• Two other thoughts came to me.

    Cheaper AT ships often struggle for a place in the game, because AT really wants to face AF (or at least EF). But you don’t win those fights in the 1v1 endgame — you win with them early, and get a 2v1 or 3v1 endgame instead. When you only face 1 AF ship and it avoids you, AT ships sometimes struggle to…[Read more]

  • “E” is not an all or nothing proposition, except with granular 12pt swarm fighters when they are the enemy target. Consider the following comparison — 24 Blue w/ FCS, compared to 24 (x2) Bandit. The Bandits will outperform the Blue vs all but the hardest “F” targets and vs new targets, but only while both Bandits live. When the first Bandit dies,…[Read more]

  • An oversight, sort of. I had it in there and redid that section, forgot it the 2nd time.

    Mist Hunter is an AT that’s a bit of a glass cannon if you put too many points into it. Its best match-ups by statline are vs AF ships, where you are in a many-v-many fight rather than facing an ace down 1v1. The Mist Hunter is definitely the least…[Read more]

  • I still remember a hard fought game against you from years ago, Quantum Zorog vs Quantum Rakadon and a very close finish with a lot of creative plays — it was one of the most epic fights I’ve ever had, and you held your own up to the final moment. So I would not say that you don’t play well. I just felt you didn’t really dive into Day 10 the way…[Read more]

  • As an option here, you could go with something like FCS + Hera over AdvS. I just thought AdvS was a cute addition to Chopper — it gives you plays like boost left then turn left to ram/block, or boost then 4 straight through a debris/rock to be somewhere unexpected.

  • That particular Chopper is intended to be a fast moving target, often at Range 3 of his enemies and facing laterally or away from them. TLT is the only turret that makes sense for it. The part of the build I would replace is possibly 22 Zeb w/ Chewbacca, but the truth is that were a 22pt ship in play there, it’d just be an easy target to go after…[Read more]

  • I think you may have glossed over this day a bit, in your zeal to complete all 31 days.

    Dice failure at the worst time is an event not unique to Monsterpocalypse, but when it happens at a critical moment in -this- game the roll can be game-losing. Whether it’s a key unit attack, power-up, or monster attack things can go sideways fast — I don’t…[Read more]

  • No no! It’s more than fine. Your thoughts were really good ones, and I may even borrow the way you organized tactics for the next article. It looks well structured. I’m glad that you commented!

  • I think that the list is just the natural place to go. Biggs + Kanan leaves 26-28pts spare, and the list doesn’t like being flanked. Stresshog would be the ship people gravitate to for 3rd ship, as they search for the best option. We just arrived at the same place.

  • That’s a list I shared in another thread, so naturally I like it. :)

    This is the list I think will bring Stresshog back into the meta. It’s protected by Biggs or can break away to deny a flanking ship. Kanan also can break away, leaving Biggs to guard just the Stresshog. The three can actually fly separately if they want… the danger of…[Read more]

  • I started with ship classification by efficient offense against other ships (this article being only part 1 of 2) because there is definitely more to analysis than just that one factor… but it is the most important factor of 3 very important ones (others being subtle and often not important), the next most import being flying your ships in a way…[Read more]

  • The “space hippo” nickname is taken. I hear they are alabaster, and glorious.

  • I wrote this article on the fly, and just felt like posting. Nicknames are a good idea. I’m 100% open to suggestions here, and will just edit the article to replace the designations once I have 4 that seem appropriate. Did you have anything in mind?

    My brain is saying:
    — AT = (bad vs many small guns, good vs big gun, has big gun, costs a bit)…[Read more]

  • You don’t lose the 1 hard unless you opt to PTL, and you can always still 3 turn or 1 bank after using PTL if it’s really the right move. As for Pilot skill, there’s still a prevalence of PS 6 Aggressor play (and also a few PS 5 lists like Kanan + Biggs appearing that Glaive can snipe). Aggressor has proven itself and will be part of every meta…[Read more]

  • Some very sound thinking — ideal range is something I’ve discussed before, a long long long time ago. I’m not sure if it was a dedicated article or not. I agree with all of what you say. You are delving into the “how to fly your ships” portion of knowing what counters what. Just bringing the right ships isn’t enough, you do have to then use the…[Read more]

  • One thing to beware; I suspect Stresshog will return with a vengeance. Ace lists haven’t gone away, and a 28pt Gray Stresshog (to shoot before Scout/Lothal) is still pretty cheap for what you get. Players have just moved off of it while they look for answers to 3 Scouts. Once they know what beats that list, they’ll find ways to bring Stresshog.

  • I do think so, yes. The full dial is still available to you. You just have to read the situation, and when you see that hard turn 3 is the only sound move (honestly a rare event) you make a choice — PTL this turn and get no actions after your turn, or skip PTL this turn and settle for a single action (losing the TL that Predator mimics). Honestly…[Read more]

  • Now you have me considering HLC for Countess Ryad; being able to run PTL means she can TL+F targets. It’s 48pts but could be better vs AGI 3 targets. It’s hard to justify 4pts for such a small offensive boon though (pretty much +0 boon vs AGI 0 targets), especially when I consider that I lose ion control and Ion Cannon works at Range 1.

  • That’s my Rexler build, and it looks good on the new PS 6 elite generics. I don’t think it’s bad, but if you are bringing Countess Ryad then PTL is a better fit because it provides her some very good defensive/positional options. Each of the elite named Defender pilots seems to prefer a different ept. Vessery likes Ruthlessness. Maarek likes…[Read more]

  • I think you may be overestimating the physical ability of most ships to combat the level of maneuverability Countess w/ PTL + Engine is going to bring to the fight. There are almost no ships/pilots that have the tools to hang with her. Turret ships and maybe some YV-666/Firespray builds can fight her. Rebels have Ello and maybe 49pt Corran.…[Read more]

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