do!

      Report user
      1. Just to clarify, I put in the Wooly reference for people I think would be “cool” to meet, people who might not seem like gamers from an outside perspective, to add contrast to the D-bags, not as an example of the sort.

  12. I’m really looking forward to Moncon, but honestly, I haven’t played Monpoc more than once or twice since Gencon. I have to take a train to get to the closest regular playgroup, and it’s gotten harder and harder to make the trip. I’ve played on VASSAL once or twice, and it was fun, but it took forever, and it wasn’t as fun as playing with the actual models.


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    1. That’s the burning question. We know that PP had gotten as far as getting a handful of the sculpts either done or very nearly so, but that’s the last we really heard of any forward progress. After that it was Quantums and silence.

    2. It’s an interesting question, about the sculpts. From my experience with game companies, they don’t have a lot of money to blow on maquettes like that and then NOT produce them… the big expense is paying the artists and the US salaries, not the overseas production costs. Usually if such an investment was made they would go forward no matter what… of course my experience at a game company was many years ago and perhaps things have changed, but I have to think they got a fairly large ducat infusion to get them to stop production.

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  13. The game died in the silence between BiJ and that October preview of set 6 stuff. The silence since then buried. The game as we knew it is gone forever. I thought TC did a really good job at carrying the torch for as long as they did. It does “feel” like TC has moved on too, and good for them.

    Report user
    1. The game as we know it is the game as we know it forever, you mean. No new stuff/errata or rules update doesn’t mean the game is gone, just that it WON’T change from what we currently know. Considering the quality of errata last time we got anything (aka the huge buff to Laser Knight), maybe no more changes to the game from Privateer’s end could be considered a blessing. Or at least a silver lining.

      Report user
    2. Some strange things come up if you google image “morenfin” without the safe search on.

      Ponies, TC stuff, and one very naked lady.

      I just wanted to see the magic card..

      1. Weird.. I guess you stopped before the naked painted Spiderman.. named “Spider man Ballen” I will add that to my list of things not to google again.
        1. Lolfish
        2. Morenfin

      2. I feel as if there was a 2/1 or 2/2 for one black that looked kinda like Morinfen. WHo was that guy?

  14. I’ll say this…if Privateer does have any intentions of keeping Monpoc alive, they owe Team Covenant a huge debt of gratitude. They’re the only ones breathing new life into the game on a regular basis. They’re far surpassing any efforts by Privateer to keep the game going.

    Report user
    1. I’m not really sure where Privateer stands at the moment.

      To hear them tell it, they were faced with the decision to either put out SERIES 6 and end the game there (which they opted not to do) or find a better sales model (which they did do — DMZ boxes).

      DMZ, by all accounts, has sold well. Before word of a movie came along and Privateer went silent (by force or by choice), they’d said if DMZ did well they’d probably be able to continue the game for quite a while. We did get 6 spoiled and super-slow-released Quantums…and it’s very possible they had to ask those movie folks super nicely for permission to release even that much to us.

      I do not imagine that Privateer would further injure their reputation as a gaming company by feigning that the movie deal is the reason for their silence — I believe it really is the reason. These are generally younger guys, basically with their dream job. They do not want to cash out, and are not secretly screwing us all over. If Privateer was headed by 65 year old men who’d never actually played a tabletop game, I might think differently.

      Honestly I think things are going to be OK.

      Report user
      1. I know things will be ok, no matter what the outcome. The way I see it, we should all be prepared for the “worst,” that PP drops the game, but also know that the game will more than likely continue, and that some if not all of those frustrated players who quit will come back to it! Raising awareness though, is very important. If errata is necessary in the future, we should be as many steps ahead as we can be.

  15. Hey guys,

    Looks like there’s still quite a lot of interest in Monpoc, judging from the number of replies to this page.

    Now, I’m also a Press Ganger, and I’ve been fanatical about this game in the past, but right now, I’ll admit that Monpoc’s gone into hibernation around LA. We break our stuff out every now and then (mostly when the latest TC map comes out), but we haven’t had the urge to play nearly as much as we used to.

