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Rebel Transport Pilots Further Spoiled

FFG published an article today showing more information on the x wing pilots that are coming in the GR75 Rebel Transport Expansion.


Spoiled Pilots Here


Check it out!


I’m most excited about the new astromechs specifically the implications of R2-D6.

    1. Also Expert Handling and an Ion Cannon Turret. Marksmanship effectively gives Horton focus + target lock at Range 2-3 without the stress of PtL

      This also opens up fun new combos like using Reds or Greys as Draw Their Fire bodyguards or straight forward PtL to stack actions for secondary fire. EPT on Biggs anyone?

      And I can put R2-D6 on the PS3 E-wing. 😀

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      1. I thought EPT on Biggs was not a bad shout, but I couldn’t think of any EPTs I’d actually want to put on him!

        DTF bodyguards are good for Biggs, but I can’t help but feel they’re maybe just a little inferior to Luke with DTF? I’m also struggling with where to put him in a list though, as Red Squadron with R2-D6 and Draw their fire is 25.

        I wish there was another 25 point X-Wing, as I’d love to run a 4X.
        Tarn Mison, R2-D6, Veteran Instincts
        Hobbie Klivian

  1. Glee! EPT Y-wings are finally possible! Unique R2-D6 means I cannot spam it though.

    Wes has some major potential to spoil enemy plans. “I am sorry, did you need that TL/focus to fire your missile/blaster turret. No soup for you.” It is worth noting that he costs as much as Wedge while being 1 PS lower.

    Tarn displaces Roark to become the lowest PS unique. He also fills a gap to give us X-wings at every PS except 1. Not a bad ability for jousting either.

    I like R3-A2 on Hobbie. Fire at a target and give it a stress, then make sure to use your TL to shed your stress and be able to K-turn when your target cannot. Add Flachette Torpedoes to double stress your foe.

    And of course Porkins. I really like that they made his pilot ability mesh well with his droid. No other X-wing can get as much utility out of R5-D8.

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  2. I’m actually really jealous of the rebels getting a way to use PTL and clear stress in the same round. They actually get 2 ships that can do it. Feeling the Imperial hate here .

      1. Access is going to add a lot of options for the Imps, and I think this will all balance out. There’s a lot of new shiny for the Rebs, but you know that the Imps will get their toys too.

      2. I guess I’m just not as excited for Aces since I don’t play squints much. But maybe Aces will change that. But still wouldn’t an Imp capital ship be awesome? I don’t know what it would be though-Star Destroyers are way too huge-normous.

  3. Well, it’s confirmed. I’m going to pay $60 for a X-wing, some cards, and a nice model I might play with once. I really like Hobbie, Tarn, and R2-D6. Love the theme of Porkin’s ability as well. Even if you never use his ability, 26 pts for a PS7 X-wing with an EPT is a good deal.

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  4. 1. Wes and Wedge cost the same. I’m not sure how often I’d use Wes when Wedge is at the same price point.

    2. Hobbie + new droid + PTL = every round I get a focused, TLed attack. Again, costs the same as Wedge at that point, but you’ll have a pretty dependable 3-die attack.

    3. Tarn is -1 PS from a Red, for the TL ability. It’s probably worth it, since he still beats Blues and Academies.

    4. Jek is really interesting in that he got the ability for free. He’s 19+PS, the same as an unnamed pilot. I’d take the droid they mentioned if you grabbed PTL for him. He’s definitely worthwhile to beat Royal Guards, Daggers, and Biggs, since he’s priced cheaply. I like Jek with the card I designed. :)

    5. R3-A2 (stress droid) is REALLY good. Assuming you remember to point the Y w/ Ion at the target, giving a stress and an ion hoses most ships for a long time. Or forcing a ship to not K-turn next turn when you have a way of shedding stress so you can (Hobbie or Jek, or Adrenaline Rush? I don’t remember the exact wording on it). Best case scenario on Jek: you take the stress, clear it, give the opponent a stress. They do a green to clear stress while you K turn. You shoot them again, getting a second stress to stress them again. They will never K turn again as Jek follows them around. Sure, Jek probably mauled himself to do it, but he doesn’t have to clear the stress on future turns when tailing them.

