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  • These days, building a squad is hard. Binders and boxes of cards grow ever larger with each wave. So many pilots exist. So many upgrades exist. Flipping through all the possibilities is a burdensome task for any […]

  • I like Fenn + Manaroo, but Fenn is walking into a meta geared to eat him for dinner. I expect BM Slicer Tools to be a commonly brought card, and every list aimed to counter Palp-aces (most lists that people bring to compete; it’s a necessity) counters Fenn too. He’ll be a sleeper I think, waiting for the meta to change before he has his day.…[Read more]

  • -100-
    49 Corran w/ R2-D2, FCS, PTL, Engine
    25 Biggs
    26 Green w/ Deadeye, Chip, Test Pilot, Crack Shot, Homing Missile
    (This would be your current squad in a BM Slicer Tools world.)

    Enemy lists that I think you can expect to see going forward:

    -98- “Yorr gives the finger to BM Slicer Tools”
    32 Yorr w/ Palpatine
    31 Inquisitor w/ PTL,…[Read more]

  • Corran Biggs Green, with no Integrated Astromech or R2-D6 (no R4-D6 or R3-A2 either then) — I think it can be done. I’m not sure how strong it would be, but it can be done. You definitely need to adjust for facing Slicer Tools, which are super easy for many lists to include and will be used due to the meta being what it is.

    49 Corran w/…[Read more]

  • In Wave 5 I was flying 40 Fringer w/ Ion Cannon + Outrider + APL, which was a lot of fun and reasonably effective. As soon as Tractor Beam hit I took a look at that build as something that might be playable for a lark, and didn’t like it. Now Fringer can equip Black Market Slicer Tools… I still don’t like it. Always good to try something silly…[Read more]

  • My brother and I have played games using the drift. The day I taught him to play, he thought of the same idea and thought that all the small ships should be able to do it. It was very much like a free Barrel Roll after you complete your maneuver, only much smaller and therefore less impactful on position. It never felt unique at all to me… just…[Read more]

  • The SubLight Acceleration Motor was not something ever equipped on an X-wing, not to my knowledge anyway. So for thematic reasons, I would not want SLAM on an T-65 X-wing. I’d prefer a title granting the T-65 positioning tools as well though, if I were fixing that ship specifically.

    Snub Fighter (1pt, title, T-65 X-wing and Khiraxz Fighter…[Read more]

  • I’m not sure what a “new T-65” would look like. You can’t just give it Barrel Roll, or it’s basically a Bwing with less upgrade access. You can’t just give it Boost, or it’s basically a T-70. To be quite honest the personality of the T-65 is that it has neither, which I’m fine with… the problem is that mechanically, this means the T-65 needs…[Read more]

  • I neglected to mention Heroes of the Resistance. There’s 1 unique droid in that set, and room for another droid (or helpful card of some kind) we didn’t get — instead we get 2 copies of Integrated Astromech, a card which is not in demand and already available as a 2-of in the T-70 expansion.

    I’m still mildly hopeful for this expansion. There…[Read more]

  • I mean both pre-Predator and pre-Autothrusters, so yes Wave 3. The meta at that time was very unsure and changed regularly. Many people considered B-wings overpowered because they were used to facing T-65 X-wings, but B-wings regularly lost their share of games. We started that wave with every other player running B-wings, and it ended with LANDO…[Read more]

  • Autothrusters is a card that was deliberately costed low; its intent was to reinvigorate the A-wing and TIE Interceptor as competitive ships, and to curb the dominance of turret ships at the time. I was always iffy on the need for that card to exist, as the game was reasonably balanced — large squads beat turrets, turrets beat arc dodgers, and…[Read more]

  • I’m curious about the number of Round One drops; is that a problem in Armada?

  • I don’t believe that Fenn will use his title in the early game. He will be careful, wielding Autothrusters and Roll+Boost to stay safe. I agree that Manaroo looks pretty important to get the most out of him. It looks to me like there’s some room to play there; the third ship wouldn’t have to be party bus. But I like that option, it looks strong.…[Read more]

  • Sensor Cluster and R5-P9 don’t get along, so maybe this:

    42 Poe(PS 8) w/ R2-D2, Predator, Autothrusters, Sensor Cluster
    26 Biggs w/ R4-D6, IA
    32 Braylen w/ R3-A2, Gunner, AO

    Poe doesn’t need PS 10 to threaten aces; Braylen will herd and disable targets for him. He just needs to survive 1v1 since he costs more, and PS 8 is good…[Read more]

  • Thane looks very strong with Biggs. I think the ideal way to use Thane is to maximize his damage potential while Biggs is alive without creating a build that is suddenly bad once Biggs dies, and also not waste any points if possible since the best things about Thane is that 26pts for such an accurate gun is so good. I’m not really sure what the…[Read more]

  • I like that idea, Wurms. Definitely less of a timing issue, lets you hit harder than just PTL permits. Hate giving up Tail Gunner, but it seems OK in some situations.

    It does turn Norra off vs turret ships; if you aren’t in an enemy arc, you end up paying 41pts for just a PS 7 ATT 3 Predator gun (which is more than a little steep; that’s 32…[Read more]

  • Definitely the best way to try for damage value is to hold onto the torpedo and launch it after the shuttle is gone. Also the card isn’t dangerous enough to draw fire, so the carrier could definitely survive to launch late — the extra output isn’t worth deliberately protecting the carrier, so it’s more a matter of things working out once in a…[Read more]

  • The HWK ends up being a weak point in the list; if you need to rush it’s left behind, if your opponent just needs to trade you down it’s an easy target to home in against. That’s why I think the new ARC-170 will be so good for that list; you can not only find room for R3-A2 on a ship very very able to threaten with it, you can find room for Boost…[Read more]

  • The timing is off for it to help much, most of the time. You move to an ace that has yet to activate, then it bails that turn to avoid the arc of that ship. If you could turn the rest of your squad to take on the other ace that turn, maybe you can set up something. You’d need to do it without your ST carrier, and you only get the one 50/50 chance…[Read more]

  • I think the issue with Nien is opportunity cost; Tail Gunner is very strong, especially if you are running a build that doesn’t k-turn much. I’d love to see an ept where you benefit greatly from missing — cards like R3 and combos like BB-8 + Nien would get stronger.

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