• Spazz posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    New Netrunner question: what is the use of Cell Portal? It seems a lot of cost to keep rezzing it, or does that only happen if the runner does not break the subroutine, and therefore goes back to the start?

    • The derez is part of the subroutine — if it is broken, the derez never happens.

      Cell Portal is to be the innermost ICE on a heavily guarded server (likely remote server 1). The runner breaks all the way through only to hit Cell Portal and get booted all the way out again. It plays a lot like Toll Booth, as a way to waste runner credits. Even when they break the subroutine, breaking a STR 7 Code Gate isn’t generally cheap. But I don’t like it. It hinges on having other ICE in front of it, which makes it a bad draw early. But then you need it as the innermost ICE, so you want to draw it early. No win!

    • Cell Portal is junk.

      • It just got a lot better with the new Jinteki card that re-arranges ICE on a server. Any server with 4-5 ICE on it will be tough as hell to get through now.

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