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  • …and that’s why I made myself a Quantum Zorog! Mwahaha! Gonna test him out at next week’s MonPoc tournament night. I think he’s gonna be a lot of fun!

  • Glad everyone likes it so much! I was a bit nervous about changing the color scheme so drastically, but I really wanted to try out the more natural ‘bone armor’ look I had envisioned. I’m really happy it worked! Also very cool to learn that these are tourney legal… would love to see some of […]

  • …did you find acetone that *actually* works to take the paint off of MonPoc figures? …because that’s science I can use! You’ll have to fill me in on Wednesday. See you then!

  • ThumbnailUbercorp thought they were the only ones researching everyone else’s forces… but it looks like the SSS got their hands on a Robo Squix blueprint, and made one for themselves! Mwahaha! I started off with a glass Robo Squix, then used Tamiya Clear Blue paint to color the tentacles, underbelly, lift engines, and tail cannon. The […]

  • ThumbnailI figured there was no way I stood any chance to actually get my hands on one of the officially released Quantum Zorogs… and since my Ultra Zorog was never gonna see the light of day as he was, I figured I’d mix up a little metallic purple paint and make him into a contender! I […]

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