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Pondering Store Championships Lists

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March 17, 2014

Just pondering some lists for the Store Championships this weekend. I’m currently painting the named Red Squad members (even though none of them survived our big 300 pt game a week ago), so I’m thinking about playing with a few more X’s than usual.

Red Squad WIP

The lists:


Biggs (R2-F2)

Red Squad

Red Squad

= 100 pts

Decent PS bid, and Biggs can survive a bit with R2-F2 and a focus.

Wedge (Swarm Tactics)




=98 pts

Decent PS build in a roundabout sort of a way, slightly less defense though. 2 pts without much good use for them, maybe an R2 unit.


Biggs (R2-F2)

Chewbacca (Draw Their Fire)

=97 pts

Decent bit of synergy, but no real good use for the last few points.

Luke (R2-D2, Draw Their Fire)




=100 pts

Mostly tanky, not very punchy. Shame I can never make a list I like with Luke in it, as he’s one of my favorites when looking at pilots in a vacuum.

Really not too sure what I’d prefer. The meta has a big spread (swarms, elite trios, tons of Krassis and Soontir Fel clones, Saber/GSP squads that mostly turtle up, etc.) and so I have no idea what to expect. Part of me wants to run a Chewbacca Falcon just because my sister brought me back a t-shirt of a surfer Chewie from her most recent tropical jungle adventure! Chewie with a pair of B’s is one of the few lists I have run multiple times lately (4-0) so that’s probably my super lame default. Vader shuttle with a pile of Obsidians (maybe a Saber flanker?) if I go Imperial.

Open to any and all suggestions! I’ll also post up some pics of the Red Squad members as I continue working on them. Have a few photos at home, but I am not at home as I write this :p

  1. Solid lists! I think you’d do well with any of those. If you’re thinking of doing a shuttle+Obsidians, may I suggest:

    Obsidian x5
    OGP + HLC + AdvS + Engine

    As it totally rocks. Of your Rebel lists, I think you should go with the Chewie one, especially because I know exactly what Chewie t-shirt you’re talking about (I have a poster of that same picture). Maybe throw stealth on Biggs as well with the extra 3 points?

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      1. Stealth can either be your best friend or an ex-girlfriend, but when it works it really works. Plus with R2-F2 he’ll be rolling 3 green dice anyway, why not make it 4 with stealth? With the focus from Garven, that’s a pretty tanky Biggs. Meanwhile Chewie and Garven tear things apart. It could work!!

  2. Thematically, I like your Red Squadron list, but it’s going to be tough sledding against maneuverable opponents. I just don’t like Red Squadron X-Wings that much, they don’t make great use of the higher PS in my opinion.

    The only Luke 4 ship list I’ve run is Luke w/R2D2 and Engine, Rookie X-Wing (x2), and a Green Squad A-Wing with PTL.

    If you’re running Chewbacca falcon, I like PTL and MF title if you want to keep R2F2 on Biggs, or the list that Mr. Froggie/Theorist put on here: Chewie with Expert Handling and Gunner, Biggs, and Garvin.

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    1. Could swap the Reds for Golds with Ion Turrets I suppose. Gives a very different style to the list, for sure, and doesn’t allow folks to pick on the low agility Golds early on before they get into ion range.

      1. If your opponents are running b-wings, they’ll be mighty frustrated if the golds are still standing near the end. But you’re right, that’s a very different kind of squad.

  3. Garven, Biggs (R2-F2), 2x Red
    I like this, should do well vs Dagger Shenanigans. I don’t usually go for R2-F2 on Biggs, as I find it’s not great without the focus. With the focus though, I reckon you should be able to last at least into the 2nd round with Biggs, perhaps even into the 3rd, which is really strong!

    Garven, Biggs (R2-F2), Chewbacca (Draw Their Fire).
    Again, I like giving R2-F2 Biggs extra focus. However, I do think it will be difficult to fly this list in formation (not crashing Chewie into Garven). The extra 3 points can change Chewie into Lando with Nien Nunb. You eliminate the PS problem then, and you also gain yourself even more action shenanigans! Draw Their Fire is still effective on a YT, as 5 shields can keep Biggs alive for a turn or two longer.