    I’ll be honest. I think PP will revive the game after the movie comes out (they’ve done things like this before with the IK RPG), but until the time they revive it, I can’t get nearly as excited about Monpoc as I used to. PP needs to show it’s playerbase that they are dedicated to Monsterpocalypse, because otherwise I don’t see how the game can have a future.

    1. “PP needs to show it’s playerbase that they are dedicated to Monsterpocalypse, because otherwise I don’t see how the game can have a future.”

      That is exactly what I’ve been saying for a very long time now. If they did anything, it would mean a lot. Even having DC or Shick or someone post an Insider talking about their favorite monster/unit/building/faction or a game they played recently or ANYTHING would be huge for this community.

      Instead we’ve got a lot of people (both old and new… and it seems like there are always a few new people around) hovering around, waiting for … well … anything. I love PP’s games, but I can’t say the same for how they’ve treated the MonPoc community. If that was my entire basis for my opinion of PP, I’d walk away and never look back. Lucky for them, Hordes/Warmachine caught my attention big time. :)

    2. Maybe we can help with the LA, Orange County & San Diego (and anyone willing to travel) lul in Mon Poc playing, at least for a weekend. I just posted in the forums the Monsterpocalypse tournament for the So Cal Smackdown 2012 Gaming Convention in Anaheim, CA. We hope you will consider registering and joining us for a great day of MonPoc playing!

      Link to the forums post:

  16. My best effort at getting news, from Matt Wilson’s blog:

    DaveZee on May 11, 2012 at 11:39 am said:
    I’m looking forward to seeing your Level 7 film! Of course you know that every time you say the “M” word, us rabid Monpoc fans have heart palpatations.

    Reply ↓

    on May 11, 2012 at 11:44 am said:
    I can’t wait to show it off! And Monsterpocalypse still gets my heart all aflutter, too! We’re working on some cool new stuff in the MonPoc universe that I’m very excited about.

      1. If that is how you feel, perhaps you should post that on his blog, where he can see it. Worst case, he doesn’t respond.

      2. Nah, I may be a little bitter, but I know it ain’t Matt Wilson’s personal fault. I’m sure his hands are tied with the same rope that ties Will, DC, and Ed’s. I’m just venting a bit. :/

      3. But if anything else were the case, why keep saying it? I think they do love the game, have plans for it, and that includes more than just support for the film. I’d still love new boxes of stuff to be figuring out how to afford right now…but I’ve also got more games and not enough time as it is.

  17. So I finally started playing last Thursday at the local game store here in Colorado Springs, and it felt great. The plan is to play every Thursday and hopefully gain some interest from the others around. The store itself no longer carries MonPoc products, and one guy made a comment to another passersby about it being a “discontinued” game.
    Oh well! The guy I am playing against is someone that used to play back in the day and is one of those game store guys that everyone knows and asks for rules clarifications. (A very strong ally to have indeed!)

    Report user
      1. Yeah, and I really hope so too. My recently acquired MonPoc opponent didn’t know about the DMZ boxes and thought it was cool that PP has gotten away from the random stuff at the present. That might draw new players too, since a lot of people aren’t okay with the collective aspect of the game.

  18. As a novice player that still hasn’t really played much, I haven’t been very active with the game during the past couple months of this long drought. Right now I’m back into and really enjoying Summoner Wars and have been teaching/playing that a lot with my friends. Unfortunately Monpoc is too complicated and difficult for my friends (who aren’t avid table top gamers) to simply jump into, so I’ve stuck with sw. I’ve also spent some time with the other game I play. Right now I’m just kinda waiting on MonPoc to see where it’s headed in the future. But, I can tell it’s still a game I’d get into competitively and after owning most of the figures, one I adore aesthetically; I’ll just do my learning, practicing, and playing on Vassal. I’ll get a bunch of actual games in with MonPoc at MonCon though and I hope to get a spark back. :)

    Report user
  19. Looked over the Gen Con events catalog, and didn’t see any listings for Monsterpocalypse. I know TC posted a pic from the latest No Quarter showing the PP events, so I’m hoping it’s a mistake. Not that I’ll be at Gen Con, but that would be a big strike (in my book) against the game if they aren’t planning on running anything.

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