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Shadow Sun Faction Units – help me!

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June 26, 2011

So I’ve recently stocked up on a full faction of Shadow Sun units for no particular reason ( ;D ) and I’m actually very interested in them and would like to build a faction-pure army with them. You (especially those at MonCon who witnessed my pure UberCorp) might be saying “Faction pure? What a loser! Why?!” Well, despite the fact that I think faction pure is as beautiful a union of units and monster as Peanut Butter and Jelly and would never dream of shattering that perfection except in the rarest of circumstances, I need to do faction pure to better myself. I’ve only started playing the game in November, and so I really haven’t had the chance to wrap my mind around the macrocosm that is this game. There are just so many metagame goings-on that I haven’t even yet experienced.

To put things in perspective for you old salts, I started playing the game during the current series, 5. That means I’ve found myself thrust into a MonPoc golden age, where there are uncountable combinations of plastic dudes, 5 series’ worth! That’s a lot of permutations or whatever you call it. If I would have started during series 1 I would have had plenty of time to understand how those figures behave, then work on what series 2 adds when it comes out, and so forth in small, easily digestive portions.

The way my mind works, I can’t really take any shortcuts and start jumping into master level strategies like splashing from 4 different agendas before I even know how the agenda I’m using works with itself, or I won’t really learn anything. I can hardly wait to cram 5 series’ worth of strategy into my skull, but I have to start slow and work my way up through grueling, Rocky-style training montages using simple unit lists until I get enough of those A-ha! moments to tweak my army and be awesome. So yeah, that’s basically my MonPoc modus operandi.

For the moment, I really really do need the help of wise veterans such as yourselves. Right now I am focusing on Shadow Sun, and need to figure out what units to use. I can only bring 15 so I can’t just bring 3 of anything like I pretty much can with the Now block since they only have 2 series’ worth and Rise has the full 3, and quite frankly I’m stumped when it comes to Shadow Sun – I’ve never even played with them, let alone used them.

Please, please help me to choose a well-rounded SSS unit pool, one that functions well and also lends itself to learning! I’d like to also know what’s so great/crappy about each unit if you would be so kind, or why you think I should bring certain ones over others. Pretty much the only things I’ve been able to figure out is to bring an Interceptor for high speed + transport, at least 1 of each cargo, and 2g 1e of banana because they look wicked accurate. There are so many unanswered questions coursing through my active brain, such as “are s-types/sun fighters even worth bringing ever?” And I look at discovering the beautiful nuances of this faction with feelings of overwhelming majesty.

C’mon, help a n00b become something more! Please? :) Oh, and if it matters assume I have whatever SSS units you think I need 😀



  1. If that’s your opening lineup,it’s not bad. For faction pure, though, I suggest you take at least 1 S Type grunt. With Underground Network, being able to get a Speed 6 Jumping unit with Cloak anywhere on the map is the ultimate disrupting Ninja.

    And you have 3 Shadow Raiders, probably the least effective SSS unit in the mix. Bomber and High Impact are more effective than most people give credit for, but are not threedundant.

    Interceptors and Elite C Types are the butter in the PB&J of faction pure SSS. You can do very well with a single Interceptor…Speed 7 well get you nearly always get you somewhere useful with it. But you do want 2 Elite C Types, because speed 5 and no movement abilities at all means you’re probably going to find a single elite out of position at some time.

    With UCI in the mix, I don’t run the Killer Tomato. I think you’re spot on taking 2 in faction pure. Ditto the dual Shadow gates. I run single in UCI/SSS teams to give me a UN output when the forward Sky Scrapers are gone. Having 2 gives you even later-game Teleport options, not to mention providing an extra Red Cloak when you’re not taking the elite Robo Brontox.

    Some mixes might be conditional on your monster. Raiden grants Blue Charge, meaning you’ll want to consider taking a full squad (elite and grunt at a minimum) of S Types to make the most of that ability. Probably not so much with the other Zors.

    I’ve neglected the Sun Fighter! I like to take a minimum of 2 flying units, 3 preferred, for screening over hazard tiles. Sun Fighters come with a decent long range blast, when you throw in High Impact and Leadership, and especially under Magna’s blue Sniper can be very effective. Think Elite Sun Fighter fully boosted vs G1 or Vanguard. But like the Shadow Raider, the effectiveness of the rest make the flyers the first thing to go when you start getting down to your 14th and 15th unit selections.

    Don’t scrimp on the Undergound Network! 5 Sky Scrapers minimum, with a hotel or 2 for good measure.

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    1. Awesome stuff! Thanks! I forgot to mention, the only monsters I have access to are Zor-Magna and Zor-Macros. Soon to be Zor-Voltis, browse not quite yet. Will any of those monsters mix up my unit force? Eventually I will have every monster in my collection and I will have tried them all out to see which I like, and that’s part of he fun :)

      So I kinda had a feeling about the Bomber dudes, I’m thinking of taking all those out and replacing with 1g 1e Sun fighter and 1g s-type. Do you think it’s worth it as far as the s-types to add yet another grunt and take something else out, say 1g sun fighter to bring me down to 2? And I just realized that I only have the 1 elite c-type :( oh, cruel fate… at least I’ll have the chance to savor the one I have and covet the one I don’t! I totally forgot they were cargo – what’s up with that?! Was that a typo?! Would I ever even want to bring a grunt of it?!?

  2. Jace
    SSS is the first army I got and is what I’m doing my Mastering MonPoc on. I’m very new to all this madness too, so I thought you might want to read my blogs. I’m up to 13 now. I tryed to keep it all pure, but found some good help in Uber Corp Units. Take a look at all that, and yes to Bobs stuff. He helped me in the start.

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  3. I’ve never played WITH the Shadow Sun, but I’ve played AGAINST them an approximately infinite number of times. They’re the favorite faction of both of my boys. I would like to reiterate what’s been said above…don’t underestimate the usefulness of the S-Types. Speed 6 jump with cloaking is amazing. You have a unit that can essentially fly, but still hold ground objectives, & can’t be blasted off of them at any big range. Marvelously aggravating!

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  4. Okay, so I had a practice game today vs. My bro’s Crack-enoctus and I have to say the units work really well! I used the 2g ninja I brought to secure a skyscraper 1st turn with a sun drone on a power point, which let me drive an Interceptor through and drop off a c-type next to his potential power base and shot up a krab he had there with high impact from a banana I zoomed up with amazing speed 7 through the same scraper. More on this later! Freaking short work breaks.

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