    I’ve been wanting to fly Luke, R2-D2, DTF, Biggs & 2 Rooks for a while, but I feel without shield upgrade Luke may not survive too long enough to make the most out of R2-D2 (he becomes the obvious target if he’s taken any shields taking crits from Biggs, and that leaves 2 rooks for the endgame, not ideal).

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  4. Our top four list (18 players) were:

    (1) Howlrunner, Dark Curse, BSP + DTF, 4xAP
    (2) Turr Phennir + 4xAlpha
    (3) Chewbacca, 2xBlue (I think this — my list, BTW — was actually #2; SOS error in the final standings)
    (4) Turr Phennir + 6xTIE (dunno specifics, but I know Turr was naked in both lists, which surprised me)

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    1. Naked Turr is indeed rare. You’d expect a PTL, Stealth and/or VI depending on preferences. The Alpha list has the 3 pts to spare. Very odd!

      Congrats on 2nd, shame about the SOS error though. I hope it didn’t take a good prize out of your hands.

  5. I took my store championship with:

    Kyle + BT + recon spec + Moldy (31)
    Garvin (26)
    GSP + VI (20)
    Red Sqd (23)

    The PS bid of 4,5,6,6 was what really carried my day as most the lists I faced off with were PS2 – 3s.

    Our Meta was mostly either 4 ship rebel builds, or Large ship builds, Falcon or Dual Sprays.

    That said, I like your first list of Garv, Biggs, and 2 Reds

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  6. When i played at my store champion i took a list with …
    2x sabers with ptl
    4x obsidian

    This list was like 6-0 against rebel aces and swarms…. got the tourny and the “in thing” was dual YT ( Over half of the lists)

    I needed more practice against them and needless to say i couldn’t blow these ships up… not to mention all list came with assault missiles…

    Very hard to predict what you might come up against, I was thinking i was going to see alot of net lists but almost all lists i fought against people where fielding missiles

    ( i don’t like to blame the dice but it seemed that day as well that the rolls just weren’t coming)

    oh well… fun times

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  7. I like your Garven/Biggs+R2F2/Red squad x 2 list. It’s a tad on the defensive side with Biggs + R2F2 and against opposing rebels, and PS 2-3 Xwings/blues, you’re better off focusing most of the time. If you can get a ship off the table before it fires, that’s better than R2F2 in my book. That said, R2F2 is an amazing swarm counter so depending on your local meta, it may or may not be worthwhile.

    I do wonder how Garven/Biggs+R2F2 compares to Wedge/Biggs. I like Wedge against stealthed targets and a lot against TIE’s but not so much with Swarm tactics. It’s nice, but most of the time I’d rather just have 2 Red Squadrons (in your 2nd list).

    I’m not a fan of Chewey + DtF + garven/biggs. Its quite tough flying the falcon in formation and I feel it shackles it’s inherent speed and maneuverability.

    A friend of mine plays luke + DtF list, and it works wonders when you get the perfect approach. But that’s the thing, a good opponent is not going to give you that approach and let you set up range 3 Biggs behind an asteroid. It can be clunky to fly PS 2,2, 5, and 8 and if your opponent gets behind ya, or forces ya to k-turn everything, ships will start to collide.

    I’d go with the first list, and use R2F2 very selectively. Definitely against swarms, but against most other lists, and rebel lists with PS 2 rookies/blues, you’ll probably be better off focusing or even target locking to get a TL/Focus via Garven. Best of luck!

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    1. Some great analysis there. I do agree Garven/Biggs can combo for extra offense against low PS rebels. Wedge/Biggs/Swarm Tactics’ed up Rookie from the other list can help with this too.

      Using the points on Reds in the Wedge/Biggs list would help vs. some lists but not against a lot of the elites I expect to run into. A second PS9 shooter would be handy in a lot of those match-ups.

      For Biggs the R2-F2 is mostly there for swarms & when there’s no chance of alpha striking away a ship before it can fire. Against swarms it’s truly priceless :)

      So. Many. Choices.

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