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X-Wing Vassal Tournament: Round 2

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February 25, 2013

The first round is done, and the Empire has sent the Rebels packing.  The Empire has won 6 of the 9 matches.  Now we switch things up and see how things shake out.  Everyone who played Imperials will now play Rebels and vice versa.  After the first round here’s the standings.

  • Robert M 115
  • Daniel Smith 108
  • Zach Bunn 100
  • Nikolaj Friis Hansen 100
  • Kevin Allen 99
  • Bobb Beauchamp 79
  • Israel Brenton 78
  • Chris Engler 77
  • Tony Frederico 68
  • Bryan Moore 76
  • Wesley Osorio 58
  • Trevor Payton 56
  • Gary Hall 52
  • Nick Harrison 33
  • Mathew Caudill 22
  • Will Balvanz 20
  • Scott Williams 20
  • Ronald Brannan 0
Now for this rounds match ups.
  • Robert M Rebels VS Daniel Smith Imperials
  • Zach Bunn Rebels VS Bobb Beauchamp Imperials
  • Nikolaj Friis Hansen Rebels VS Tony Frederico Imperials
  • Kevin Allen Rebels VS Bryan Moore Imperials
  • Israel Brenton Rebels VS Gary Hall Imperials
  • Chris Engler Rebels VS Mathew Caudill Imperials
  • Wesley Osorio Rebels VS Will Balvanz Imperials
  • Trevor Payton Rebels VS Scott Williams Imperials
  • Nick Harrison Rebels VS Ronald Brannan Imperials

Final Notes:

This rounds matches are due Sunday March 3rd.  For information about the rules go to the Round 1 post.  Good luck to everyone and may the force be with you.

      1. You saved all your good rolls for Vader’s defense. Although even then there’s only so much he can do vs 4 on 1 odds… Well played sir, and may the dice smile on you in the next round!

  1. If anybody else is getting the following error messages when trying to load a log file from your opponent:

    – Loading Niko vs Tony setup.vlog …
    – This game was saved with extension ‘Explodey_Things_-4-1.0′ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\X-wing\Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-4.1_ext’ folder to load it
    – This game was saved with extension ‘Tie_Fighter_Booster_-4-1.0′ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\X-wing\Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-4.1_ext’ folder to load it
    – This game was saved with extension ‘Tie_Interceptor_Booster_-4-1.0′ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\X-wing\Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-4.1_ext’ folder to load it
    – This game was saved with extension ‘X-Wing_Booster_-4-1.0′ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\X-wing\Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-4.1_ext’ folder to load it
    – This game was saved with extension ‘Y-Wing_Booster_-4-1.0′ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\VASSAL\X-wing\Star_Wars_X-Wing_Miniatures_Game-4.1_ext’ folder to load it
    – Loaded Niko vs Tony setup.vlog: Ready for asteroids

    then please make sure that you go to and download all the latest extensions. It seems like though the the files on the site says version 4.0 then some of them is in fact 4.1 (I think)
    I will include a link to goggle drive below epwhere I’ve saved the files mentioned above

    Anyone else had this problem??

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    1. Daniel’s TIEs fought valiantly, but the Force was with Luke and company. Gold Squadron was an unfortunate casualty; he jammed up Howlrunner and two Academy TIEs, and put one of them through an asteroid, but a late shot from the other remaining Academy Pilot took him out.

      I played:
      – Luke Skywalker + Swarm Tactics
      – Garven Dreis
      – Rookie Pilot
      – Gold Squadron Pilot + Ion Cannon Turret

      It was a great game, and I continue to be impressed at the patience and sportsmanship of this group… looking forward to Round 3 next week!

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      1. Congrats on the win, hopefully I will get the chance to battle you in the tournament later on. Otherwise we must have a game at another time

  2. So we made it to the planning phase of Round 11 before we had to pause, and it’s #€%&€ exciting:

    It is now down to Darth Vader vs. his only son Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Rookie Pilot. Darth is intact (2 Shields and 3 Hull) and so is Rookie while Luke is seriously hurt with a defective primary weapon and just one hull left, so it looks like R2D2 has it’s work cut out 😉
    So damage point wise its Imp 5 against Reb 6 (potentially 7). My Horton (RIP) did manage to ionize Tonys Tempest Pilot out of the map (Forced Retreat = +10 point) so that was a little moral boost, but meanwhile the Imps are still celebrating that one of their Academy Pilot revenged the ionized Tempest by killing off an almost defenseless Horton.

