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X-Wing Vassal Tournament: Round 1

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February 18, 2013

Welcome to round 1 of the First X-Wing Vassal Tournament.  This is looking like it’s going to be a great event.  There’s 18 people signed up and ready to play.  Now lets meet the players.

  • Chris Engler –
  • Nick Harrison –
  • Robert M –
  • Trevor Payton –
  • Zach Bunn –
  • Israel Brenton –
  • Kevin Allen –
  • Wesley Osorio –
  • Nikolaj Friis Hansen –
  • Gary Hall –
  • Tony Frederico –
  • Ronald Brannan –
  • Bobb Beauchamp –
  • Will Balvanz –
  • Bryan Moore –
  • Mathew Caudill –
  • Daniel Smith –
  • Scott Williams –

Round 1 Pairings:

In this first round players are restricted to wave 1 ships and cards.  No A-Wings, or Slave 1’s, or any wave 2 cards allowed.  Also we will be using the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game-4.1.vmod for this tournament.  Everyone has to play with this module.  This module also requires you to run Vassal 3.2.2.  With everyone running the same version it will help avoid confusion and hopefully make game play easier.  If you need any help getting started you can check out these video tutorials that Chris and I put together.

  • Chris Engler Imperials VS Gary Hall Rebels
  • Nick Harrison Imperials VS Tony Frederico Rebels
  • Robert M Imperials VS Ronald Brannan Rebels
  • Trevor Payton Imperials VS Bobb Beauchamp Rebels
  • Zach Bunn Imperials VS Will Balvanz Rebels
  • Israel Brenton Imperials VS Bryan Moore Rebels
  • Kevin Allen Imperials VS Mathew Caudill Rebels
  • Wesley Osorio Imperials VS Daniel Smith Rebels
  • Nikolaj Friis Hansen Imperials VS Scott Williams Rebels

Reporting Matches:

The first round matches are due midnight PST February 24.  I need an email from the winner with the Log file of the game.  Please post your both players points, for ships destroyed, and any achievements that happened during the match.  This will help me with scoring.

Rules Recap With Updates:

This will be a 4 round Swiss style event.  You will have one week to contact your opponent and play your match.  If you just can’t find a time to meet up and play I will allow players to play via email.  The first 2 rounds you will play with just wave 1 ships, and the last 2 rounds will be open to Wave 1 and 2 ships.  You will also play 2 rounds as a Rebel and 2 rounds as an Imperial player.  If in the first round you play as the Rebels, then in the second round you will play as the Imperial, then in the third round you will switch back to Rebel, and in the 4 round you will finish as the Imperials.  This tournament will test your pilot skills with both List making, and Piloting, as you will need to make lists for both sides.  I will be diviating from the offcial FFG Tournament rules so here’s the break down of how the event will be run.

After 4 rounds we will cut to a top 4 event where players will be allowed to play any Faction that they want.  Once they have made their lists they will have to play them for the rest of the competition.

Squad Building:

  • Before the start of each round you will be informed if you will be playing the Rebels or the Imperials.  There will be no Mirror Matches in this Tournament. After the first round you will switch to the opposite side for the next round.
  • The maximum squad points for each list will be 100pts.  A squad cannot exceed that amount, but you may have fewer points

Squad Deployment in Vassal:

  • Each player sets up all his ships and movement pieces outside the map.  The rest of the players cards, upgrades, and dials will be placed in their hands (The X-Wing Vassal FAQ will explain that if you don’t know).  Make sure your ships are numbered and labeled clearly.
  • Players determine initiative.  Initiative goes to the player with the lowest squad point total.  If both players have the same point total, then they will roll for it.  Each player will roll 3 attack dice, and the winner is the one with the most hits.  Treat focus as a blank, and critical hits are just regular hits.
  • Each player picks 3 different Asteroid tokens and sets them outside of the Map area.  Then each player takes turns placing the Asteroids starting with the player who won initiative.
  • Players place their ships in Ascending order of Pilot skill as per standard X-Wing Rules.

End of Match:

Each match will end in one of the following 4 ways.

  • All of one players ships are destroyed.  We will be ignoring the simultaneous attack rule if both players are down to there last ship, and they have the same pilot skill level.  If pilot A attacks and destroys pilot B then the game ends, and pilot B doesn’t get there last attack.  The player with at least one remaining ship earns a match win.
  • If at the end of 15 rounds of play, and both players have ships remaining in the play area, then the player who the highest squad point value receives a modified match win.
  • Conceding the match.  If one of the players can’t make it to the match, or during the course of the game find that they have no reasonable chance to win, they may concede the match.  The player who concedes gets a modified match lose and there opponent gets a Modified Match win
  • No match takes place.  If no game is reported, it will be concedered a draw and both players will be rewarded 25pts.

Scoring the Match:

Scoring the match will be very different then the standard FFG rules.  We will not be using the match win equals 5 pts, modified win equals 3 pts etc.  Instead your points will be based on the squad point value of your opponent.  If you destroy all of your opponents ships and they had a 100 point squad, then you would receive 100 points for your win.  They would receive the number of points in ships that they have destroyed.

