My thoughts on Fixing Healing

For me healing breaks down into two categories, Healing that requires a successful roll of the dice and Healing from an action.  For healing that requires a roll, like brawling a building or munching on a unit, or use of leach I wouldn’t change anything.  The reason for this is because you can miss.  Sometimes it doesn’t work and you can leave your self in a worse position for failing.  I see nothing wrong with this kind of healing.  Buildings are a finite resource, units to munch on tends to be a weaker option then going for an attack on there monster.  If you getting a point for leach it means that your units are engaged in the battle.

Now for the Healing actions.  Here’s a list of actions that heal.

  • Bleed
  • First Aid (not out yet, I still have hope)
  • Repair
  • Restoration
  • Sacrifice

Those are all the actions that can heal a point of damage to your monster.  There are tools in the game to stop this, but with good planning you can get around it.  What I don’t like about this is that it’s automatic health.  There’s no automatic damage sense the ignite nerf so why does healing still work the same way.  Here’s my very simple fixes to these rules.

  • Bleed – Restore +1 health to 1 adjacent FAC monster with less then half it’s health.  Then crush this figure.
  • Repair – Restore +1 health to 1 adjacent Mechanical Monster with less then half it’s health.
  • Restoration – If this monster occupies a space with a power zone and it’s has less then half it’s health, restore +1 health.
  • Sacrifice – Crush 1 adjacent unit to restore +1 health if the monsters has less then half it’s starting health.

I don’t want to negate these actions, I want to balance them some.  This seems like a simple solution to what I think is a problem in the game.  Rather then doing a drastic change I thought I would borrow the rules language that they use in First Aid.  Healing is still good, but it keeps if from being so overpowered.  I’m curious what the rest of you think.