    So with only 5 rounds left on the clock this could almost go down to the wire, miraculously no one has managed to hit an asteroid (yet)

    Hopefully the final result will soon be in, so keep watching this tread.


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    1. It is going all the way to the buzzer it seems: Darth finished off Luke firing him in the back (misplaced fatherly love or inverted Oedipus complex??) but in his post-kill and triple evade roll rush Darth parked his TIE-Advanced smack into an asteroid (never a proper valet parking service when you need it). It cost him a shield but luckily my lone rookie couldn’t take a shot at him. So with 3 rounds to go it is an intact Rookie against a 3 Hull 1 Shielded Vader. The clock is running………

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      1. Round 14 (penultimate round):

        Darth flew off the asteroid but had to roll again for damage so he was now shieldless and dangerously close to the edge. Luckily for him, the Rookie Pilot didn’t have a firing solution for hitting Darth, so the round passed and we are now down to round 15.

        Round 15 (final round, see image link below):

        Rookie has made his move and now we await to see what Vader have planned. He is aiming to stay on the map and not to close on Rookie at the same time; quite difficult to achieve either and completing both successfully seems close to impossible,but time will tell……

      2. That was a great game Niko, very tense and exciting. I look forward to applying everything that I learned in our game to my next match!

      1. My list was:
        Luke (R2.D2, Swarm Tactics and Proton Torps)
        Horton (R2-F2, IonTurret and 2xProton Torps)
        Rookie Pilot (no upgrades)
        100 points total.

        Tony played:
        Darth Vader (Swarm and Concussion)
        Black Squadron (Squad Leader
        Tempest (with Concussion I think)
        2 x Academy Pilots

        Rookie made a once in a lifetime kill shot at the very last chance (see image for the roll here: )

        The asteroid dance once again proved critical/fatal, a lesson that we all needs to remind ourselves of.

        Thx for a magnificent and extremely thrilling all the way.

  3. Mathew and I just finished our game, My Rebel Scum (Wedge w/R2 Astromech, Biggs w/R2-F2, and 2 Rookie Pilots) were able to take down Vader w/Swarm Tactics & Cluster Missiles, Howlrunner w/Determination, Mauler Mithel w/Determination, and 2 Black Squadron TIEs. Complete win in 13 rounds with one Rookie X-Wing destroyed. Biggs was one hull point away from oblivion but did some clutch dodging towards the end. Thanks, Mathew, for a really fun game. For those interested, here’s a link to the log file:

    We were on Skype so there was no interaction in the chat window, FYI.

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    1. Any reason you went with concussion missiles instead of cluster missiles? I prefer cluster so you have two attack rolls, and I try to use them against Y-Wings with their lower Agility. I guess its to each his own, but I wondered your feelings on the matter.


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      1. I can safely attack with 4 dice at range 3 twice thanks to Swarm from Vadar. Plus Vadar+Backstabber at range 1 behind a Y-wing is one hurting Y-wing.

  4. Only two games left, and I think they will both be played today. I’ll post the next round pairings as soon as I know the out come. So far Rebels lead this round 5 to 2. There are 2 players with scores over 200, Robert M and Nikolaj. We shall see who leads the scoring after next round.

  5. Wes played a good game with his Rebels but I took him for everything. Asteroid fields played a vital role, dealing plenty of damage (but not destroying) my TIE fighters, but more importantly, forcing his Y-wings and single X-Wing into uncompromising positions on the board corner. The Imperials finished bettered but unbroken.

    Wes – 0 Will – 99 (his list was only 99 points).

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    1. Excellent Scott. Can’t praise your work and the level of sportsmanship displayed by everyone in here.

      Can’t wait to start the Wave-2 fighting, especially after receiving the models IRL. Must play a couple of matches at hometo get used to the new elements and the agile ships.

      Best of luck to all and thx for letting me get the chance to play in this great event

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