For matches where one player concedes the game.

  1. If during the weeks time one player just can’t make the time, they may concede the game so that they don’t completely undermine their opponents chances.
  2. If during the course of the game one player finds that they have no reasonable chance to win, they may concede the match.  If they chose to concede they must do so before the start of a new planning phase.
For case number 1 the scoring will be as follows, the conceding player receives 30 points and the opposing player receives 70 points.
For case number 2 it will work a little differently.  Scoring the match will go as normal.  Both players will score their ships destroyed, and achievements.  If the winning players points total is less the 70 points of ships and achievements then they are bumped up to 70 points.

Players may receive additional bonus points for the following in game achievements.  Players are not eligible for achievements if the game was conceded.

  • The Iron Man – Win match without losing a ship (+10pts)
  • Squadron Elite – Win match without taking damage (+25pts)
  • The Nail Biter – Finish match with a single hull point left (+5pts)
  • The Sniper – One shot kill. The ship loses all it’s hull points in one attack. (+10pts)
  • Forced Retreat – Ion gunning an enemy ship off the map (+10pts)
  • The Rock – Ion gunning an enemy ship into an asteroid for the kill (+10pts)
  • Chain Lightning – Defeating all your enemy ships in a single round (+20pts)
  • Can’t Touch This – Successfully evade three attacks in one turn (+5)
  • Mine Your Path – Successfully Destroy a ship with a mine token (+10)
  • Mine Games – Successfully hit 3 or more ships with one mine token (+10)
Good luck to all and may the force be with you!
  1. I can’t wait to get started! The achievements are really cool, Scott. A few questions of clarification:

    The Sniper: is only hull points relevant for depleting in a single round? For example, if I was shooting an X-Wing that had its shields depleted in a prior round but still had all three hull points if I took out the hull points in a single round does that qualify?

    Squadron Elite: If shields are replenished with effects like R2-D2 and ships are at full at the end of the game does this still qualify or is “You never even got hit once” the spirit of this achievement?

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    1. Good questions, now for some answers.

      Sniper- how you put it is exactly correct. If you strip off an X-wings shields in one attack then destroy it with the next, you get the sniper award.

      Squadron Elite – If at the end of the match you took 0 hull damage, then you get this award. Healing with a droid nullifies this. Shields aren’t considered damage.

    1. This is a great question. This won’t be a True Swiss style event. Switching factions will trump swiss pairing. I will try to stay true to the swiss style as best I can. After the second round where everyone has played as both Imperials and Rebels, I will make adjustments. So a player might play Rebels, Imperials, then because of scores I might have them switch the order and go Imperials, then Rebels to finish. I hope that makes sense to everyone.

      1. This is pretty much how the Decipher CCG handled their Swiss tournaments. You’d play light/dark for each round. First game of a round was pure swiss pairings, with the side determined randomly. The second game of each round pitted the top Light Side against the top Dark Side, all the way down.

        Randomly determining who plays which side for the third game might help loosen things up a bit.

  2. As a note to everyone, the Achievements are there to add some spice and elements of chance to the scoring, but that’s not the only reason. They are also there to help people think outside the box when it comes to list building, and strategy.

    1. The only stupid questions are the ones left un-asked.

      To the best of my understanding there is not any server configuration required. As long as your online Vassal finds the “lobby” for the game you’ve selected.

      You can play by e-mail by making a log file of your move and then e-mailing it to your opponent. Your opponent then loads the log file in Vassal and clicks through the moves you made until it gets to the end. Lather, rinse, repeat!

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  3. Hi guys. Grretings from Denmark, where I just returned after an intense battle in a galaxy far far away against the honorable mr. Scott. My team of Imperial pilots did well, not only was The Force with them/us but the Dice gods were SOOO generous. It started out with the craziest set of maneuvers with only split hairs between some of my maneuvers, but they completed and became platform for some intense firings where I even managed to not having to fire against Biggs. Only failed when Howlrunner managed to park her ship on/in the same asteroid twice in a row after piling up into a friendly ship, and that inflicted a critical fender bender. This were her demise, and she is no longer amongst us 😉

    R.I.P. Howlie.
    (and learn to freaking maneuver that ship)

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      1. Thank you very much, I had a great (and learning) time too. And thx for the great sportsmanship, fairplay & patience that you exhibited throughout the game, really set an good example. May the dices treat you nicer in your upcoming games 😉

      1. Cool idea, Wil. My round 1 list was:

        – Howlrunner with Swarm Tactics
        – Mauler Mithel
        – Backstabber
        – Dark Curse
        – Night Beast
        – Winged Gundark

        At the end Dark Curse, Mauler Mithel, and Backstabber were remaining. Howlie died way early and Mauler looked to be not far behind but stayed alive the whole match with 1 hull point left and took out Wedge in spectacular fashion on the last turn. Winged Gundark was texting while flying and got shot out of the air by a rookie on the last turn at range 3 with an evade action. Puh-the-tick.

