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Regionals Report: Independence Missouri April 7th


I went to a fantastically run regionals in Independence Mo and came in first place. I’d like to thank first the tournament organizers at Game Cafe for doing a great job running the tournament. They ran a quick and smooth tournament, and they even handed out door prizes and a last place prize. I was very impressed. I’d also like to thank Theorist for his focusing fire vs. Ship to Ship article.  It was an excellent article that everyone should read.) That article was the inspiration for my list.

I ran (in order of PS):

Vader w/ swarm tactics, concussion missile

Night Beast

Bounty Hunter w/ Gunner

Academy Tie

I posted this list on team covenant here a few weeks back.

I came to the tournament very confident having only lost once with the list. Robert M taught me a lesson that my list implodes when Vader loses his actions. I went to the tournament determined to not let that happen. I thought I would have a good shot at winning until I realized Doug “Hothie” Kinney, the 2012 Worlds Champion, was there.  Doug is a really nice guy, but he’s so nice it’s a little intimidating. Additionally he had his trophy there because the tournament organizers wanted to show it off.


My first game was against Gavin, who eventually placed 4th. He ran Howlrunner w/stealth and 6x obsidian squad pilots. He put his ties into 2 groups of  3 with howlrunner supporting 1 group which limited their effectiveness. So I got to face 3 naked ties before his other 4 came to the rescue. That worked out well for me. The first combat round I managed to take out 2 obsidians with vader’s missiles and some concentrated fire while only injuring my academy, which was huge for me.  He ended up killing Night Beast and an Academy, but due to essentially fighting a 5v5(I really consider the large ships 2 ships) with ties I eventually killed his whole army.


Next round I faced Johnathan, who was one of the TO’s of the day. He ended up placing 5th.  He brought Krassis w/ HLC Engine Upgrade and Gunner as well as Bounty Hunter w/ HLC, Proximity mine and Gunner. He split his ships to try to pincer me and I collapsed my ships onto the Bounty Hunter. By the end of Round 1 his bounty hunter had 3 hull left and was surrounded by my ships. I managed to block the bounty hunter with the academy tie and my Bounty Hunter took him out, leaving 4 ships to chase Krassis down and kill him. I didn’t lose a single ship.


Next round I faced Hothie. He ran Boba Fett w/ Expert Handling and HLC, Bounty Hunter, and Dark Curse w/ Stealth. His strategy was to take Vader out as soon as he could, and while I’m usually fine with people attacking vader since he can “turtle up” by focusing and evading, Vader ended up dying in turn 3.  He collided with Night Beast in an asteroid bottleneck, and Hothie took him out. After that I got really frustrated and Night Beast accidentally killed himself on an asteroid. This was pretty disappointing since I put lots of damage on him in the first round, and his Bounty Hunter had 1 hull left. But Hothie weathered my alpha strike and cleaned up the rest of my ships.


At that point they split the top 4 into a winners bracket to determine the champion, win or go home. I was the 2-1 team with the highest strength of schedule so I was the #3 seed.

The semifinals game was aganst against Marie who finished in 3rd. She ran Lando a naked Horton and Luke w/ Marksmanship. I came into this match determined to kill Horton as soon as possible as I viewed him as the easiest target. I ended up killing him mid way through round 3. She tended to attack either Vader or the Bounty Hunter and didn’t have the greatest focusing fire. This lead to me having a lot of hurt ships but none destroyed. I eventually focused Luke down and chased Lando across the map until eventually destroying him. Third complete victory.


The final match was against Hothie again, who at the time was undefeated. I expected him to focus Vader again so I placed him in a location that offered asteroid protection from one side while allowing him to run if needed. I didn’t want him to get those points even if it meant losing swarm tactics. He did go after Vader again, and on the first pass took out his shields and leaving Vader with 2 hull left. My alpha strike did minimal damage as I attacked his Bounty Hunter who rolled 6 out of 6 evades. I was pretty crushed. I ran Vader out of town and attempted to continue with the other 3 ships while Vader ran around away from the Fray. We were both evading like mad that game and he did get Vader down to 1 hull left, and when there was only 5 minutes left, I got a lucky shot on Dark Curse, and he hadn’t killed anything of mine. My mood perked instantly as I realized that as long as he didn’t kill 2 ties, Vader or Bounty Hunter I would win. Vader was on the other side of the map and I had 3 ships on his Bounty Hunter. I will say I did a good job of blocking with the Academy Pilot all game, and his Bounty Hunter couldn’t take actions. The last round I took out his Bounty Hunter with my own and he conceded.

4-1 Tournament Winner.

