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X-Wing Vassal Tournament: Round 3

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March 4, 2013

The first two round are done, and there’s been a lot of close matches so far.  Nikolaj stole a win with a final shot on turn 15 to finish off Darth Vadar.  Now at the begining of this tournament I mentioned that we would alternate factions through out the event.  I also mentioned that I might alter some people to adjust things to try and stay close to a true swiss style tournament.  As it stands now the top 4 players are all in the same rotation, so I’m going to make some adjustments this round and see how things work out.  I also want to point out that this time around you can use Wave 2 ships as well.  Seems like perfect timing for this change as Wave 2 has arrived for everyone.  Now’s you chance to try out some of the new ships, and test the limits of list building. Now for the standings.

  • Robert M 225
  • Nikolaj Friis Hansen 220
  • Zach Bunn 188
  • Chris Engler 187
  • Bryan Moore 176
  • Nick Harrison 163
  • Gary Hall 162
  • Tony Frederico 147
  • Daniel Smith 131
  • Trevor Payton 126
  • Kevin Allen 123
  • Bobb Beauchamp 114
  • Will Balvanz 90
  • Israel Brenton 78
  • Wesley Osorio 58
  • Mathew Caudill 53
  • Scott Williams 50
  • Ronald Brannan 0

Now for this rounds match ups

  • Robert M Rebels VS Nikolaj Friis Hansen Imperials
  • Zach Bunn Rebels VS Chris Engler Imperials
  • Bryan Moore Rebels VS Nick Harrison Imperials
  • Gary Hall Rebels VS Tony Frederico Imperials
  • Daniel Smith Rebels VS Trevor Payton Imperials
  • Kevin Allen Rebels VS Bobb Beauchamp Imperials
  • Will Balvanz Rebels VS Israel Brenton Imperials
  • Wesley Osorio Rebels VS Mathew Caudill Imperials
  • Scott Williams Rebels VS Ronald Brannan Imperials

Rulings Question:

Kevin asked me a question about Gunner and second attack options.  I’m going to give my ruling now so that everyone knows what my answer is.  Here’s the question, If you have a Gunner do you have to make an attack on the same target? I’ve checked out the FF forums and was unable to find this particular question.  It may have been asked but under a heading for something else.  The text on both Gunner and Luke card reads, “After you perform an attack that does not hit, immediatly perform a primary weapon attack..”.  I interpert this to mean that you begin the attack phase all over again.  You declare target, Roll dice, etc.  At the Declare target phase you may choose any target that’s within your firing arc. You could fire on the same ship, or another if you so choose.  Until there’s an official FAQ about this, then this is how I will play these cards.



    1. Yeah, man. It’s gonna be a good one. The iconic match-up is Vader vs. Luke but with me as Imperials and you as Rebels I’d say it’s Vader (me) vs. Sting (you). I’m behind you by a point but I hope my current score of 187 is a portent of me committing murder, not being murdered.

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  1. I’m pretty stoked after my Rookies fantastic last minute feat of strength (read: lucky roll) against Darth “Asteroid?? What aster….!!!” Vader and looking forward to meet up against Robert M in Round 3. I think Slave-1 and the Int’s will be set out roaming for some space battling 😉

    @Robert: what time zone are you in? And do you have certain days that suits you better? As I did with Tony I guess we should try and do the asteroids and setup via PBeM before doing the live battle, how does that sound? As Aston as I have made my Imp list I will email you and vice versa, ok?

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    1. Wack it is not. If you rt click on your ship there should be a menu for Template move. If there isn’t then you delete your dial and grab a new one. If that doesn’t work then you might have to make a new ship to get that menu. The logs that I posted were made using the 4.0 module, and that’s one of the updates from 4.0 to 4.1. I hope that helps.

      1. I am seriously fearing Han’s re-rolls and the gunner after having played an IRL game tonight. Well, it’s just for fun, and probably it will be a learning experience 😉

    1. The Vassal server died on us (even the website appears down), so we’re paused at the Round 5 planning phase. Han and Boba Fett have been locked nose-to-nose for three rounds, unable to move past one another; Turr Phennir has passed into the great beyond, but Fett’s auxiliary firing arc managed to put one of my Rookie Pilots away.

      It’s still anyone’s game, I think… as long as Boba Fett doesn’t fly off the edge!

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      1. After our “break”; the Large ships disengaged from each other, and Han’s Wookiee gunner pulled out a couple of lucky shots to end the match.