      2. wapcaplets said: On February 21, 2013
        Cool idea, Wil. My round 1 list was:

        – Howlrunner with Swarm Tactics
        – Mauler Mithel
        – Backstabber
        – Dark Curse
        – Night Beast
        – Winged Gundark

        At the end Dark Curse, Mauler Mithel, and Backstabber were remaining. Howlie died way early and Mauler looked to be not far behind but stayed alive the whole match with 1 hull point left and took out Wedge in spectacular fashion on the last turn. Winged Gundark was texting while flying and got shot out of the air by a rookie on the last turn at range 3 with an evade action. Puh-the-tick.

        Seems like a good night for the Empire but there semms to be a tendency that miss Howlie have some problems staying alive, in my case it was due to poor asteroid parking/avoidance skills and now I’m shocked to read that Wingy G is/was TWT (TextingWhileTIE’ing), I am certain that Darth V will set an example and severely punish anyone who dares doing similar things in the not too distant future 😉

        Can’t wait to see the scoreboards/stats and for the next round to commence; in the meantime I must make a cunning list for the Rebel Scum

      3. Mine was 4x Rookie X-Wing Pilots with Proton Torpedoes = 100 pts. My mind was on Empire and sheer numbers and I fell victim to a dastardly cunning plan that had all four ships come to bear on my wing commander on the second round (first round of shooting). Oh, it was bad, but in my defense he was a master at maneuvering (with the exception of one turning error he was flawless).

      4. My 100 points Imperial list:

        Darth Vader (with Swarm Tactics & Concussion Missiles)
        Howlrunner (with Swarm Tactics)
        Mauler Mithil (with Marksmanship)
        Tempest Squadron Pilot (with Cluster Missiles)

      5. My Imperial Squad came up wanting. It consisted of:

        – Darth Vader, Concussion Missile, Swarm Tactics
        – Howlrunner, Swarm Tactics
        – Mauler Mithel, Swarm Tactics
        – Academy Pilot
        – Academy Pilot

  4. Zach owned me in that match, great job, sir! I definitely have a takeaway in that I am crap at maneuvering Rebel ships and I’m glad I didn’t choose to bring Y-Wings or I’d be really hurting.

    Fantastic play and once we got the hang of it we had a lot of fun.

    Since the Rebels are having such a bad going, I will need to look into ways to give the Alliance a tactical advantage.

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  5. Scott, will running the log file of our game make it possible for me to see the entire game (moves, dice rolls etc.) ?? If so, then I would very much like to ask you to send it to me when you get the chance. If it’s a very large file then please use google doc or Dropbox to send it, ok??

    Once again, thx for last nights game, I am SOO busted since I was too tempted not to watch the other games that were played after ours, so it was 4 AM before I hit the sack.

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      1. The logfile should show the entire game, both yours and your opponents moves. I’m not exactly sure how it works with all the various windows, but I don’t think it will be any different from logs of other vassal mods, where all actions are recorded and viewable.

    1. I don’t think that you’ll get the win, but my guess is that your score (incl. bonus points) will stand and be used for the further advancement into the next round (i.e. if you and I have the same amounts of wins and losses then our accumulated points will decide which one of us gets the higher ranking. Sort of like the goal score difference in soccer and similar sports)

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      1. I have another question: do we play with the same list (respectively Imp/Reb) during the entire first round or can one make a new list for each match if o e would like to try out different strategies/combos??

      2. No you wouldn’t get the win, but it would count toward your point total. It’s just like Nikolaj said.

        To answer your Question Nikolaj, You would make a new list for each round. You played Imperials this round, but in the next round you will play rebels. Not really possible to use the same list. In rounds 3 and 4 you will have access to Wave 2 ships, so you could run your same lists again if you wanted, but I doubt many players will. The new ships and cards are going to be very tempting to use.

      3. Yeah, I was aware of the change of sides between rounds but I had forgotten that Wave 2 were to come into play in round 3 already (and IRL soon too)

        Anyone in here use voice chat for their games? I.e. Skype,Ventrilo,TeamSpeak or similar?

      4. yeah, I like to use Facetime or at least a speaker phone…that way it feels more like the table top game…but I have seen the maneuvers happening faster with version 4.1. :-)

  6. Current standing is Imperials 5 Rebels 3. Still waiting to hear about 1 last match. No matter the outcome this round goes to the Imperials. I will post the next round match ups as soon as I know the winners from the last match.

  7. Matt and I just finished our game. It was quite fun, with lots of highlights – Wedge annihilating a TIE Fighter in a single volley, an inattentive Y-Wing flying himself off the map, and space that looked like a parking lot by the time it was all done. Looking forward to Round 2 :)


    Kevin (Imperial, 99 points):
    Darth Vader + Concussion Missiles + Squad Leader
    Academy Pilot
    Academy Pilot
    Academy Pilot
    Academy Pilot

    Matt (Rebel, 99 points): (Going from memory here, may miss something)
    Wedge Antilles + R2-D2 + Proton Torpedoes + Swarm Tactics
    Biggs Darklighter + R2-F2
    Gray Squadron Pilot + Ion Cannon Turret + Proton Torpedo + R5-D8

    Kevin: 99 points (all killed, although the Gray Squadron did it to himself)
    Matt: 22 points (12 points for kill, plus The Sniper)

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