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Froggies Map Guide – Crossroads Crunch

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May 2, 2012

There’s always something happening in Crossroads Colorado through out the year.  Skiing, Outdoor sports races and competitions, world class concerts of all genres, food and dining events, and more.  Crossroads is also the Greenest city in the world.  It’s Eco friendly construction, and Terrasuar nature paths through the city make this city a Eco marvel.  The Terrasuars have taken the city under their protection and have defended it against many would be attackers.  The Green Fury is said to be based out of Crossroads, but nothing has been confirmed.  According to experts, the leader is about average height with red hair and beard.  They say that he leaves secret messages on pod casts and uses his charismatic voice to gather new support.

Red Side Vs Blue Side

This map may seem symmetrical, but the rough terrain and cover spaces aren’t.  The subtle difference can make things difficult for units without any movement abilities.  This map is completely safe from a first turn live wire attack, as there are no foundations that are adjacent to the starting monster zones.  This is a boon for monsters who can’t heal.  This is a very high impact map with 20 foundations, and only 2 foundations don’t have another foundation adjacent to them.  Neither red side nor blue side have any real advantage over the other, and because the monster starting zones are safe from danger, I would give an edge to the second player, just because they have superior turn positioning.

A word from our Minions:

There are 5 spawn zones for each side, but 1 of the spawn zones is set on the opponents side of the map.  The red spawn zone on the west side at A13 is deep in the enemy territory as well as A5 for the blue side.  Most of the spawn zones are 4 or more spaces them in making it easy for even slower units to move up the map.  There’s 38 water terrain tiles on the map so this map favors units that can move over water.  Each side has a power zone inside the “Death Blossom” on the East side of the map.  It’s within 3 space of a unit with burrow or jump.  There’s another power zone that’s within 3 and 4 spaces of your other starting spawn zones, but you have to be able to move over water to get to it.  Units without some movement ability won’t be able to take full advantage of the map.  There’s 2 neutral spawn zones, and both of these are worth trying to take.  It will take at least six movement to get to either of these and that’s if you have a movement ability to get past rough terrain.  by having a spawn zone deep in the opponents territory, it’s hard to setup a good power base but it can be done.

Pockets & Lanes:Crossroads Lanes and Pockets

There’s one open lane just West of center that runs north and south.  Most of the North and South ends of the map are open for side to side movement.  For the most part this map is pretty good for a pedestrian monster, but there’s a few key spots that you have to look for.  If your a Pedestrian monster, but your opponent has some sort of movement ability then they can easily get to a few spots that you can’t.  On the West side there’s an ally that runs north south that a pedestrian monster can’t get to unless they knock down a building.  There’s also an area on the East side between the two Death Blossoms where a Pedestrian can’t get to.  I’ve put an “X” through some foundations that are key to opening up those areas to you.  The map wants to push you to move down that middle road, but with so many spawns zones in that area it’s easy to get trapped and take potential unit damage.  With so many foundations adjacent to each other there are a number of good spots to Super Stomp down some buildings.  If you have a monster with 7 speed and super rampage (hint: Ultra Xixorax), then if you start a rampage at D2 and end at D9 you will knock down 5 buildings for full p dice.  This opens a lot of space for you to move around.  If you plan on doing some sort of rampage then remember to put buildings without hazards at your ending spot.  There are no full building pockets on this map, so monsters who have some sort of screen break, like tow can do massive power attacks here.

Monsters Vs Morphers:

Crossroads Morpher LayoutOn Crossroads the Morpher starting placements can be very aggressive due to the fact that one of your starting spawn zones is so close to an enemy monster starting location.  Morpher players will have to be careful if the opponents monster has a movement ability.  The best spots for the placement is very far forward on this map which is a double edged sword.  It means that you have an easier time getting up to the enemy monster, but they also have an easier time getting to you.  Morpher players have a natural pocket if they place there metamorphs in these spots, M9, O9, P8, and P10.  If they place like that they hold a neutral spawn and prevent a standard monster from entering that East side pocket.  Morphers will have to worry some about taking unit damage as enemy spawns zones are so far forward.  There is a lot of water on this map but no place where you can do the Manly Morpher retreat.  If you place a building with Live wire at K7 or K10 you can severely limit Morpher starting placement.  Over all I would say that this map favors standard Monsters over Morphers.  Slow units can do well on this map but it favors units with an ability to get over water.

  1. You know, I’ve never really played this map, but you bring to light a lot of interesting tidbits about it, especially how high impact it is… I never really dawned on me that a map like this with so few safety pockets had so many buildings, most of them doubled up!

    For some reason, your series makes me want to use Mechathugrosh. Just imagine him on this map. He can screen, descreen, Blast for 2 when there aren’t other options, heal (in enemy territory), capture all zones easily. Sheesh.

    I also think Invaders would be so annoying here, especially Martians because of beacon and refuel. I might have to run some Quantum Deimos-9 on this map a few times… As of right now, I find he (she?) is best on Kill Again’s, but this map might just take the cake.

    Very well done and enlightening! Cannot wait for Mean Streets!

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    1. I like Tritions on this map quite a bit. Both Krak and Crusty have the ability to break screens and do lots of damage. Mechathugrosh does okay here, but he’s often vulnerable to lots of unit damage.

      I’m working on Downtown Beatdown, then Kill Again’s Island, then Mean Streets.

  2. This has been my go-to map for Ulgoth for as long as I can remember, and it’s probably my overall favorite map in the game. Ped friendly while still keeping a ludicrous number of dangerous collision areas makes it one of the most fun maps out there.

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  3. I once put a PP building in your livewire spot up north to block that eastern pocket so Mega Aquosia could post up there (she actually digs this map due to Transport). It worked pretty well, but after a few enemy R&Ds, I was reconsidering that move.

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