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    1. The Flechette Torpedoes are only 2pts! Only 2! Okay that maybe old to you guys but that’s new to me and I think it’s pretty awesome. I’m totally going to be bringing at least one almost every time.
      So out of curiousity, what would happen if you were to use it on Howlrunner when there was swarm?Hit Howl twice and she’s got two stresses and can’t K-Turn when needed. How would that affect swarms?

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      1. Think about them with Bombers who can also carry the Ion Missiles which are 3 pts. Y-Wings with Ion Turrets and Flechette torps are going to be awesome.

      2. I…actually hand’t thought about that. Wow, that would be awesome. Couple those and even the heavy hitters like Vader and Soontir become helpless before the might of the gold squadron pilot

      3. Yeah they have really buffed the control mechanics of the game. With Carnor Jax’s area debuff, fletchet torps token stripping janson, stress dealing droids and ion missiles coming, I’m very curious to see how much those items change list building.

        I think its about time that we got some kind of counter to missiles and torps besides getting a lucky crit. I think we are going to see more utility based ships splashed into the traditional high damage lists.

      4. I think the counter to missiles is, and will continue to be, that they’re one shot with a decent chance of missing, and that tactically they set you up for too-obvious jousting. New/cheaper missiles are nice but not so good that missiles suddenly become a huge problem.

    2. Agreed on Wes Janson’s cost. I like the ability, but it doesn’t seem near as good as Wedge’s or even Luke’s. Maybe in the epic play he’d be more worthwhile to protect transports?

      Also, what’s the card you designed?

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      1. A secret card no doubt, until FFG releases it.

        I think Wes’ ability is very good. FFG has established than an action per turn is worth roughly 3 points. For essentially a single extra point, Wes can basically remove an enemy action every turn. People pay way more than that for entire blocking ships to try to accomplish something similar. Sure, it is not quite that simple since the target could spend focus/evade on Wes’ attack, but there is also the chance to completely prevent enemy attacks by depriving a missile of target lock or a blaster turret of focus. Those are small probabilities to be sure, but they could have a huge impact on a game. Heck, you could hound a TIE Bomber until it died, never letting it get off an ATP because it never got to keep a target lock. Is 1 point worth neutralizing 6 points of enemy ordnance?

      2. ah, whoops. I thought it was one of the cards with transport. I shall wait or look into the purchase of an interrogation droid.

    1. frog….mind blown…OFC you can use dutch to hand out a TL to Hobbie. I totally didn’t think about that. Especially good too because we now have a way to put an EPT on a ywing.

      1. I will go with R7-T1 with Dutch. I don’t think he really needs an EPT. If he can lock and boost in the same turn does he really need anything else? I think I would give PTL to Hobbie. He rolls up focus + TL gets stressed. Spends the TL to unstress Next turn does a K-Turn. Dutch gives him a lock so he can unstress. Man the options are insane.

    1. I’m worried about Kath being made less prominent because of Fletch Torps. I don’t really see people shelling out 5 points for Kath’s ability that may stress, when you can pay 2 points for a more guaranteed stress and damage.

      On that same note, I think that the fletch torps are going to work better on Low PS ships because of the 4 HP condition to stressing the defending ship. In theory you would want to use higher PS ships to remove HP from a target before attempting to stress it with Fletch TP. I am unclear on Fletch Torps when you determine whether the target has 4 HP or not. Is it when the attack is declared or are you allowed to damage with the torpedo then determine for stress? I would assume the later, but instruction will be required.

      1. You’re probably right, I was just trying to think of a way to make Kath MORE prominent. Doesn’t seem like people play her much, let alone poor Boba. Krassis and the regular BH seem to be the most popular Firesprays.

        I would also assume the latter, since it seems a bit silly the other way. But you’re right, it needs some clearing up. I like the implications of the torps though, double stress will be annoying to deal with in-game.

      2. Kath’s best ability is that she’s a firespray with an EPT. If you want to barrel roll that sucker, or PTL it, she’s your pilot.

        Also, Shrapnel Torpedoes are only 3 dice and you have to spend your TL to fire. The text does say AFTER, so I would assume that if you knocked the health down they’d then stress (lord knows I’ve misinterpreted plenty of rules before though) I think B-Wings, Tie Bombers, and Tie Phantoms are the ships with the most to fear from them.

