From the Ground Up: Building My First Spoils Decks

In my Discovering Real Games podcast I posted earlier, I said I would be posting one of my decks that I have. This deck is my Arcanist/Warlord deck. It’s still quite a work in progress, but I think my most recent tuning has helped a lot. Ditching all but two Obsession and removing all 3 threshold and higher Arcanist cards definitely makes going through the deck feel more productive. Add the ability to lucubrate and I feel like I have a fighting chance sometimes.

Here for your praise and punishment is the full listing of my deck:

Moist Cave of the Darkpump x1

Resources x 20
Obsession x2 (Starting Staples)
Rage x18 (Staple)

Arcanist Cards x19
Anathematize (Tactic) x1
Brainbath (Tactic) x1
Encumber (Tactic) x1
Essence of Obsession (Tactic) x1
Evanesce (Tactic) x1
Stupidify (Tactic) x1
Fiendish Fez (Attachment) x2
Confounding Conjurer (1-3-2) x1
Horrendous Behemoth (4-4-2) x2
Lingamite Torture Monk (1-1-3) x1
Living God Of Thabbash (7-7-3) x1
Perturbatious Warlock (1-2-3) x2
Sequestered Hellion (5-5-3) x1
Unimportant Wizard (1-2-3) x2
Wanton Wizard (1-1-3) x1

Warlord Cards x 49
Essence of Rage (Tactic) x1
Heroic Deed (Tactic) x1
Improvised Blowtorch (Tactic) x1
Manful Skirmish (Tactic) x1
Penetrate (Tactic) x1
Perforate (Tactic) x2
Pinch (Tactic) x1
Seraphim Magic (Tactic) x2
Trip Wire (Tactic) x1
Heavy Sword (Attachment) x1
Lordly Stables (Structure [3]) x1
Spiky Pumpkin (Item) x1
Arena Quarter-Finalist (7-5-3) x1
Athalamund Mangod, The Iron Fist (3-3-3) x1
Barbaric Rifleman (2-1-3) x1
Blazing Shriever (2-1-3) x1
Bloodcurdling Bulldozer (2-1-3) x1
Callow Liegeman (2-2-3) x1
Colossal Flattener (6-3-3) x1
Courageous Paladin (2-3-3) x1
Elbow Dropper (3-2-3) x1
Enduring Swordsman (1-1-3) x2
Fervent Beastslayer (5-2-3) x1
Flaming Barduse (1-1-2) x1
Frenzied Shriever (1-2-3) x2
Gallant Commander (2-2-3) x1
Godwing Thunderhoof (5-5-3) x1
Gore Engine (5-10-3) x1
Idol Smasher (2-3-3) x1
Impressive Hero (2-1-3) x1
Nimble Conscript (3-2-3) x3
Proficient Battler (4-2-3) x1
Rabid Sarume (4-2-3) x1
Raging Bask (4-4-3) x1
Righteous Exemplar (1-1-3) x1
Robustical Badass (3-3-3) x1
Sadistic Colonel (3-1-3) x1
Tiny Sarume (1-1-3) x2
Unflinching Bowman (2-2-3) x1
Unstoppable Asskicker (8-5-3) x1
Vigilant Raider (4-4-3) x1
Warrior Prodigy (2-2-3) x1

Card Totals
46 Characters
20 Resources
17 Tactics
3 Attachments
1 Item
1 Structure
= 88 Cards + Faction card

Whew. Drawing up that whole list and then adding the links to the Covenant Wiki was time consuming. Now, I’m open to any and all suggestions so if you have any for me, leave them in the comments section.