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Blog 2.75: Greyjoy Choke / Eventually I’ll write about Netrunner again.

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March 9, 2013

In my last blog, I had a huge amount of help deciding upon a) which house to play and b) how to go about collecting them. The general gist was choose a house, and buy a couple of cycles/House packs to get yourself going.

I have another request. I’ve settled on Greyjoy. And, more specifically, Winter Choke. From what I gather, Greyjoys have Maester and Winter Choke as their top 2 decks, and then raiders/mill/Holy (I want Holy to be a thing, oh so badly) bringing up the rear.

What I want to know is a) which House Packs/Chapter Packs/Cycles to buy for Greyjoy Winter Choke and b) does anyone have a decklist for it, which is considered the ‘base’ standard/one which has done well recently? There are plenty on Cardgamedb, and several other websites, but there is no way for me to check if they’re actually any good.
Once again, thankyou for all your help. Sorry to be so needy.



  1. See the thing is that there is no tight or wrong way to go about making a choke deck. As long as you have the core invome denial cards that’s all you will have to worry about. You could potentially make it a Holy Choke deck. The cards you MUST run are…

    White Raven x2
    Ice Fisherman x2 or x3
    Newly Made Lord x3
    The Sparr x2
    Burned and Pillaged x3
    Gilbert Farwynd x2 or x3
    River Blockade x1 or x2
    Maester Murenmure x1

    This is your base. You can add cards like Seasick, Support of the Kingdom, Blockade, Fear of Winter, The Rains of Autumn, etc.. In the end as long as you have the core elements you can take the deck in any direction you want.

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      1. Thanks very much, this is exactly what I needed. I think i’ll go with a warcrest denial deck, then I get to play that awesome event which removes 2 locations.

      2. Cool. Might I suggest a two cards that are dual purpose?

        Cragorn – War crest and can steal gold.

        Wintertime Marauders – War Crest and when they win a challenge while it’s winter you can A) play that awesome event that discards two non-limited locations, and B) discard any non-unique card on the board.

        Just make sure you use these two guys, and enough other War crested characters to make use of The Price of War. :)

    1. wow nathan how could u forget the best card, wintertime marauders, also feel every greyjoy deck should run baelor blacktyde he is so strong against all the top decks.

      I’d recommend getting not the house packs but the whole pack cycle for the a time of ravens, alot of neutral cards you will want as well, and then can look at house packs

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    2. So for a basis, I’m thinking:

      2 x The Sparr
      3 x Ice Fisherman
      3 x White Raven
      2 x Carrion Bird
      3 x Samwel Taryl
      3 x Wintertime Mauraders
      3 x Newly Made Lord
      2 x Randyl Tarly
      1 x Maester Murenmure
      2 x Cragorn
      3 x Gylbert Farwynd

      3 x The Price of War
      3 x Die by the Sword

      Not sure what else to include/any idea about locations or more events or the plot deck.

      1. Looks like a good start. I would probably switch the counts on Carrion Bird and White Raven though. Once you get a White Raven in play you normally don’t want to draw another one. You’ll also want to use the plot A Time for Ravens to search for a White Raven on T1 if you don’t draw one. So having 3x is overkill. 3x Carrion Birds on the other hand is great with Samwell Tarly and can be used on Setup if needed.

      2. Typically for locations you’ll want plenty of reducers and gold providing locations. Street of Steel, Street of Sisters, Street of Silk, Flea Bottom, Ocean Road, Euron’s Chambers, and Gatehouse are all good. Greyjoy is lacking in INT icons so Shadowblack Lane is another option depending on how many INT icons you include in the deck. For non-income locations Iron Mines are a no-brainer and an auto include in any GJ deck. Longship Iron Victory is great for giving STR boosts to win challenges and for card draw. I like 2x Iron Cliffs for more kill saves as well. River Blockade is another good choke location so I would go 2x on that.

        For plots you have plenty of choices. In a Winter deck you have to run A Time for Ravens. Other than that you can include whatever. You said you are going with a WAR crest theme so 2x The Power of Arms would work. Also The Winds of Winter is another solid plot. You normally will get a better setup than your opponent in Greyjoy so that means a T1 Blockade can also be a good play. Other than that I would just run plots that either fit the choke theme or have high initiative.

  2. Yeah, he is doing a Warcrest theme, but the power of arms wont be needed really. If he has the choke locked in, then his opponent will probably not be able to play many characters anyway. The str of his characters shouldn’t be a problem. I suggest this for a choke deck as long as your not looking at something else as a restricted card.

    A Time of Ravens
    The Fear Of Winter
    Rule By Decree
    Art of Seduction
    The Winds of Winter

    You can change it around as much as you like but being able to drop Fear of winter into a Blockade into Rule By decree is just so strong. Its nuts to hit your opponent for a rule by decree that discards 8 to 10 cards from their hand.

    As far as characters go, i’ve toyed around with a warcrest choke deck a bit. This the general overview of characters that i’ve been looking at.

    Characters 29
    3 Distinguished Boatswing
    3 Ice Fisherman
    3 Carion Bird
    2 Samwell Tarly
    1 Maester Murenmure
    1 Maester Wendamyr
    1 Cragorn
    3 Ironborn Marauder
    3 Wintertime Marauder
    1 Randyl Tarly
    1 Baelor Blacktyde
    1 Alannys Greyjoy ((Cancel))
    1 Theon Greyjoy ((Warcrest version))
    1 Dagmer Cleftjaw
    1 Asha Greyjoy ((Warcrest Version))
    1 Gylbert Farwynd
    2 Victarion Greyjoy ((The new naval warcrest one))

    Locations 18
    3 Gatehouse
    3 Sunset Sea
    1 Street of Sister
    1 Street of Steel
    1 Street of Silk
    1 Aeron’s Chambers
    1 River Row
    3 Iron Mines
    1 Iron Cliff
    1 River Blockade
    1 Inn Of The Kneeling Man
    1 Long ship Iron Victory

    Attachments 5
    3 Burned and Pillaged
    2 White Raven

    Events 9
    3 Seasick
    3 Finger Dance
    3 The Price of War

    You can edit the deck or do whatever you want with it. I haven’t play tested it or anything yet. Its just a rough draft that i through together and have yet to get around to play testing. Oh, its also no agenda to punish people for playing the fleets.

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    1. Well the same can be said about the Fear/Blockade/RBD combo. If you’ve got the choke going, then what does it matter if they discard a bunch of cards that they weren’t able to play anyway?

      The reality of the matter is that you aren’t always going to get the choke lock on someone in the first two rounds. This is especially true vs Targ KotHH as any influence they have is another resource to play cards. Targ is going to be one of the most popular houses(if not most popular) so the STR boost from The Power of Arms will help survive those burn effects.

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