      3. That point is definitely going to be cause for confusion, because the way Flechettes are worded, they at least imply that you resolve damage, check hull, apply stress if appropriate – in the sense that even a Firespray could be vulnerable to this if the attack had landed a couple of hull damage.

        The problem with that is, as far as I can find in the rules, your hull value never actually changes. Read the damage rules, Vader (crew) rules, etc – it all talks about the number of damage cards and such. From the FAQ entry on Vader: “If a ship equipped with Darth Vader has a number of Damage cards that equals or exceeds its hull value,”

        Everyone talks about having “one hull left,” or “I’m at 2 hull” but that’s not how any of the damage effects actually work. Your hull value remains static, and damage accumulates, and when it equals or matches said hull value, you go bada-boom.

        Now which way they INTENDED it to work…? *shrug* It seems unlikely some ships would just ignore the effect entirely, but it’s a very unclear wording.

      4. Well that’s the question – did they intend a percentage of the ships to be immune to the stress effect at all times?
        Or did someone there forget how the damage rules actually work?
        I know how it’s written. I’m not convinced that’s how it’s intended. We could take odds and wait for the inevitable FAQ. 😉

      5. It makes sense to me that they will count this against the Hull Value. And not against health left. If you are shooting millions of tiny pieces of metal at a ship smaller more fragile ships will get hurt much worse than a large ship with thicker hull.

      6. Yeah but what if your big tough hull is punched full of holes those bits of metal could get into? 😉

        Seriously, though, applying too much ‘real world,’ and I use that term lightly, logic to the game is never a good idea. It mentions nothing about having shields, just hull. You would think deflector shields would be in place to prevent exactly that kind of effect from harming you, right? Otherwise the first micrometeor to come along would vaporize you into a billion pieces.

        We’ll see what happens. I know how it’s written. I’m not arguing with that. I’m just not convinced that’s how it was intended, and they’ve had a string of random rulings lately that say “Do card X like this” even if they already established the effect is totally different on card Y. We’ll see.

      7. Hull Value never changes. So if you have a hull of 6 it never goes down. When you take damage you are dealt damage cards. You compare those cards to your Hull Value. If you exceed your Hull value then you are destroyed. pg 13 of the rules.

      8. @wookie….The FAQ and card specific rulings in this game make me worry a bit. This is one of the things that has frustrated me during the early phases of xwing. the game is only about 2 years old and we already have an 8 page FAQ that spends a large portion of that FAQ explaining badly worded cards. These guys really need to identify their key words and work within the confines of clearly defined terminology. There has been so much confusion so far. I don’t see things becoming simpler. I love X-Wing, but when the rules get convoluted new players are harder to recruit. Not good for growing your player base.

        That being said I agree with the consensus now that this card applies to a static Hull Value. Meaning that these torps would not stress a few of the ships in the game(ywings, YT, Firespray, lambda for now). One thing to consider with these is that they are cheap torps for y wings, bwings and bombers to incorporate. I’m really happy that the Y wing is getting more love.

      9. Again – to be clear, I understand how damage works in this game. I understand how the card is written. But I also see what the card *implies*, and I would simply not be surprised, at this point, to have an FAQ come out with the Transport pack, whenever that happens, that overrules the card text and the RAW and says “ignore that, do it this way.”

        Just a gut feeling, but we’ve seen that happen with a number of cards before, where everyone was doing it this way, in line with the letter of the rules and prior precedent and all other evidence supporting it, and then “whoops, no, our bad – ignore all that and here’s how this card actually works.”

        I can’t say for certain, but to me FT reads as a prime candidate to be the next in line for that treatment. Time will tell. Maybe for once it works the way it looks like it’s supposed to work, That would be novel. And the alternative is, someone at FFG forgot, on a fundamental level, how damage accumulation actually works in this game. Which would be slightly terrifying. 😀

      10. Oh and I agree with you 100%, Greg. It seems like there is a basis here for consistently used key words (they do it with anything that ‘suffers’ damage…) and clear precedent, and building a solid rules foundation that gets built up and expanded upon and provides a very clear, solid framework to help our understanding of the game.

        That…does not always seem to be the case. To the point where we now have rulings where certain cards, certain game effects actually work one way in this interaction, yet work entirely differently in a slightly different interaction of effects, even though that makes no real sense.

