Team Covenant is a website for those who love tabletop games and who want to share that love. But it's also a website for those who truly believe that the industry needs reshaping - that retailers, online and off, production companies, and venues must break out of the old "dark, cramped, nerdy" paradigm and strive for something better.

That paradigm, that tabletop games are for a dungeon-loving hygiene-challenged few, is simply not true. Tabletop games are mentally stimulating, fantastically imaginative, and, most importantly, community-forming. They are, in the end, a wonderful avenue through which people of completely different backgrounds and beliefs can come together and connect. With this understanding, a new paradigm must be established. Gaming must be reborn.

This is what we believed when we started the site in 2007. It has since grown and evolved because of the incredible people who joined, participated, and encouraged this idea. Each new Team Covenant account pushes this entire industry ever-closer to a revolution.

In order to enact change and to provide as much support as we can for those interested in tabletop games, our site has two sides: the community side and the store side.

The community side of the site is what we're all about. This is where people from all over the world gather and share their love for tabletop games. Everyone who joins the site gets their own blog and can connect with players of their favorite games all over the world.

On the store side we do things a bit differently than others. We only sell games that we actively play and love, which allows us to truly serve our customers with the knowledge to answer any questions and to tailor our products for new players. We strive to offer the best customer service on the planet, and we reinvest our profits back into the gaming community.

In the end, Team Covenant is about you and your love of tabletop games. We want to provide as much support as we can for you and for the games that you play. That's why we're here, and that's how we're all going to change things together. We hope you'll join us.
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