        I’m sure Boba Fett’s not dead, but despite Imperial backup he’s not going to collect the bounty on Han this time!

        The tourney continues to be a really positive experience–much friendlier than the face-to-face tournaments I’ve played in, actually–and I would encourage Nikolaj’s next opponent to be very, very careful. (c:

      2. Erratum to Roberts post:

        Without having an active ongoing urge to put myself down (a strong trait an many Scandinavians) I must say that it was the skillful play and squad building from Roberts side combined with a horrible squad and terrible movements/decisions from my part that were the major point; then add to this a couple (felt like hundreds) of Han rerolls, a few of which were lucky, and the the outcome was written at the edge of the board (where 99% of the moves (standstill) and fighting took place) in HUGE letters almost from round 3 and onward.

        Well played, Robert. You teach hard but valuable lessons, I will try to take as much as my skull will contain with me from our match and one day soon I will ask for a rematch (won’t be until after my ego have been released from the Trauma Ward and also not before I get the Post Mortem on and have buried mr. Phennir)

  2. Tony F. and I are setting up by email and will be playing 9:30 to 10:30 eastern tonight and finish on Thursday at 9:30 eastern.

    He has 4 x Saber Squadron Pilots with Veteran Instincts and Stealth

    I have
    Lando+Determination+Nien Nunb+ Millennium Falcon
    Rookie+R2 Astromech

    I think those Sabers are going to be a tough nut to crack with 4 AGI, 5 at Range.

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  3. Attention Bryan Moore: I’ve sent you an email checking on your availability for our match this round. I’m free tonight (Tuesday). If that doesn’t work for you, I can get some free time this weekend at some point, and if nothing else works, I can do a late night Thursday. I’m on the east coast, for timing purposes.

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      1. I used to work with a guy who had a bracelet that had WWLD on it, and when asked he would reply that it stood for “What Would Lando Do”. The answer, as it turns out, was usually “reluctantly betray your friends until the terms are good enough, then try to repent and get choked out by a wookiee.”

      1. I’ve got a list I like with Boba Fett and three secorts, but I’ve been looking at a Two Firespray list as well, not to mention three all-stars with Soontir Fel, Turr Phennir, and Darth Vader. So .. many .. choices.

        The next time we do this we will have to pick a higher point total, maybe 120. Since the matches I’ve been involved in rarely last over 9 rounds anyway, it might not make it too much longer. I dunno.

      2. I second the notion on increasing the squad point size in the future; with Wave 2 it seems like a bit more fun, but for now it is ok, since it is a part of the challenge to fit it in a 100 points

      3. The number of ships (particularly on the side with the most ships) determines the pace of play. With WAVE 2 in now, ships generally cost more because they are decked out instead of barebone. That means fewer ships on both sides… 3-4 vs 3-5 in most games. When it was just WAVE 1, the game was typically 3-4 vs 5-7 and took longer.

        120 points is roughly 1 extra rebel ship and 1-2 extra imperial ships. It would slow the game back down to a WAVE 1 pace, which was a bit on the long side but not entirely absurd. I’m not sure you could really go to 140 points without exponentially longer games though.

  4. My round 3 Imperial list was

    Vader+Swarm Tactics+Cluster Missiles+Stealth Device
    Mauler Mithel+Stealth Device
    Alpha Squadron Pilot+Stealth Device X2

    My plan was to evade my way into close range. Kevin countered that with fancy flying and straight shooting. Vader vows to move the Death Star to Romulus to try and enforce a refund for the defective cloaking devices they sold the Empire.

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      1. Tycho was my superstar for the match. He really is a Rebel-side Vader – with Push the Limit he’s the same cost as Vader, with effectively the same ability. Loses the ability to K-turn if you really push it (I had 6 stress on him at the end of the game), 1 less hull and 1 less pilot skill in return for a more forgiving dial with the all-important 1-speed turn maneuver.

        My gunnery dice were incredibly friendly for the game, but it was an enjoyable one.

      2. Truly, I thought Kevin had convinced Wedge to fly the A-Wing. Then the rookie’s shots made me think I was looking in the wrong place.

        Tycho set the tone of the match by acing my lead INT with his missile shot. Had I managed to survive that…and having 4 defense and an evade action did not do enough…I could have jammed up Lando and Tycho both, at least giving me a chance to lay some collective firepower into them. And then Tycho survived a cluster missile attack from Vader. My best chance to kill Tycho was when Lando let him fly into an asteroid.

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