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The Fix is in!

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June 15, 2012

There has been a lot of talk about creating an Errata team to correct some of the issues in the MonPoc Rules.  Given the deafening silence of Privateer Press, I say the time is right for taking the game for ourselves.  I think as a community we should elect a small panel of members to do this.  We can use the forum as a place to post our updates, and when there is a full errata, we can post it for the community to take a look at.  The elected panel would have the final say on rulings.  I think a good goal would be to do one large update, followed by small updates over time.

I would like to nominate Lester onto this panel.  He has written a number of blog posts on fixing figures, and the rules.  While I don’t always agree with all of the changes, I feel he brings a lot of energy to this topic and would make a great leader for this.  I would also like to be part of this.  The rule changes I have suggested in the past are less grand in scale but I think keep balance and the flavor intact.  If you want to be nominated please post a comment about why you want to do this.  Once we have our candidates then we can set up a community poll and let them pick.  Let me know if you like/hate this idea.

  1. Sorry, I don’t like this idea. Just too difficult to get a consensus and the tendency I’ve noticed in all the fan errata is that it is very obviously fan errata and “corrects” things that either didn’t need correcting or there is an obvious bias in the manner it was “corrected”.

    Then again, I haven’t been to active lately in the community, so why listen to me? I’ll be back participating soon though(now I’m hoping for my work to clear up end of summer), so if I see all sorts of craziness going on, there will be some ‘splainin to do!

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    1. I think this can work, but I think you bring up some things that we will want to be cautious with. It’s easy to go over board with changes, and “fix” things that aren’t broken. I think consensus is easier to achieve in a small group, hence the panel. The panels rulings will be the new rules.

      1. I think that if the group sets out with an established goal of making the GAME better, not making individual FIGURES or ABILITIES better, they’ll have a better chance of reaching a consensus on changes that most of the community could at least accept.

  2. Although I commend Lester’s passion and energy, I share some of Christopher’s reservations. Player-created errata never quite carries the authority of publisher-created errata; there will always be a group of people who disagree with the changes, and the bigger the changes, the bigger the group.

    I’d like to suggest a different approach: instead of trying to organize a panel-led, community-elected comprehensive set of errata, one person could just propose a vassal tournament based on a few minor tweaks.

    For example:

    “First Aid” – A Modified Healing Tournament

    Rules: Standard, except all abilities that contain the wording “restore +1 Health” only function if the monster has less than half its starting health.

    If there’s enough interest to justify the tournament, then consider making it a format (like Shatter or Attica). If the format becomes popular enough, then it’ll be up to the players to use it or not (i.e., you want to play standard rules, or First Aid rules?)

    Just a thought. Personally, I’d be much more interested in trying out a new format in a vassal event then than getting involved with an errata panel.

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  3. Absolutely down for being part of a panel, but I don’t want to be the “leader” of the panel. I’ll be passionate, for sure, but don’t want to take on the responsibility of “leading” something like this.

    Also, I think we should consider it alt format for the game, running errata specific events and such.

    And thanks for the kind words. If making a Vassal mod were within my capabilities, I would have been testing a lot of my ideas. Marcus and Tekk are probably down for this sort of thing too, so I’ll try to reach out to them if they don’t see this.

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  4. I don’t think anything on bases of figures should be changed as an errata… If you want to change bases, you’re fundamentally changing the game into something else, at which point we may as well throw out the base abilities we have and start from fresh (“Beta” forms for alphas, [Insert prefix word here] for Hyper forms?).
    I think, as a community, we could tweak what the abilities on those figures do, and perhaps discuss some fixes for some of the more nonsensical rules of the game.
    I might be for giving the old Ignite back for monsters, granting it only does 1 damage to multiple morphers on the hazard. At least for a limited time to see how it goes.
    This limitation to unchanging bases does mean that some re-balancing might be limited, some monsters will still be overpowered, some weak to near to the point of being uncompetitive.

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    1. I agree that with not changing anything on the bases, and your right that we won’t be able to fix everything. Some monsters and units are just not going to be as good as others, but I think we can improve on a number of abilities, and rules to make things more consistent and better for the game over all. The bigger hurdle for this is community by in. How do you get the community to accept your rules/ability changes? Is it alternate formats? Maybe. I’m not sure what the best solution is, but I think it’s worth looking into and trying.

      1. That’s the issue… Isn’t it?
        I think the community is far more likely to try something like Project V than some community errata at this time. If PP ever officially drops MonPoc line, then a community errata could become possible, but as it stands, PP is holding the ball.

      2. PP may still be holding the ball, but it is my sincere hope that when they do (and yes, I said ‘when” and not “if”) then I am hoping that they will look to the community that has remained faithful and vigilant for so long, and see the proposed changes and take them into serious consideration.

        The more that they are playtested, the more likely that the will be considered for official ruling. I’m in, but not wanting to throw my hat in for consideration on the rulings.

  5. I’m leaning toward what Chris Young said. But I also wouldn’t mind seeing what type of changes a committee would want to make.

    And before this blows up into an Ignite debate, I just feel it was wrong to take the way it was worded away from the Monster. Units I was ok with, but c’mon. you can’t tell me if Incinerous body slammed another monster onto a building, that he couldn’t then light up that area? That’s what he does.

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      1. Spazz how does Blood bowl get the community behind it to fix things and make rulings? I think it would be good to see how a successful community handles some of these issues.

      2. GW empowered one of their long-time designers (Jervis Johnson) to chair a rules committee. I don’t recall how many sat on the rules committee but I think it was around 10. They would meet annually and garner feedback from leagues and tournaments all over the world and suggest changes based on the feedback. I may not have this 100% correct but, if I’m remembering correctly, there needed to be 100% unanimous consent among all members of the committee for any rules changes to be implemented and Jervis Johnson had veto power.

  6. Sorry for not responding sooner on this, mrfroggies. Personally, I like the idea of working towards some community-affirmed errata. I think a good first step would be to get together and have a discussion about what people’s top priorities are in terms of what they think needs the most attention.

    I’d be willing to make use of some resources I have and host a Webex session for anyone who would like to participate. This would be, essentially, a conference call where we could all get on the phone together. There would also be a shared virtual whiteboard that we could all see.

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