        I’d have to go dig over on the forums, but I know just recently, with Swarm Tactics and a couple of different effects that alter pilot skill (crits and such) there were responses passed back from FFG customer service, probably to be FAQ’d shortly, that in essence said “yes, we know that the rules imply that negative effects override positive effects, but in the case of these interactions over here, it is the LAST/most recent effect that overrides everything that came before it.”

        I know that’s vague – I don’t remember the specific combination in question, but it was a pretty fundamental change in direction on that card. Because they wanted it to work a certain way with another card, but that was in direct opposition to how card A worked with card C. So they just said “for A and B, it’s the worse effect, for A and C, it’s whatever the last effect to happen was.”

      11. There’s only 1 card that Changes Hull Value at this time, and that’s the Hull upgrade. Hull Value is used a lot in the rules, so I don’t think FFG is going to mess this up. They can and they might, but I don’t think they will. As things stand now Big ships, Y-Wing and the Bombers are immune to FT’s

      12. I’m pretty much the opposite, in that I think that even if they DID intend it to key on “hull-including-damage,” they would rule it the other way. The current lead developer has indicated pretty clearly that he prefers literal readings over intent.

        That said, I do think that they deliberately used the wording they did, so I think intent and literal wording will match up here.

      13. I am 100% sure that hull value is not a thing that changes over the course of the game. Whether a ship is affected by the stress from Flechette Torpedoes is fixed before the game begins, and doesn’t change–every starfighter except the Y-wing and TIE Bomber is vulnerable, and every Large ship can ignore them.

  5. I’d like to try out Hobbie + R2-D6 + PTL !!

    Every single turn you can Push the Limit to Target Lock and shed the stress right off the bat.

    Or give him Engine Boost and fly him with Dutch so he can Focus + Push the Limit for Boost, then Dutch passes off a Target Lock and he sheds his stress – 3 actions in 1 turn, no stress.

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      1. You wouldn’t get to shed the stress -UNLESS- you were able to shoot the target that you TL’d, letting you spend the lock. It’s going to be a superb build for him though.

        Dutch to help in case his target goes wily is a solid back-up plan. I think they’ll go well together.

    1. No spoilers agentv, but you’re logic isn’t far from truth. We did aces for squads this time so probably not a bad idea. You can bet we are eager to geek out about the transport announcements.

  6. My initial thoughts:

    Wes Janson is a defensive beast — especially -vs- low AGI targets, like an opposing Bwing or Lambda. The odds of their Focus token being available for defense on Wes’s attack is very low, so he’s shutting their action down entirely. So he’s not just good against payload ships, he’s good against some of the HLC carriers as well. I like him as a Biggs Protector in place of Luke. Throw DTF and R2-D2 on Wes.

    Wes will be weakest vs high AGI ships that want to spend their action defensively anyway, like TIE Fighters. Even here, he’ll have an impact. There aren’t really any bad targets for Wes.

    Hobbie combos with Dutch, who gives him the free TL to shed his stress. Hobbie could also take the new R2-D6 and PTL, making him an ace shot (TL+F) that can still k-turn. That’s good if you protect it with Biggs, and could also make a very nice flank ship if you add Engine. I’m less excited about Hobbie outside of R2-D6+PTL, as his ability will get used rather infrequently there and becomes heavily tethered to Dutch being nearby (unless you spend turns getting TL and not using it… bad offense). But R3-A2 isn’t so bad for him, I could see that one.

    Hobbie will be weakest of course against PS 6+ squads, where he’ll struggle more to acquire a target lock. It’s mostly just an opening exchange issue — after that he’s fine.

    Tarn is an odd duck. He cannot bring a torpedo to fire immediately because he just gets ignored if you do, but I think he’ll see a lot of play for a few reasons. One, he’s going to be superb as an endgame ship because he’ll be the enemy’s only target. Two, I really like him with R2-D6 + PTL + Engine. Three, that build I just mentioned will be good as an APT carrier — boost+Focus so that only one ship has arc on you, and you either get a 4-dice attack vs a ship that doesn’t dare fire back (for fear of the APT reply) or you get that APT reply.

