The Fix is in!

There has been a lot of talk about creating an Errata team to correct some of the issues in the MonPoc Rules.  Given the deafening silence of Privateer Press, I say the time is right for taking the game for ourselves.  I think as a community we should elect a small panel of members to do this.  We can use the forum as a place to post our updates, and when there is a full errata, we can post it for the community to take a look at.  The elected panel would have the final say on rulings.  I think a good goal would be to do one large update, followed by small updates over time.

I would like to nominate Lester onto this panel.  He has written a number of blog posts on fixing figures, and the rules.  While I don’t always agree with all of the changes, I feel he brings a lot of energy to this topic and would make a great leader for this.  I would also like to be part of this.  The rule changes I have suggested in the past are less grand in scale but I think keep balance and the flavor intact.  If you want to be nominated please post a comment about why you want to do this.  Once we have our candidates then we can set up a community poll and let them pick.  Let me know if you like/hate this idea.