Froggies Map Guide – Boardwalk Brawl

Welcome to the Historic Boardwalk Brawl, which has been around for over 100 years.  In it’s early days it’s hosted some of the best Bare Knuckle Boxers in the world.  It was a time when real men had handle bar mustaches.  The biggest match was between John L. Sullivan vs Bobby Gunn.  It became the biggest boxing ring outside of London.  Soon more concessions sprang up including restaurants, curio shops, and photo stands. Toward the end of the century Brian A. Bunn, considered one of the greatest promoters and entrepreneurs of his time, laid plans for a casino and boardwalk, a Coney Island of the West.  Due to the Increased threat of Triton Invasions the G.U.A.R.D have taken up residence here which has helped to stabilize the area , and boost the local economy.  The Legendary Zor-Macros has also been know to vacation here, and sometimes give a public demonstration, for a small fee of course.

Red Side Vs Blue Side

Terrain LayoutThe Red and Blue side mostly mirror each other, but there are subtle differences between the two which may affect your choice.  For one thing, there is 41 water tiles on the Blue side and 40 on the Red.  The image on the right shows the area where there’s water using Red dice to mark the edges, and it marks rough terrain with Blue dice.  There’s a slight difference between the layout of the Red and Blue side.  The Blue side has 24 spaces of rough terrain, while the Red side has 25.  There is one spot in particular that is slightly different between the two but could make a big difference to your units.  The Red side has a rough terrain at M3 While the Blue side has a rough terrain at M16.  These are very minor differences so picking your side will depend a lot on the types of units that you run.

A word from our Minions:

This map can be very challenging for units that don’t have any movement abilities.  Almost half of the map contains either impassable or rough terrain.  The pier has 5 power zones and 2 negative zones on it that are within easy reach of the starting spawn zone located at D4 and D14.  The power zone is within 4 spaces and the negative zone is within 5.  Both the Red and Blue side have a power zone that’s in close proximity to two spawns zones on the east side, but the Blue player has an advantage over the Red player.  On the Blue side it only takes a unit with speed 4 to move from the spawn zone at L16 to the power zone at L13.  The mirrored spawn zone for the red player at L2 needs speed 5 to make it to the power zone.  That rough terrain at M3 reduces your movement options on what you spawn at L2, so I think that gives an edge to the Blue side of the map.  There’s only 9 spaces between between 3 sets of spawns zones, the 1 on the West side pier, and 2 on the East side.  Units with a threat range of 9 or more, (sum there movement and attack range) will have an advantage over other units.  There is 2 impassible terrains spots on the East side at O7 and P7, and mirrored at O11 and P11.  These spots can hinder units who can’t move over water and limit which units can move up and target the enemy power base.  This map heavily favors fast units with some sort of movement abilities over slower units.  It’s going to be hard to bring teams of 3 attacking units to the middle of the West side of the map unless you can control some of  the 3 neutral spawn zones just East of the center of the map.  If you don’t have very fast units then controlling those neutral spawns will be key to getting your units into range for attacks on the enemy monster.  Units that can bring out other units are going to make getting to the West edge a lot easier.

Pockets & Lanes:

Boardwalk BrawlThe West side of the Map is very different from the East side.  The West side is open with little danger from big power attacks.  If you are at A8, or A9, and you were thrown 10 spaces East you still wouldn’t collide with any buildings.  Only a monster with Super Strength and 10 power dice could throw you into a building.  Boardwalk has the fewest foundations with only 14, but 12 of those foundations have another foundations that is adjacent to it which makes the East side very deadly.  The green circles show the only pure building screening pockets on the map.  If a monster on the Red side goes to L1 then they are totally screened, but they also cover one of their spawns zones.  Blue mirrors the Red side at L16.  There’s several places on the East side that only take a single unit to screen.  Both the Red and Blue side have a spot where they can Super Stomp down 4 buildings.  On the East side there is a narrow lane the runs north and south.  There’s no easy path for Pedestrian monsters to move east to west, or vice versa, so you’ll have to make a hole to get out from behind a wall of buildings.  A monster could plan a rampage from East to west from the Eastern starting monster location, and create a path.  Placing buildings with low defense and making sure your ending movement doesn’t land you on a hazard will make creating this path much easier and safer.

Monster Vs Morpher:

Morpher Starting PlacementMost of the time you will see Moprhers placed on the East side of the map.  One of the morphers biggest advantages is securing buildings for a quick start.  A key foundation for a Morpher on Boardwalk is O3.  You have 2 Starting Spawn Zones next to it so it’s a great place to put a Newspaper Office so you can make use of Intel.  Another option is for a building with discount.  There is a second foundation with two Starting spawn zones next to it at J1, but it’s a little more exposed.  There’s 6 spots that you can place your Morphers where they help to secure 2 buildings.  Buildings with Livewire can be placed to try and limit a Morphers fast opening, by discouraging them from placing next to it, but make sure you place them where your units can reach for an attack.  This map also has access to the Hyper down over water trick.  Currently only Macros and Tyrranix can pull this off, and Mega Macros does it the best because he can sprint to water if he needs to.  On the flip side a Monster can use the hyper down over water trick against the Morpher player.  A well timed Headbutt while they are over water can send the team back to their starting spot, or leave a weaker metamorph behind.  Monsters who can deal multiple points of damage and have a high health will favor this map because the West side is very safe from taking collision damage from buildings.  This map is good for Zor-Macros, but not as much for the other Morphers.  I can see a number of Standard Monsters doing very well, so I give them an edge over Morphers.