After a couple of games playing with and against the E-Wing I have to say: It is great!

I love that ship, espacially with Etahn A’baht!

I like his ability, helping other ships when attacking an enemy in his arc and also for himself. What are you thinking about him? Is he worth it?

What kind of squads do you play with him, what upgrades are useful?

The first games I played, Etahn was going with 3 X-Wings …


Etahn A’baht + Advanced Sensors (35)

Tarn Mison (23)

Rookie (21)

Rookie (21)


It works very well for testing him and getting a feeling! But there are certainly many other options for him. Only 3 ships, more upgrades for him, Falcons, B’s, whatever … I’m very interested what you guys think and what your experiences are.