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MMP Quantum Theory: Deimos-9, Day 6

May 11, 2012

When looking at cities for Quantum Deimos-9, or any Martian, it becomes apparent that a high-density Radiation city is pretty darn important to have. Some monsters, like Tharsis-5, for example, are normally run full radiation, and work well that way. Similarly, Deimos-9 gets more out of radiation buildings than other Martians because, like Tharsis-5, she plans on sending the opponent into them! The question the becomes, which city do I run? Chernobyl? Area-51? Baton Rouge?


I know a lot of people run 5-of the Nuclear Power Plant for any Martian and many Swarm monsters. What’s there to lose? The building is great for power-ups, heals you when brawled, and sports the almighty radiation hazard that your monster of choice is immune to! The shift this building can create between you and your opponent is huge! This is a great building on any map, almost anywhere you put it. The only downside I can see for this building is that your opponent can also use it for good power-ups and maybe even for healing. I always WANT to stick it in my opponent’s base for enemy side healing, but that gives them easy access to its power production, potentially giving them more power dice than they otherwise would be able to obtain. Instead, this building is better for mid-board placement and rear placement. I do occasionally run away to heal or hide, but not enough to warrant 5 of these puppies like Ares would. So far, I’ve been happy with 3-4 of them, currently running 4 for experimentation.


Don’t get me wrong, No Fly Zone is a really good skill on an Installation and uh, so is Beacon… This building even has a Blast stat for when you rarely need to dump an action die or three into an attack. Most Martians want a lot, if not all 5 of these. No Fly Zone walls double as one-sided death blossoms, Ground Control lets even Vanguards capture zones adjacent to the building, Beacon get Deimos-9 out of hairy situations, and 6 defense assures they will stick around for a long time. But I have a couple of problems with running the full 5: First, the building has energy 5, and against a lot of monsters, this can be quite the power-up, allowing for them to come at me in a very fierce way; Second, as a Pedestrian/Climber, Deimos-9 wants to clear paths, and every once in a while, if 5 are on board, those paths cannot be cleared. It’s not as bad as running 5 GUARD bases with LK, but it can be annoying to say the least. I need to make sure I run enough, though, so as not to run out of Beacon when my opponent wants to get destructive. Used to run 5, now I run 4.

Baton Rouge

Ahhh sewage… For all of you who have never been to Baton Rouge, LA, know this: it smells like a fart! Why? Factories, of course… That, and a shitload (pun intended) of Sewage treatment facilities. This AWESOME building normally gets relegated into the “only because I have to take 2 to have 12 radiation structures. Why is it awesome? HINT: not because it’s green. DING DING DING! Right! It’s good because it has Telekinesis, Radiated Zone, and THAT’S IT. Wait, why is it good again? This building is one of the best disruption buildings available. Unlike the Livewire buildings which can backfire (easy p-dice for powerups, lots of p-dice when monster brawled, cool triggers), this structure simply occupies a building space where the opponent would normally set up a powerbase with little to no bonus for the opponent. It has low defense for rampaging through, but also has low energy, meaning they won’t get much out of brawling it. So yeah, the only 2-damage spam building better than this one is Cathedral, but even that can randomly bite you in the butt. I have made spamming this building in key spots for my opponent a vital part of my strategy. If they have no foundations left, and have good buildings they need to place, they are forced to placing them in my base, or where I want them to. I’ve always ran 4, and may even want to run 5 soon, they are that annoying.

City of Industry, City of Visitors

My city is a combination of the above 3 archetypes. I have a perfect balance of these buildings (4 each), but could see it shift here or there, probably ending up being Baton Rogue with 5 Sewage Plants of all things. I just love abducting my opponent’s foundations and making them give me their buildings! Not only does it throw them off, but can even help me get awesome abilities like Radar, Power Producer, High Security, Shuffle, Insurance, etc…

That’s all for today. Until next time, may your aliens be FREAKING TERRIFYING.

  1. Certainly I recommend 5 Sewage Plants, and I think you should be running 3 or 4 Arsias because they DO stay standing — even with ENERGY 5, opposing monsters have to have/risk reds to brawl it with odds so they really don’t net 5 reds (usually only 2-3 are gained). Standing Arsias are extra damage, and it’s pretty easy to place 3 or 4 of them where they can’t possibly be in your own way at a key moment.

    It’s the Nuclear Plants that I’d question and drop first. I can see maybe 2 of them to heal on, one/both of which is a base for you til needed. But in games where you face Ultra Xixorax, too many Nuclear Plants in play could become a near auto-lose for you. If you think you can win that fight even if you brought 5 Nuclear Plants, maybe it doesn’t matter.

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    1. Those are my thoughts too. I find myself very rarely wanting to heal instead of Tossing my opponent, even if it’s just for one, because the reposition is a much stronger move, a quasiheal that prevents damage from happening.

      I also agree that Sewage Plants are annoying for my opponent, especially since I like placing my buildings aggressively. They offer very little in terms of energy (for brawling or securing) and still have that radiation hazard.

      I’m not totally sold on running just 3 Arsia’s yet, and could even go as high as 5 again. I’m sort of waffling on that one… Need to playtest more…

      I have decided, as of Day 8, to run Insurance + SoL/Tokyo Triumph. Only 2 slots that can give me a good, aggressive opening on maps where I can get to the monster early. So, my updated list will probably look like this:

      5x Sewage Plants
      3x Arsia Outposts
      2x Nuke Plant
      1x SoL
      1x Insurance HQ

      On my map, I’ll be placing all of my radiation buildings and delete the SoL and Insurance HQ. On all other maps, I’ll only have 2 less radiation hazards, but I’ll have an opening and an Insurance HQ for a little while at least, which can make Deimos-9 quite scary. Indeed, when she is going first and is full of reds, the opponent should be VERY careful, especially with the back-to-back potential the Insurance HQ gives her. Not to mention, it’s another high defense, low energy building with a hazard, which has its own uses.

      1. I heard a rumor that Insurance Company HQ sucks.

        There will be games once in a while, against a fellow radioactive monster, that a well-placed fire offers you something to bay the enemy monster where you’d otherwise not have pretty much nothing. (You’d still have Tanker Truck.) Really only Ultra Phobos or Mucustos will be able to get at you easily when you are near it…but I honestly just discount Mucustos (because they made that monster too strong by a lot…very little can fight it evenly or outclass it). I think you can possibly outgun Phobos with TOSS and some skilled play.

      2. Was thinking too — you really want that opening shot anyway when going first on pedestrian — you might need to clear a lane for Deimos so that you can skip an immediate hyper up. (Hypering just for CLIMB is an awkward start.)

      3. Points taken. I knew I’d have to clear if I wanted to go for it on maps where I can’t cross over. I think the SoL Could be the building to clear, but I haven’t gotten that deep into the analysis yet. I forgot that I’ll need to start packing Fire Kami for it to be as effective a first turn move (I replaced the Kami with the Elite Despoiler, the Tanker Truck with another grunt Vanguard). It’s unfortunate, but to run the Insurance Scam with Rage (more important IMO than the Monument on SoL) I’ll have to cut either the 2nd grunt Vanguard or the Elite Despoiler. I won’t be able to run my precious Tanker Truck either unless I cut both. Sadness. I’ll likely cut Grunt Vanguard #2 and insert Fire Kami, and just see what happens without Tanker Truck, though I love him so…

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