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Last Gasp of Winter

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April 4, 2013

The chill bite of Winter has not released its grip on the land yet, and the cold winds of the North drive the Wildlings deep into Westeros once again. Can you stave off the impending horde?

It turns out that I still have a few copies of the Wildling Event deck from the CCG era. As a bit of side entertainment, come attempt to defeat the Wildling Horde and win this copy for yourself. I’ll be bringing one copy with me, with the hopes that we can get in games after the main tournament.

For anyone who wants another shot, I’ll have a second copy with me for the Springfield Regional in May.

  1. I’ll play some with you. Now that i’ve seen someone find a stable version of Martell KOTHH again, i’m excited to play the game again. I’ve been cackling like a mad man ever since i saw the news about Martell KOTHH taking the recent near 50 man tournament.

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      1. I think Josh is going. Last time we talked i’m pretty sure he was planning on it. I imagine Ben and Matt will be going. Zach might as well. Maybe Tim too? Wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see Kris make it up there as well. If i can car pull with someone i’ll be going.

      2. My trip to china was not a vacation, though it was fun. =)

        My sister-in-law is getting married on the 13th. Ironically it is in Springfield, MO.

      3. Well, actually, we do have a Regional in Austin this year. May 11th at Dragon’s Lair.

        Technically, we have one this weekend as well, but it’s at a newer game store and there are very few people that I know of who are attending it.

        I really take FFG to task for such a dismal approval system. “You want to hold a regional? SURE!”

        Last year’s Austin regional only had 5 players show up (I was not one of them because it was on Mother’s Day.) But, hey, only 5 people attended last year? No problem! We’ll just schedule TWO in your town this year… that’s gotta be better, right?

      4. Well, I’ll be there – that’s for sure (a low turn out should guarantee some swag for all of us). Obviously, they’re also not planning on a large showing… it starts at… drum roll please: 5:00PM.

        Yep. Wow. Anyway. I need to test my revised Jumper Burn deck. Gotta see if adding those Dothraki Honor Guard’s are gonna pay off.

      5. 5:00?

        “Alright, everybody, we’ll be having 2 rounds of swiss, followed by a cut to the top 2. We hope to have everyone out of here no later than 7:30. . .”

        Sounds like good swag is definitely guaranteed. Rock it out Larry.

      6. LOL! I’ll post a Tourney Report… as much as it is.

        For the May 11th Tourney, I’m actually primary TO (yes, there’s a second). That could get interesting (cuz, I’m still playing, of course).

      7. Well… I was wrong, and I’m sorry. There were 19 people at the first Austin Tourney… NINETEEN! That floored me. It was weird, of course, because we only had three swiss rounds and cut to top 4.

        And, Kennon, they promised me a full house/agenda/restricted breakdown via email. I’ll send that on to you guys as soon as I have it.

      8. Oh – and I placed 2nd tonight. w00t! (Went undefeated until the final game when a well-timed Fingerdance completely nuked my Hatchlings’ Feast) – alas, the tide turned and I couldn’t get any more influence for pretty much the rest of the game. Still… not complaining about 2nd place.

  2. Awesome to hear that I’ll be seeing Larry along with the other cool cats at Tulsa. Even more awesome to hear that several of you guys are looking at coming up to Springfield.

    As for the Wildlings, after reading Zach’s post to the Valar Midwestous Facebook group, which mentions heading to the pub as soon as the finals are over, we might have our work cut out for us on fitting in games, but we’re sure going to try to have some Wildling throwdowns!

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