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Froggies Map Guide – Block Wars

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April 23, 2012

Block wars has seen it’s share of trouble over the years.  It’s famous for being ground zero for the Monsterpocalypse it’s seen it’s share of tragedy, but the city planning commission with the help of the G.U.A.R.D Defense force has helped this city to get back on it’s feet.  Block Wars is also famous for it’s Wolly Waffles.  If you eat there beware of long lines, most people have a hard time choosing between the Ultra Waffle or the Mega Waffle.  If you ask the owner and chef Steven Wolly, he’ll say that he’s 80% sure that the Mega is better, but he like’s the ingredients in the Ultra more.

Red Side Vs Blue Side

Block Wars is a symmetrical map, so neither side has an advantage.  The real advantage on this map is for the player going in the first position.  If your in the first turn position you can place your buildings in such a way to guarantee a first turn Livewire against the enemy monster, assuming they aren’t a Morpher.  When I make a reference to a building foundation I’ll refer to the upper left corner of the foundation.  Sense you are going first you get the first green and yellow foundations.  For your first yellow foundation if you are the Blue player you would place an Electrical power plant, or any building with Livewire at N3.  That foundation is adjacent to one of the Red players monster starting zones.  This leaves 2 foundations C3 and E3 next to the other starting zone that you can place in.  If you chose not to do the first turn Livewire attack these are still good spots to place a disruptive type building in that they may not want to secure.

Pockets & Lanes:

Block Wars Pockets & LanesThis open map offers lots of lanes for easy movement.  It’s a good map for monsters that have a hard time getting over buildings.  The outside edges of Block Wars are completely free of foundations with 2 other easy lanes of movement in the middle area of the map.  There’s no pure blasting pockets on Block Wars.  What I mean by that is a place on the map where a monster can be protected from power attacks on all sides without having to screen with units.  There are a few places on this map where a monster can be safe if the can summon or transport there own screening unit.  If the Monster goes to G2 and they have a screen at either G4 or H4 then they are protected.  The monster can also go to B6 and have a screening unit at either D6 or D7. L2 also works as long as the unit is at L4 or M4.  These spots are mirrored on the Blue side.  Each corner is also safe as long as the corner foundations are filled and you have a unit to help you screen.  There are safe spots on this map but they require some work to get setup.  Monsters who have either Super Stomp or Super rampage have a few spots that they can go that can land 6 p dice.  If you are planning a rampage make sure that when you are in building placement you put a building that doesn’t have a hazard or has a hazard that you are immune to at your ending location.

Monster Vs Morpher:

Morpher PlacementSense Morphers have a number of tricks that they can do based on the layout of the map I thought I would try and see if the map was better for a standard Monster or a Morpher.  The image shows all the places you can place a Morpher at the start of the game.  White blank dice show spots they can be placed but they don’t help to secure a building, while the white dice with strikes on them show where they can be and help to secure 1 building.  Blue dice show places where they can be placed to help secure 2 buildings.  On block wars there’s no spot that a Morpher can be placed to help secure 3 or more buildings.  Block Wars does not offer the speedy start that some maps give to Morphers.  There are 4 spots on the map that contain water, but not enough to do the Hyper down over water trick.  For those of you who don’t know, if the Hyper form of the Morpher Hypers down over water and the Morphers that come in to play can’t stand on water, then they retreat back to any of the starting placements that they can legally occupy.  On Block Wars there isn’t any location that they can pull this trick off from.  Over all I would say this map favors Standard Monsters to Morphers.  I think that this is a great map for Ultra Aquosia.  She’s a pedestrian monster that can build her own screen.  There’s several power zones within a short distance of a starting spawn zone, and there’s a spawn zone next to each starting monster foundation to make good use of red quick.  See you next week when we take a look at Sunny Smashville

  1. I agree with Phil, this is fantastic! You’ve inspired me to (maybe) do something like this for certain figures… Oh, maybe I’m just blowing hot air… Where you ask? I’m not certain, but an in-depth break-down (or mini Mastering Monpoc entry) would be fun for pretty much any figure, especially buildings!

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    1. When I went over my 31 days posts, I never felt like I picked the right map. In general maps gave me a hard time, that’s why I started doing these posts. I plan to take a look at all the maps and do this sort of review. I haven’t decided on weather or not I’m going to do the TC maps, but maybe.

  2. This is great. I think there are a lot of players that can benefit from this. I’m one such player, that doesn’t look at the maps enough to get a good feel for them unless I have to. If you keep this up, you can fill the void the player guides left back in Series 3!

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  3. Nice! I’d love to see more of these. And a great map to start off with. I’ve loved this map for a long time. I run totally ground bound monsters way more often than I should so I’ve found that this map is frequently friendly to my monsters. Even more importantly, it works pretty good when I run my total brawl unit forces. The spawn points are situated closer to the middle than on many maps, giving enemy blasters less pot shots on my units while my little punchers move into melee range.

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      1. I think that that is a vital piece of information. The distance from spawn zones to kep locations is a HUGE consideration for some forces/maps!

      2. I agree with both Spazz and Max, one of the first things I look at is how many Tanker Trucks/Earth Avatars/Saucer + Power Pod/Robros I can get on power zones, especially power zones securing buildings. Same goes for neutral spawns and negative zones.

        For instance on this map you can:

        1) Cover 3 power points from spawns easily, if you have at least one speed 5+ unit with evasion of some kind (Best here IMO is Glass Earth Avatar straight down the middle when you need to make Tornadus get really, really deep). The other two are obtainable off the spawn for speed 2+ units (Power Pod) and Speed 3+ units (Robro/EA etc.)

        2) The one negative zone on each side is really easy to get off the spawn, but there is only one so it’s kind of meh.

        3) Neutral Spawns: like most maps, you can get the neutral spawn with speed 5+ units but that unit will not have cover, so make sure it has high defense. The second neutral spawn can be captured with any speed 7+ units or unit spawning units (Saucer + Null Pod can be annoying if that becomes the unit heavy area). Really cool for Collaborators, especially once they’ve lost UN.

        Them’s my cents.

      3. I am mistaken about #3. You need a speed 8+ unit to get the other spawn zone. Still doable, but less appealing. Could use the Saucer + Null pod or a Sprinting Spiral Relay…

      4. I’ve found the neutral spawn points on this map a little underwhelming. They’re so far off to the sides that sometimes it seems like it’s not worth the effort of securing them.

      5. It depends on whether the opposing monster is holed up on the side. If they try to hide there, that neutral spawn point becomes a handy thing to grab.

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