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Wow. I’m blown away by you guys.

February 22, 2013

I didn’t think that me selling off my stuff would trigger the outpouring of support and well-wishing that it has. Especially considering how bitchy I can be on certain topics. 😉

Also, I’m not 100% out. I’m probably keeping a triton army around, and Coor (he doesn’t post much, if at all) plays at my shop, and has everything; he and I have an agreement to let me borrow armies from time to time if we ever decide to play again.

And as angry as I am at PP, and won’t be buying any of series 6, you know its release will pull me back in, if only to make some more stat cards.

Thanks, guys, for being a great community. I wish i had more games in common with y’all (to be fair, x-wing is fun; i’m just so burnt out on star wars branding that I can’t take it anymore). If any of you find yourselves in the SF bay area, let me know; we can arrange a game day (monpoc or magic or euro-style board games or what have you).


  1. Hey Juggler,

    Just want to say “thank you”, not just for the stuff that I am buying from you, but for all that you have done for the Monpoc community. It was not long ago that I heard somebody again referring to your excellent reference cards!

    You were one of those people that helped to make the Monpoc communtiy as great as it was, and continues to be!

    Glad to hear that you are not out of the scene completely, and echo Steven’s sentiments about coming out to Moncon!

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