I ended up flying against the rest of the top 5 pilots of the day and still won. I am very proud of that. Hothie did point out a flaw in my list that I see now. The real target to attack may be the Bounty Hunter as it’s a good 70% of my offense after the first pass. Even though it has 10hp and 2 agility it can be brought down and that’s 38points that the enemy gets.

I will be going to Worlds and I expect to see more than a few of the Team Covenant community there as you all are high quality players. I will also go to the next Regionals to get some practice but I’ll concede if I make it to the final round. I may run another list at that tourney. I’ll keep you all posted.

  1. Nice write up, and again great job winning your regionals. question for you, which do you like better, BH with Gunner, or HLC? I’m working on a list and I can’t decide between the two. I feel like the HLC is great for the Firespray and gives it an edge against the Falcon, but Gunner is just so good it’s hard to not have it.

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    1. I prefer Gunner for the BH. I know HLC gives you 4 attack dice on your entire front arc, which is awesome. But I find myself attacking out of the rear arc as often as the front. Gunner affects both arcs and is cheaper by 2 points. It’s close though.

    2. The thing to keep in mind is that HLC works great for the first pass, but then you usually have to k-turn to make it effective after that, which means stress. With the gunner, you can just keep flying straight through your opponents formation on the first pass, still get your actions, and still use gunner if needed. And when you get the Blinded Pilot crit card, gunner is a beautiful thing to have…

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      1. You can still fly through without Gunner. If you can set up a range 1 shot, that’s 4 dice w/ a Focus token. It’s a high power shot, just not what the Firespray is capable of when it does bring Gunner. I’d say Gunner is mostly a shell-breaker card… vs ships like the fully decked 27 point SaberSP or 25(29?) point GreenSP. And it’s very handy vs TIE Fighters.

      2. Yeah gunner is great for hard to hit ships but worse for low agility targets. When I have 1 firespray I try to keep it as a longshot ship so I’ll miss a little more often on the first shotdue to range.

        Also welcome Hothie.

      3. I wouldn’t go so far as to say worse. You could deliberately miss by not expending Focus/TL on average results in order to roll higher results more often. Against a lower agility ship, that would translate directly into more damage dealt. There’s a good reason gunner costs a whopping 5, and I’d say it’s still under-costed.

      4. i should have said it is worse than it is against higher agility ships… but it is very useful either way. Even to purposefully take a low result and not use focus so as to try to peel focus or evade off the enemy. One of my favorite new cards.

  2. Vader + CM is momentarily vulnerable to secondary weapons, and low skill pilots have the advantage when it comes to always getting actions. When enemy ships get close, plotting to move Vader directly onto an enemy ship is the best way to make sure that spot is clear by the time it’s his turn. I’ve started saving Vader’s CM for later when there are secondary weapons on the opposing side — instead of TL, shell up more and then grab TL with a spare action later. That way you get a turn where you fire the CM, have a Focus to buff it, and have an Evade as you fire. (The other option is Push the Limit on Vader… which I’ve started to like a lot.)

    Order of offensive power: Bounty Hunter, Vader, Night Beast, AP
    Order of defensive power: Bounty Hunter, Vader, Night Beast, AP
    Order of costing: Bounty Hunter, Vader, Night Beast, AP

    That’s a perfect list in terms of synergy with one another. The opponent can pick big targets or small ones, but there’s no clear best target to pick on. I’m only concerned about the low firepower — x1 CM, x3 POW 2, and x1 POW 3 w/ Gunner.

    This might strike you backward, but try for 1 casual/practice game demoting Vader to a Storm Squadron Pilot (dropping Swarm Tactics). Drop Night Beast down to another AP. Use those 10 points to add Stealth to each AP and an Engine to the Bounty Hunter. You will lose about half a point in alpha strike damage, which you should easily gain in how well the TIE Fighters and Bounty Hunter last on the table. None of your ships will be easy targets, costing aside — that’s the one weak spot in the current list, those easily downed TIE Fighters.

    The reason I say to drop Vader isn’t that he doesn’t fit the list. He does, but the answer to an opponent who stunts your moves is to move first. You should actually provide some fits of your own that way, especially with Engine on a SKILL 3 ship. Get your opponent used to fighting you from the other side of that problem, and when you do take Vader they won’t be used to dealing with him.

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      1. I guess the only other question I have is engine upgrade… more for blocking? I did just write an article on focus being the best action.. I worry about not focusing with him.

      2. Engine on Bounty Hunter is a way to close range and take better angles. Gunner and 4 dice (twice) is roughly the equal of 3 dice w/ Focus. At the end especially, the Engine could win it for you with that rear firing arc.

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