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Truly in love with the E-Wing … Etahn A’baht

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July 20, 2014

After a couple of games playing with and against the E-Wing I have to say: It is great!

I love that ship, espacially with Etahn A’baht!

I like his ability, helping other ships when attacking an enemy in his arc and also for himself. What are you thinking about him? Is he worth it?

What kind of squads do you play with him, what upgrades are useful?

The first games I played, Etahn was going with 3 X-Wings …


Etahn A’baht + Advanced Sensors (35)

Tarn Mison (23)

Rookie (21)

Rookie (21)


It works very well for testing him and getting a feeling! But there are certainly many other options for him. Only 3 ships, more upgrades for him, Falcons, B’s, whatever … I’m very interested what you guys think and what your experiences are.

      1. The final change is dropping the flechette and swapping FCS for advanced sensors, and moving the apt back to Ethan.

        It’s a tough list to fly competitively, as you’re lost once you lose an e-wing. It’s a slow and patient list. Any time you get too aggressive, especially when opponents have vi ships on the board, it can go badly very quickly. So it’s not a list for the unforgiving.

        The apt and corran give you the firepower needed, and you have some defense for error, in r2d2 , sj and turtling, but the real trick is the maneuverability for arc dodging.

        Against a block of ships… Like a red squad Biggs build, you need to intuit the target, which is often horn, and split your approach, on gets behind, one speeds by. Slower early play can help you read this. If you joust, you die.

  1. I’m loving the Ewing as well! Just ran a list similar to yours:

    Etahn + R7T1 + FCS
    Rookie (x3)

    Flew against Han and 2 bwings. Etahn and the rookies just melted Han 2nd round and Han had 6 crits on him by the time he died 3rd round. After that it was just cleanup with the bwings. Very excellent list, though I think I might swap out R7T1 for something else next time. Stealth device maybe? Could be fun.

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  2. I have run him recently with a B-wing (dagger) and an A-Wing (Tycho, he is mental if you give him expert handling). Tycho goes zooming around and just has to target something within range 3 of E’than’s front. With the A-wing’s dial and Tycho’s ability to take actions when stressed…….. makes that little thing a very interesting proposition.

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  3. I haven’t actually run Etahn, so I had to give him some thought. What is he best at? Where does he struggle most? How many support ships does he need for that ability to be strong?

    Well last things first, I think I’ve come to the opinion that Etahn’s ability can be good in some fights even if he never shares it once.

    He struggles against the B-wing, as far as ability; and he doesn’t care to see an HLC, which B-wing might be carrying. I think maybe vs the Defender as well, for the same reason. The non-HLC versions look much less scary. And of course Phantom.

    I think he’s best at dealing with swarms. He has the right AGI, a good ability, and with the exception of the PS 6 swarm (a PS bid that is currently VERY unpopular because of of all the PS 9+ madness) he’s moving last there.

    The right build for Etahn to me then is one that deals well with the possible tough match-ups; how do you beat HLC ships and Phantoms with an E-wing?

    43 Etahn w/ R2 + AdvS + PTL + Engine
    57 Han w/ PTL + Engine + C3P0 + MF

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    1. What about

      43 Etahn w/ R2, AdvS, PTL, Engine
      57 Han w/ C3P0, MF, Gunner, Swarm, Nien

      Sure, you’ll have some difficulty arc-dodging with Han (lacking engine), but Gunner and Swarm will mean that if you’re able to get Etahn into arc with the Phantom, you’ll have 3 shots to wreck them.

      You could also then make a choice whether the Falcon or the E-Wing takes the stress. Another alternative would be to throw on Squad Leader in place of Swarm.

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    2. I’ve been playing with some Han+Etahn builds as well.

      57 Han Solo
      Expert Handling, Gunner, Recon Specialist, Millennium Falcon

      43 Etahn A’baht
      R2 Astromech, Push the Limit, Advanced Sensors, Shield Upgrade

      I am figuring that the Falcon really needs to be able to push out some damage, so Gunner is a must, and an extra focus gives some flexibility either to push more damage or add some defense.

      That said, I haven’t flown it, so no real idea.

