Control Deck: Frustration Fusion

I was inspired by the most recent two champs and a chump to make a
Martell alliance to Lannister deck.
The goal is to combine all the best control effects. Feedback welcome.

House (1)
House Martell (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
Alliance (QoD) x1                        -Your opponent will forget to use this.

Character (34)
Southron Mercenaries (TBoBB) x1          - Closer, Shadows card to shut down Robert, Boatswain
The Red Viper (PotS) x1                  - Closer, Less optimal Ghaston Target
Darkstar (PotS) x1                       - Autoinclude, Discard off The Scourge for lulz
Arianne Martell (PotS) x1                - Autoinclude, Less optimal Ghaston Target
Ellaria Sand (PotS) x1                   - Autoinclude. Shuts down some decks.
Ser Arys Oakheart (PotS) x1              - Triggers Castellan Renown Punish  allies
Edric Dayne (IG) x2                      - More optimal GG target. Helps against Burn
Castellan of the Rock (BoRF) x3          - Restricted Best Lannister Control
Myrcella Lannister (ODG) x3              - GG target #1
Brothel Guard (LotR) x3                  - Triggers Castellan. Combos with Toll Gate
Painted Dogs (IG) x3                     - good icon pair gives a lot of flexibility
Lannisport Steward (Core) x1             - income good target for cyvasse
The Hound (PotS) x1                      - cheap mil
Tommen Baratheon (SA) x1                 - draw, shuts down more expensive kings
Doubting Septa (LotR) x3                 - Great Claim soak
Lannisport Weaponsmith (Core) x2         - Income, more mil icons
Mountain Refugee (RoW) x3                - Free trigger for Castellan
Orphan of the Greenblood (PotS) x3       - Amazing on the flop. Super flexible.

Location (17)
Lannisport Brothel (Core) x1             - Repeatable kneel
Ghaston Grey (FtC) x3                    - Super annoying.
The Scourge (ODG) x1                     - If they discard that is even better.
Golden Tooth Mines (Core) x3             - Standard Lanni draw
Toll Gate (AE) x1                        - Flexible. Don't overlookremoving your own guys.
The Iron Throne (LotR) x1                - Repeatable cancel
Lannisport Treasury (LotR) x2            - Strong income
The Goldroad (LotR) x3                   - Standard income. free castellan trigger
Shadowblack Lane (Core) x1               - Mostly int icons
Flea Bottom (TGM) x1                     - Play myrcella for free then GG

Event (9)
He Calls It Thinking (PotS) x3           - THEE cancel of note. +2 strength to boot
A Game of Cyvasse (ACoS) x3              - More control. Then GG what you kneel
Condemned by the Council (AToT) x2       - for the mirror match
The Viper's Rage (TftRK) x1              - You go second lose one then win all yours

Attachment (0)                           - No attachments = dead cards for opp hopefully

Plot (7)
Search and Detain (HtS) x1               - Standard autoinclude
Retaliation! (ASoSilence) x1             - Standard autoinclude
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1                - Standard autoinclude
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD) x1           - Standard autoinclude
To the Spears! (PotS) x1                 - Standard Martell finisher
Muster the Realm! (QoD) x1               - High gold, defensive, combos with Painted Dogs
The Red Wedding (PotS) x1                - Not sure about this one but many Ladies in this deck
  1. Ahh, Martell/Lanny treaty deck. I’ve never had great success with treaty decks as I feel that they take away from the overall synergy of each of the houses.

    After looking at the deck I would drop 1 Edric Dayne. I would love to see this be Dagos Manwoody or even the new Doran Martell.

    For the plots, I would take out To the Spears. This plot is great in a Martell deck, but you’re not really playing Martell. Too many times I guarantee you will find yourself with only 1-2 Martell characters on the board and it will be a wasted plot.

    Muster the Realm is not good here. You have a total of 4 army characters in the entire deck. Not good odds that you will ever find this useful.

    And I agree with the Red Wedding. There are much better plots that I think you would rather have.

    Some plots to consider that come to mind are…

    The Power of Blood (you have lots of nobles and a little protection goes a long way)
    Shadows and Spiders(with this much intrigue and control in the deck, shutting down two challenges that you opponent can initiate is a game changer)
    Forgotten Plans(stopping the opening Fear of Winter or Blockade can save you the game from turn 1)
    Regroup(getting back a Viper’s Rage, Condemned, Orphan, or Game of Cyvasse is always a good thing, not to mention has two claim)
    Desolate Passage(if your opponent can only attack with one character then GG just gets a lot better)

    Hope these suggestions can help.


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  2. I can speak for Shadows and Spiders being a life changer/game saver/game winner in a lot of my experience against control. It’s the single plot that can shut so many decks down for an entire turn while allowing you to play as usual. You’re strong on Intrigue here and it seems a good include.

    Muster is great even with no armies. It can be kind of useless against certain decks (Stark Army, obviously) but against most it effectively shuts down military challenges.

    Red Wedding doesn’t seem to fit. Frey Hospitality, perhaps?

    The deck really looks top notch for control. Combining the two strongest control builds into one looks like it could certainly work well. A lot of times you lose the beauty of both when you try to combine, but here it doesn’t look like that’s the case. The only thing I’d say is the distribution of characters giving a lack of consistency, but that’s a debate that goes beyond this deck.

    Thanks for sharing the build.

  3. A few thoughts to help with this deck..

    About a year and a half ago we were fooling around with ideas for this deck. Obviously there are many more attachments out now but it appears that everything is in order here. There are however a few tweaks i would suggest…

    Take out 1 black raven. With a time for ravens and lady dany’s chambers there is no need to run three of these. Additionally, if you are running spending the winter stores then one or two of rich lands and a keep will suffice. I know it’s probably there for the card draw, but with Xaro’s Home, sam, and all the other attachments that draw cards you should be ok.

    Consider attachments like Crown of mereen to have a backup summer contingency, flaming sword so that viserys can’t have his str lowered, Tourney Lance will give him joust, and Rusted Sword for a military icon. This will give you ways to win challenges using only Viserys.

    In order to get the chains off your agenda you need a way to win challenges other than viserys because he won’t be voltroned up until a couple turns in and your best character right now is Jorah…not a great threat for challenges. Also you need a few other maesters just in case. So I would run Linked Advisor for the added STR, two good icons, and three more maesters. The new Magister Illyrio lets you play attachments out of your opponents discard pile which can be quite nice for another attachment or two throughout the game.

    Looks like you have a good start and it’s not far off from being playable. Just cross your fingers that your opponent doesn’t play Bastard.

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  4. Addendum: Crown of Meereen states:

    Response: After you win a challenge in which attached character participated, choose an attachment. Take control of that attachment, and attach it to an eligible card of your choice.

    So in addition to making it summer, you can use it to move attachments onto Viserys, making it an autoinclude i’d say.

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