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Join the Blackguard

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March 12, 2014

People have been pestering me for my Blackguard deck. I’ve been testing this deck quite a bit recently. Tweaking is constantly going on, but I think it’s getting pretty close. Here it is in all it’s glory. This deck is designed to abuse R&D while keeping the Corp drained of all money.

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie

Event (22)
Account Siphon
3 Dirty Laundry
3 Easy Mark
3 Emergency Shutdown
3 Infiltration
Inside Job
1 Special Order
3 Sure Gamble
2 The Maker’s Eye••••
Hardware (8)
3 Blackguard
3 Plascrete Carapace
2 R&D Interface••••
Resource (5)
3 Daily Casts
Kati Jones
Icebreaker (7)
2 Corroder••••
1 Crypsis
1 Femme Fatale
1 Garrote
1 Gordian Blade•••
Program (3)
3 Snitch


My ideal hand with this deck includes Blackguard, Snitch, and money. If I can get a turn one Blackguard on the table I will always keep that hand. I never thought I would say this about any of my decks, but Snitch is my MVP card. This deck gets nasty once you have a Snitch out. It forces the Corporation to either stop playing Ice or have no money ever. Between Siphons, Blackguard, and Snitch the Corporation will be feeling the pain.

I’ve heard people say, “what do I do for my first five turns?” I’ve been playing this deck a while now, and it has never once taken me five turns to get Blackguard into play. If need be, this deck you can be just as aggressive as a normal Criminal deck in the early game. To any of the naysayers of Blackguard all I have to say is try it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.






  1. Two questions about the deck

    1: No Crescentus? Seems like a strong card for a deck that wants you to rez and re-rez ice to drain money.

    2: No modded? Helps gets out Blackguard earlier. I would personally cut Gordian and the Makers for a 3rd interface and 2 modded, and work Peacock in, since you arent planning to deal with a ton of ice, a worse breaker isnt the end of the world. And since you lack Same old thing, I would say Makers loses a bit of value.

    Then again, I do think about decks a little off, and it seems only Shaper fits my playstyle. Seems like a fun Crim style, but my style of play (programs influenced to solve programs for the deck) doesnt fit it. What do you think? I want to understand this style of deck a bit before it just ruins my day at some meet up 😀

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    1. And of course theres no edit function, but this just came mind as I hit reply…. haha…

      What about cutting the RD interfaces, splash 1 Woman in the Red Dress, 1 John Masanori, 1 The Source, 1 Kati, and 1 of whatever else, and do 3 hostage instead. Run HQ interface over RD, and let Woman control the tempo is a less direct way. Might make the decision of ice placement harder, but this also gets you a more consistant Kati, and enables more draw via John, and some FA protection in the Source.

      Would need to slot 2 influence, but like I mentioned I feel there is flex room in the influence based on what you are trying to do.

      Just throwing that out there. Not a deck for me, rather burn 11 influence on Hemorrhage and Imp in my Kate deck :D.

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  2. I actually made and played a deck just like this a few days ago, though I went with Gabe. I’ve only had a chance to play with it twice so far, but won both games and I will agree, it can be vicious to the Corp. One opening hand was Blackguard, Snitch, and Account Siphon, Mimic, and something else.

    The Corps money after turn one was 12 credits. My first card I drew was another Siphon, so I installed Mimic, ran on HQ first to find his only piece of ice on it being a Fenris, so I got through it easily and got my money back from Gabe’s ability. Ran it again using Siphon, and ran it again using my second Siphon. I was sitting at 22 credits and the Corp at 2 after my first turn.

    I didn’t care about the 4 tags at that point and proceeded to play Blackguard and Snitch the next turn which pretty much made it game over at that point. We just had to go through the motions. At one point he was at 8 credits and I ran on R&D, with the first piece of unrezzed ice being a Tollbooth. Using Snitch to expose it and forcing him to rez spend all 8 money was an awesome feeling.

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  3. Aside from a few metagame changes (like reducing # of carapaces) I like it!

    1) Have you put any thought into the new identities? (Silhouette comes instantly to mind) or is the 9 card opening hand key to the consistency for this deck? I notice there’s no extra card draw at all, which worries me a bit if you stall out.

    2) How does this do against GRNDL and other big money corp? Can you keep them at bay enough? As a GRNDL player currently – I can think of only a few situations where I couldn’t rez nearly all of the ICE I play.

    3) Why Maker’s Eye? Seems just a touch out of place, and at a cost of influence. (or maybe there’s enough times the corp is so naked that it doesn’t matter and you need to speed up the game!)

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    1. I have put thought into it. Silhouette is going to be the runner for this deck once she comes out.

      This deck does fine against GRNDL I’ve made plenty a GRNDL player poor as rags with this deck.

      Maker’s Eye is an amazing card. It’s for those times that you need just a little more push. I didn’t run it for the longest time. It’s also cheaper than R&D interface so it’s easier to pull off on turn one or two. The surprise factor is also pretty big. If I’m just playing a normal game and then all of a sudden I’m Maker’s Eyeing you’re going to be scared. It also works in concert with R&D interface. Seeing six cards is always nice.

  4. Looks a lot like mine. I use Torch *gasp* as my decoder and dont run Maker’s Eye, but I did include Crescentus, a single Nerve Agent and 2 Modded.

    What I’ve found is that mostly I don’t use the breakers all that much. Especially when running this deck against people who haven’t seen it and who start to ice up everywhere. Install you SanSan? Hilarious, now I make you rez it and I can get in anywhere, because you’re broke. It’s not a SanSan, but an Agenda? fine, go rez this ice over your HQ first and I’ll walk right past the unrezzed ice on your remote. Snitch becomes a major annoyance for the runner.

    Once they do figure out what the deck is about though, things become trickier. People are much, much more careful about where they place their ice and assets aren’t just dumped as decoys anymore. What this does is make the corp far slower (only installing ice they can rez), but I’ve found I cannot always keep up economically. Having to first install Blackguard and Snitch is such an economic set back that a prepared corp is a serious problem. Also, it makes for much longer games which is why I won’t be taking this to any tournaments yet (because of time limitations).

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  5. Any tips on how to play it well? I just tried 2 games of it on OCTGN and got trounced. I’m TOO tempted to buy stuff before rushing to blackguard, which is probably what plagued me in game #1.

    R&D interface for late game or mid game?

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  6. Played this deck at a tournament today. It fared pretty well but I ran into a situation that lost me a match. I had already Special Ordered for a Corroder, then I Mr. Lee’d at one point with the decision of Femme or Gordian. I had to bottom Gordian, never to be able to break a code gate again. Ended up winning the match, shutting my opponent completely out from scoring as corp.I think this deck needs more than 1 Special Order. Just sayin.

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    1. I had a similar situation happen to me today at a store championship. I had to use special order to get garrote to get through some nasty sentries early in the match. At the end of the match I looked through my deck and Crypsis and Gordian Blade were on the bottom of the deck. An Enigma kept me out of his remote which he was able to score agendas out of.

      However, that was the only glitch in this otherwise awesome deck. I think the worst thing about it is that my opponents seemed to check out and after getting double siphoned and have the Snitch-Blackguard combo. I have never felt so powerful against the corporation as a runner. In the end, I got 4th overall in the tournament.

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