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      1. I’m actually a bit of a fan of Gunner+RecSpec on Falcons; it counters the SJ tech on Phantoms vs Gunner, and if you are fighting at Range 3 then x2 Focus is excellent as a defense. Replace Shield with Engine on Etahn, and I think you have a winner.

      2. Flew a slightly modified version of this last night.

        I dropped EH and took Marksmanship, dropped Recon in exchange for Mercenary Copilot.

        Smashed a pretty solid imperial list – Defender Ion and 2x Royal Guards (with many upgrades) without losing either ship. Etahn lost shields, Falcon drew a lot of fire, was ionised onto a asteroid but survived with 4 hull intact.

        Mercernary Copilot didn’t really work out as I wasn’t really at Range 3 very much. But against imperials, being able to roll out criticals can be devastating.

  4. Thats a good point! I also thought about running Etahn with a YT. Some people would say only 2 ships couldn’t work (if these 2 ships are not the double-Falcons). I read a battle-report from a regional tournament. There was a E-Wing/YT-list making the Top 8. I think it was Chewie with Corran.

    I like your idea of running Etahn with Han!

    What about this…

    46 Etahn w/ R2-D2 + PTL + AdvS + Shield
    54 Han w/ EH + Gunner + MF

    1. That looks very reasonable to me. I might actually suggest Nien over MF there, only because Rebel Captive and R3-A2 are very common right now. I think it can save Han better than MF does in some of the harder fights. It kind of sucks to be 1pt shy — really you want both cards on Han here, but I see no good way to get the point unless you went with R5-P9 over R2-D2. That might be a good change.

      C3P0 is proving to be a very solid card. Don’t drop it too lightly.

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  5. I love the Falcon, it screams star wars to me. But I think it’s really a
    shame that it remains to be the most solid counter to, everything?

    I was kind of hoping that Etahn’s ability would trigger builds with more starfighters in it. Such as Etahn + a bwing/xwing and some z’s or awings. A rebel swarm where Etahn acts like a rebel Howlrunner/force multiplier.

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    1. I did consider this:

      42 Etahn w/ PTL + AdvS + Engine
      58 (x2) Blue w/ HLC

      The only reason that I didn’t like this avenue is that I personally dislike HLC on Blue unless I’m running AdvS + Engine to help create distance and protect the HLC weapon. But the squad here wouldn’t be so bad. HLC with a crit landing is quite a weapon.

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  6. 39 Etahn w/ PTL + AdvS +R2
    36 (x3) Bandit Squadron
    25 Tarn w/ R7

    I like this list because it can make good use of Etahn’s ability, and it forces a tough decision for your opponent. Etahn and Tarn are both respectable closers, so they have to choose to focus on one. Etahn can turtle up and/or run, and Tarn with R7 is deceptively tanky for an x-wing. I’ve flown this list a couple of times and Etahn’s ability pays for itself if you can get 2-3 shots with it per round, which isn’t terrible hard to do with 5 ship.

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    1. I like this list, I think.

      I might ramp the endgame/protection of closers:

      43 Etahn w/ PTL + AdvS + R2 + Engine
      29 Tarn w/ R7 + Engine
      27 Biggs w/ R3-A2

      Certainly the list turns out very differently. You lose firepower but gain some control, PS vs some lists, and significant mobility. My greatest concern with Etahn is named Phantoms — they can possibly out-fly him, and they have the firepower to crack him. Weapons against them seem important. You could also try:

      43 Etahn w/ PTL + AdvS + R2 + Engine
      25 Tarn w/ R7
      32 Jek w/ R3-A2 + VI + Hull

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  7. So, for the R2 astro… + Daredevil… the daredevil maneuver becomes green and then you get the stress. Then next turn have greater access to green maneuvers?

    I thought Daredevil+R2 was amazing till I saw the change to the card. I’m not sure, but it seems pretty good still though. :)

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  8. Ok… so I played a couple of games with this list…
    57 Han w/ EH + C3-PO + Gunner + MF
    43 Etahn w/ PTL + R2 + AdvS + Engine

    I like it! I need some more games to practice, but it seems to be really good!
    The last 2 games against Whisper + 5 AP’s were tough … but a lot of fun!

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