    Tarn is interesting in that he’s weakest against PS 1-2 ships. They fire after him, so he has to wait a turn to use his new TL. That ship may not be the target he wants to shoot next turn, or it might be dead by the time PS 3 Tarn shoots next turn.

    Porkins, ftw. Built to overuse PTL and land damage fast, and you can k-turn then TL+F stack ON THAT TURN. He’s better than Wedge offensively, in my view. He’s also another ship that’s best with Biggs guarding him. I do like R5-D8 here.

    Porkins has the same Weakness as Wedge. He’s such a powerhouse offensively, he becomes the natural enemy target. You have to guard him, or you’ll lose him fast.

    There’s an interesting comparison here between Porkins and Hobbie w/ R2-D6. They both build roughly the same, and have nearly the same game. Porkins is higher PS, and has his droid slot open. He can k-turn and shed stress outside of combat, which Hobbie can’t. Which is better? Can you bring them both? I’m not sure you can.

    R2-D6 is the droid we have ALL been looking for. Horton, Dutch, and even Gray have all gotten twice as good as they were for 1 point. Biggs just gained the ability to get out of town once injured, via the PTL + Engine build (which likely only I would ever run on him). The new PS 3 E-wing can take PTL because of this droid. But mainly, I’m excited for Garvin. PTL+ Engine there is going to be really good, and I’m glad to see Garvin get the upgrade.

    R3-A2 is scary. I actually expect this droid to become the Ion Turret + Engine droid of choice, completing the control game for that ship. This will give the Y-wing some extra control to wield when the turret is out of range, all those low-odds Range 3 shots will now be doing a lot of work.

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    1. Great analysis. I have had some of the same thoughts, as I’m sure others have. I’m really excited to abuse PTL and Engine on Hobbie and Porkins. Rebels will have some awesome dogfighting options.

      Kinda feel like they should have just called this pack Rebel Aces!

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    1. I actually foresee this leading to a small push toward 2 kinds of ships — the cheap swarm Fighter (whose loss is no big deal) and the tough larger ships that aren’t really legitimate Flechette Torpedo targets.

      Definitely certain ships will have to be wary of the Flechette Torpedo, like the Interceptor. But is it really scarier than R3-A2, or is the FTorp just something to stack on that effect?

      37 Dutch w/ FTorp + R3-2A + Ion Turret + Engine
      63 (x3) Rookie

      I am actually much more scared of the droid.

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      1. You boost with r7 anyway… like boost but two actions!

        I think i can keep this brinkmanship up!

        Dutch + Ftorp + R7-T1 + Ion (33)
        Rookie + R3-2A
        x2 Blues

      2. I do like that droid. There are a lot of times I want to boost even though I’m out of enemy arcs though, so I’d want to try to both ways. Definitely I like that there are options here now. A ton that weren’t before, with very few new cards.

      3. I’m not sure I understand your thought there, Jeremy. Are you suggesting a mob of Bandits for my Dutch build? That puts me on something like:

        36 Dutch w/ FTorp + R3-A2 + IonT + Engine
        28 Blue w/ AdvS + IonC
        36 (x3) Bandit

        I do like the synergy between Ion Control and swarms.

      4. I actually think that the swarms have been weakened by the transport release. The Fletch Torps can really screw a Tie Fighter, Interceptor or awing. Bandits too, but I didn’t really want to include them for now since wave 4 is further away.

        We are also earning pilots that can strip tokens and shed stress. Essentially the rebels have a good contentious use for PTL now, and an easy way to equip it on more ships. Fighters that can remove stress on the same turn they gain it are going to make it harder to block with swarms of any kind, because we totally needed another mechanic for that. Ywings with ion are already super annoying to a swarm. We are now adding FTorps to this mess its gonna be hard to live with a tie fighter with these new weapons.

        I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I feel like FFG is really trying to give the Rebels a chance for glory. The swarm and arc avoiding interceptors seem to be the focus for the new weapons released. Every new item seems like another way to counter them. Giving ships with PTL stress is devestating, they are making Ywings better and they can really ruin PTL Squints, token stripping pilots….another thing that screws someone with PTL who is trying to focus + evade. The Xwing pilots gained a serious boost to maneuverability with the new stress removing pilots. I think that wave 4 will fix some of my complaints(and some may just be invalid, but I like to criticize so whatever), but I think its going to be a rough road for Imps post GR75 and pre Wave 4.

