Blog 2.75: Greyjoy Choke / Eventually I’ll write about Netrunner again.

In my last blog, I had a huge amount of help deciding upon a) which house to play and b) how to go about collecting them. The general gist was choose a house, and buy a couple of cycles/House packs to get yourself going.

I have another request. I’ve settled on Greyjoy. And, more specifically, Winter Choke. From what I gather, Greyjoys have Maester and Winter Choke as their top 2 decks, and then raiders/mill/Holy (I want Holy to be a thing, oh so badly) bringing up the rear.

What I want to know is a) which House Packs/Chapter Packs/Cycles to buy for Greyjoy Winter Choke and b) does anyone have a decklist for it, which is considered the ‘base’ standard/one which has done well recently? There are plenty on Cardgamedb, and several other websites, but there is no way for me to check if they’re actually any good.
Once again, thankyou for all your help. Sorry to be so needy.