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Mastering Monsterpocalypse: Double Monster builds Rome

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May 24, 2012

Mastering Monsterpocalypse: Double Monster
Day 6 – Building Rome

One of the things I love about Monsterpocalypse is seeing a plan come together.  I’ve always enjoyed the unit and building creation of a list because you have so many great options.  For this list picking the buildings looked like a pretty straight forward task when I started.  As I’ve been working on this exercise I’ve also been trying out different maps, altering the list depending on the map.  Here’s where I’m at:

G.U.A.R.D. Defense Base (1)

I struggled with whether it was better to bring one or two.  My main use was to secure and allow my units the added range bonus. Discount should not be overlooked, as it will help on the A die management with my units, while I’m not sure Teleport will see much play (obviously it won’t if I only have one).

Sun Industries (2)

Some really good abilities here to take advantage of.  Instead of putting a unit on a Negative Zone, I can use Business Center to take a way Pdie from my opponent.  Power Gorge could be a big boost for my mostly blasting team (as well as Force Field), another Discount option, and Shuffle.

Skyscraper (5)

This could become the most important building on the board.  Underground Network will allow my  SS/UCI units to move around easier, especially taking advantage of their speed and disrupting my opponents side of the map.  During my most recent game on Grapple in the Garden, having access to UN was a huge factor.  Two other abilities (High Occupancy, Superstructure) won’t help me, while Blazing Inferno could end up being a game changer if I can find a way to take advantage of that extra damage.

Statue of Liberty (1)

So what’s not to like about Lady Liberty?  Attraction to gain a Pdie on my unit turn, Beacon to get one of my monsters out of a sticky situation, Subsidize to help on the Power Up rolls, and if I have to say goodbye to her, Monument adds another Pdie to my coffers.

The last three buildings I’ll play around with, but I’m looking at:

Newspaper Building (1)

This building is all about Intel.  On the right map getting this secured is going to go a long way to moving units for free, allowing extra A dice for attacks or an action.

The Tokyo Triumph (1)

Lots of interesting abilities with this one.  For me this baby has one real purpose, additional DAMAGE!  I’m looking to take advantage of placement for a Live Wire burst, or better yet a Power Attack to get Spire and Live Wire.

The Pacific Eye (1)

What?  Yep, you did read that correctly.  I’ve never given this Monument a second glance, but someone suggested trying it out, and I actually got some benefit from it the first time I used it.  So maybe Roller can be helpful.

    1. Yes we love this building in our lists. Hard to get the Roller ability to go off that works towards a big advantage for you at times, but when it does it’s really cool. I think the best placement for this building is to try and put it in the middle of the map.

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      1. I *looooove* roller with white dajan and vorgax. The ability to chain a blitz or riot off the roller is huge, and if you stack a couple monuments behind the eye, you get tons of dice.

        You actually get:
        1 for the eye
        1 for monument
        2 for 2 more buildings
        2 for 2 more monuments
        6 power dice in one attack
        (though you do still have to land at least 3 a-die strikes, and sometimes 5 or 6 to bowl down 2 extra buildings)

        then you blitz or riot for another 3-4 dice and you’re suddenly flush on your first monster turn.

  1. The other thing about Pacific Eye is that it doubles as a great base. If your monster doesn’t want hazards and such in its base, you don’t have many options — just the DEF 6 Pacific Eye and the squishy DEF 4 Statue of Liberty. I’m not just talking ARMORED monsters. A lot of pedestrians (like Rakadon, Armodax, Blastik, etc) can benefit from its non-ROLLER qualities and also place it aggressively if the situation calls for it.

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