  7. with:
    Dutch + Ftorp + R7-T1 + Ion (33)
    Rookie + R3-2A
    x2 Blues

    you can run that rookie in the back row and have dutch give the target lock to one one of the b’s… 3 good targets for the enemy. I think the counter to the “no good targets strategy is the all good targets strategy”. It’s always good to split fire.

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      1. Agreed. Throw it on Tarn Mison and you have a great closer.

        I want to try:
        Wedge or Wes
        Jek Porkins + PTL
        Hobbie + R2-D6 + PTL
        Bandit squad

        I think the math works out. Three offensive powerhouses at decent pilot skill. Should be fun.

      2. I’m tempted to suggest losing the Bandit for x3 Engine there, and I think Wedge is your boy there because the other two are actually hitting harder than he does.

        34 Porkins w/ R2 + PTL + Engine
        33 Hobbie w/ R2-D6 + PTL + Engine
        21 Rookie
        12 Bandit

        I’m not sure you “need” two ace ships out there, and I miss Biggs already. Lose Bandit, take Biggs w/ R2-F2 + Hull? That leaves you 2pts spare, giving you R5-D8 for Porkins. Deliver the aces into combat range, then let them do their thing. With x2 PTL your offense isn’t terrible, and your defense with the ace flying shouldn’t be too bad. Maybe you hit the turret wall though… a concern with these guys.

  8. Thoughts I had while I slept:

    Hull will be an good buy…
    35 Porkins w/ R2-D8 + PTL + Hull
    …but it’s still not a perfect buy.

    I can build a faster/meaner/cheaper version of super-Kyle…
    33 Gray w/ R2-D6 + PTL + IonT + Engine
    36 Dutch w/ (same)
    …but it won’t be quite as tough to kill.

    The Ion Control build I like is actually pretty cheap…
    29 Gold w/ R3-A2 + IonT + Engine
    …but I have no idea what I want to fly with it.

    The APT just got some strong new delivery options…
    R2-D6 + PTL + APT (on Gray, Red, Garvin, Dutch, etc)
    …and you should all fear for your lives.

    The best place for R3-A2 might be the mighty Ewing…
    ?? ????? w/ R3-A2 + AdvS + Engine
    44 Etahn w/ R3-A2 + AdvS + Engine + PTL
    …because it will have a 3k or 4k, and it moves like an Interceptor.

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    1. You’re going to give me nightmares tonight. As an Imp player, I’m frantically trying to think of ways to counter all of these things…

      Possible Porkins counter is Kath with some or all of the following: Marksmanship, PTL, Flechette Torps, Cluster Missiles

      Counter to Ion + R3-A2 control could be Large ships (Firesprays and Lambdas), or Swarms are still nice because having a couple ships go out of control is not as big of a deal.

      APTs ARE extremely scary now with PTL being available via R2-D6. I’m thinking swarms will be a good list to run if APTs are popular, since using an APT on an Academy Tie is half the cost of the Tie, lulz. Also I suppose high PS lists could conceivably focus down the APT-carrying list before it can fire, though it’s risky. Heavy APT lists will be scary versus Large ship, low PS lists though (like the kinda I like to run).

      As far as the E-wing and Wave 4 ships…I don’t know what to say about them yet. I’m hoping the Tie Defender and the Phantom will be something extra amazing. I’m a bit worried about them, since they’re such expensive ship options. Time will tell.

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      1. The issue swarms will have is an ever-improving ability to remove TIE Fighters from the table with consistent 3 hit results (mainly via TL+F stacks). Thinned swarms are considerably less deadly, as they become unable to kill off enemy ships as fast as they are dying off themselves. Plus a PS 6 Dark Curse only has so good of an endgame.

        The answer in my mind right now is if you can’t beat em, join em. Rebel Captive, Ion Cannon Defender (which I think will be its natural role anyway), and maybe mass FTorp Bombers are likely on the way in.

    2. Oh dammit APTs…OFC…Torps in general could become not only more viable but more prominent. We never see them because the Rebels really lack a good way to create the FCS + TL situation without using a frail combo. You’re blowing my mind more than that weekend on LSD theorist.

