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  • Ryan commented on the blog post Is Jackson Howard the problem?
    i do think from a design perspective jackson is a problem. he is essential upgrade of the default corporate action card and gives nbn +3 influence over all other corps. if you factor in san san which is arguably the other most powerful corp card nbn is +12 influence on all the other corps.in tournament [...] 3 months ago
  • ThumbnailI love the Jinteki corporation more than is healthy for one to love a fictional mega corporation in a collectible card game. I have played Jinteki almost exclusively for the last six months watching as HB and Weyland players dominate games with their Scorched Earth policies, super fortresses guarded by legions of bionic ice and seemingly [...] 1 year ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post Blog 4: UK regionals meta speculation
    it depends on what the new hypothetical sentry would be. if it fell in between a neural katana and wall of thorns i would play it. it depends on the deck but lately i’ve been taking the line against shaper anyways that my goal is to get the runner to look for the breaker first [...] 1 year ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post Blog 4: UK regionals meta speculation
    its a sentry problem i think. katana is the only jinteki sentry at the moment and they have some trouble fielding archers though maybe with false leads ill give it a whirl. my dream card is a data mine layer that pulls any copies of data mine out your deck and archives and installs them…yeah..my [...] 1 year ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post Blog 4: UK regionals meta speculation
    i dont think jinteki is as bad as most people think. it just requires a very uncomfortable gambling style of play . you have to fire those agendas into the lightly iced remotes that no one in there right mind would put an agenda into and just start advancing. it seems suicidal but you have [...] 1 year ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post Breaking News — Episode 1
    good work guys. looking forward to the next episode. 1 year, 1 month ago
  • Ryan posted a new activity comment:
    ive seen a few of those fetal AI + red herrings + tollbooth decks running around…they can be quite scary especially if you have to run it again to actually snag the agenda. curiously enough though the deck can funnel the runner back to the centrals and ” make a coward brave” and by that i mean you can lose because the runner is so desperate he throws everything into blind shots at RnD when he would have preferred to attack your remotes and ends up getting lucky with his RnD pulls and winning. 1 year, 1 month ago
    In reply to - Theorist posted an update: Has anyone designed a Netrunner corporate deck that is just designed to cost the runner maximum credits before the runner can win? Costly (to break) ICE, etc etc? · View
  • my problem with snitch and reveal effects in general is… A. it reveals information you suspected was true. B. it reveals information you knew was true because of the amount of credits the corp was sitting on. C. it reveals information that didnt matter ie a wall of static late game. D. it reveals information [...] 1 year, 1 month ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post Running the Gamut
    im glad your husband started you with jinteki. everyone’s first corp faction should be jinteki because if you can get good winning games being dirt poor its all downhill after that :) i’ve found from introducing my women friends to role playing games, board games and card games over past couple years that they are [...] 1 year, 2 months ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post The future of LCG’s
    of course as soon as i say this i picked up cyber exodus today and the owner says “get ready for league play. the game night kits are on the way” lol. he got 20 copies of cyber exodus and sold 18 of them before they were on the shelf. i got two. you never [...] 1 year, 2 months ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post Make a Run for It
    what about rabbit holes/compromised employees instead of carapaces, test run and and some of the dejas/makers /snitches/uplinks. with compromised employees/rabbit hole you avoid most of the tags in the first place and can leverage the corp into a uncomfortable situation when you can force them to rezz ice with FAO, shut it down with shutdown [...] 1 year, 2 months ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post The future of LCG’s
    magic is still going because wizards planted their flag in the game stores with friday night magic, made a pro tour and developed an online client. they worked harder than every other company at maintaining a community around their game. i live in seattle and none of the game stores in the seattle city limits [...] 1 year, 2 months ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post FFGEC Netrunner Tournament #1
    nice write up. junebug and HB just seem to go hand in hand. its a lot easier to set up believable agenda scenarios with HBs ice and its consistent use to 3 point agendas and stomach failed traps because of the econ break you get with engineering the future. did you use whizzard for any [...] 1 year, 2 months ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post The Team Covenant Podcast: Episode Three
    notoriety is one of those cards i might flash my opponent before we even start playing. maybe he wouldn’t care but maybe he would ice archives which is one less ice somewhere else i can more realistically score agendas in the first place. i dont think its 3x card but i think having 1 in [...] 1 year, 2 months ago
  • Ryan commented on the blog post Top 3 Netrunner Cards…thematically.
    2 copies in most decks. ive been playing around with 3 copies in a turbo kate deck with wyldsyde. its an operation heavy deck that tries to use sure gamble, stimhack and modded + shapers versatile breaker suite to blitz the corp with maker’s eye and inside job, Still a work in progress but it [...] 1 year, 2 months ago
  • Thumbnail I was raised playing  parlor card  games like Pinochle, Hearts, and Spades and board games like Sorry, Life and Monopoly.In the 4th grade on “Bring a game to class” day I was introduced to the  Dungeons and Dragons Red Box and it was love at first saving throw versus fire. In the nearly twenty years [...] 1 year, 2 months ago
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