  9. I like these ships but its dissappointing that 3 ship rebels still doesnt quite have enough tools to survive. But, if we got a really solid defensive EPT, I think it would break open the viable builds even more, espessially with R2-D6.

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    1. The issue with the 3-small archetype has been the snowball effect of losing a ship early. With 5 ships you barely feel it. With 4 it stings but you can still muster offense. At 3, you’ve lost at least a third of your offense (because you’ll generally lose your best ship first unless Biggs is in there). It’s very easy to lose a small ship.

      What might help would be a Ship Upgrade card that was costly, but gave you an Evade token after you were shot at by an enemy ship. That Evade token would not help you vs a single shot (because you wouldn’t get it til after the shot was over), but it would deny some of the damage from concentrated fire even for B-wing builds. Most 3-small ship builds tend to have plenty of spare points. 4-ship and 5-ship builds don’t, so it could work.

      Maybe cost 5, Thruster Upgrade, small ship only?

      You’d still have to deal with the ion effect vs small builds, so I think it might also make you take 2 ion tokens in order to be ionized.

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  10. Personally, I am okay with all of the new upgrades. I have felt that the swarm was dominant for a long time. Even Adv Sens B wings are susceptible. At World’s I faced 3 swarm variations and the only time I won was when I had HOT dice to drop 1-2 TIEs in a turn. The swarm is just so resilient, and blocking is such a devastating strategy in this game. I really like the idea of using PTL on multiple X wings for high offense and a better chance of dropping TIEs more quickly.

    I think the stress inducing tactics are going to be helpful. I disagree with Greg about ions being super annoying to a swarm. Swarms are the best counter to ion cannons IMO. You ion one or two TIEs and they are still pointed at you, meanwhile the rest of the squad (5-6 ships) is free to fly how they wish. I am sure I have a bias, but I feel like Rebels have been due some more tools for dealing with swarms.

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    1. I agree with you on all counts, but I also think Greg is right. My ion ships have always had their way with swarms, and I’ve won with 3 Engine+IonT Y-wings vs a swarm twice out of two attempts — but I admit that it was the Engine +IonT combo that made that possible, because swarms HATE when most of their guns are pointing at air all game long. Both times, I barely won that fight and felt I’d seriously outflown my opponent to get the win. Also one win was almost solely R2-D2 + Engine more than the Ion Turret, and Luke might have been better as a home for that than Horton was.

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      1. Actually the first and only time I’ve played Greg was at the store championship at Game Cafe a couple of weeks ago. I2 Blues with FCS and Ion + 2 Gold with Ion gave him a headache. It was a bad matchup for him, but fun for me to walk his Firesprays all over the board! haha. I’m sure he will have revenge soon.

      2. I just worry about game balance often. I know players often argue thst this or that game object is or isn’t OP, but the fact is that power creep happens. It happens in pretty much every game where players dont have identical or random “hands” if you will. There has to be a sweet spot where the empire still plays like the empire and the rebels can win. The more I see hard counters to specific imperial play styles the more I worry. Will we see a point where there are so many ways to counter ties and squints that no one plays them? Hell aces hasn’t even hit the shelves and im already feeling like the squints are going to go right back to being ignored. I know im going to be loathe to fly a really action dependent ship when there are now several new wayz to stress them. Further more these stress options are now unavoidable to the imperial pilots…while we have xwing pilots capable of countering this stress mechanic. Its troubling to me.

  11. Seems to me that they just need something to better survive the opening engagement.

    Something like:

    Angled Deflectors

    mod/ept (?) cost 3

    Action: If you have at least 1 shield token, you may convert any [green] eye result into an evade if the attacker is in your primary firing arc. All attacks from opponents outside your primary firing arc ignore your shield tokens.

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  12. I keep seeing people comparing Wedge to Wes since they have the same points cost and all, but heres a thought experiment for you:


    You give Wes Vet Instincts so he shoots first, mostly to flush out evade or focus tokens. Then it’s Here Comes Wedge ™ with Opportunist (and possibly an R2 droid to help shift the resulting stress) who punches out 4-5 dice on a target with 1 less agility.

    Oh and I guess Wedge might also be locked on or focused as well since Opportunist isn’t an action.

    That combo still leaves you with 36pts to spend, probably enough for one or two ships, and for further pimping Wes and Wedges rides.

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