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X-Wing Tournament II Round 2

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April 28, 2013

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Round 1 showed how diverse and well rounded the competition is.  There were some upsets, there were was a match where victory was stolen on the last roll.  I can’t wait to see how this next round plays out.  In the registration I posted that these games would be ranked.  Well the ranking has begun.  Sense this is the first ranked online X-Wing event, we all start out the same, so there isn’t much difference between players right now, but as the tournament goes on things will shift more.  To view the rankings you can go here.  When you go to the page select X-Wing, then online, then 100pts, and see where you stand.  For some of us who have been on the TC site for a while you can earn Badges for different things.  If you look at my profile you will see that I have a few badges.  The winner of the X-Wing vassal tournament will get this badge next to there name

x-Wing Badge


From now on X-Wing Tournament winners will gain this badge icon.  One more thing to look forward too. I thought I would post The factions and players plus their lists again.

The Empire: We Have you now!

The Rebels: May the 4th be with you!

Rules Updates:

Now many people have red Kevin’s blog on Measuring.  It seems FFG is looking to take a much harder stand on measuring then many would have guessed.  I’m not going to implement these new rules for this tournament.  I will continue to answer rules questions, and make calls based on my best judgement, but I will not be following these new rulings.  These new rules will fundamentally change how many people play, and when you add that to learning Vassal, I find that to be too much.  I also don’t like making big rules changes in the middle of an event.

Good luck to all of you and may the Force be with you!

Game Logs


  1. Oh BOY this will be exciting: My Daredevils will once again be facing The Flying Furball (TFF) aka Chewbacce and 2 X-Wings, though this time TFF have bought some serious upgrades in exchange for dumping Wedgie off the team compared to our last encounter (with another opponent).

    Wedgie won’t be missed from my pov, but the match up will be MOST interesting nonetheless. Initiative roll won’t matter at all (
    but I see some VERY intense flying and fighting going down, and I am extremely anxious to see who will emerge victorious at the end.

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    1. Todays recipe for The Deadliest cocktail in the Universe:

      2 oz of Theorist Rookies mixed with moronic Imp flying moves. Chilled by shaken the mixture with 3-4 Rebel friendly dices. Strain the mix through Chewie’s sideburn hair and/or beard.
      Served with Chrushed Spirit in a salted glass which is to grinded into the bared flesh of any amoebae minded Danish guy you can find flying around a 3′ x 3′ map.

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  2. Nick and I should be kicking off what destines to be a very bloody Imperial vs Imperial clash as stalwart protectors of the Empire look to hunt downs a pair of rogue Bounty Hunters who failed to bring in Han Solo recently.

    Will the wiley fringers escape?
    Will the might of the Alpha Squadron bring them to justice?
    Which Dark Curse is the real Dark Curse?

    Tune in at 6pm Central Time tonight to spectate.

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  3. Tony and I just finished. He played a great game, and had me worried there at the start, but he just couldn’t get the final blow on my BH until right before the last round. But my other BH finished off his last Xwing. I only did 5 extra damage, as he wisely blocked my 2nd BH, preventing me from taking my focus action. So I TL’d on Howl’s turn, and got 2 hits with the 2nd missile, which he evaded. I also didn’t use my second seismic charge, but oh well. It was at least a deterrent. Great game, Tony!

    I sent the log file to the frog.

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      1. Nope, that was just a bit of lucky guessing. Do you know how much concentration it takes to hide the evade symbols on those green dice? I didn’t have anything left for a mind trick.

      2. i figured his strategy was to go after howlrunner, which he said later that it was. At that point, his best move would have been 2 straight with the x’s. I had a missile primed, so I flew my front bh out of the splash zone while still giving him a prime rear firing arc. That’s what I did, and why. That bh still took out an awing and an xwing, and put damage on the others, so I think he was worth his points.

      3. He totally was, no question. I will say that when he guessed your zag instead of a zig you had to be sweating a little with 14 potential damage on your BH.

  4. Gabor and I (Wedge, Horton, Rookie, Prototype vs. A Murder of Crows) are scheduled (somewhat tentatively, but looks good) for Saturday at 8:30 AM Pacific Time (11:30 AM Eastern). We welcome a peanut gallery!

    Hopefully we’ll be commo via Skype, but maybe not; if so there won’t be a lot of chatter on VASSAL. I’ll take responsibility for logging the game.

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  5. Wap and I done. That was pretty much the battle of the derps. We both flew like crap, honestly, and I came out ahead only because my collisions involved asteroids and his involved the edge of the board. I didn’t score a single kill – both Falcons left the map, although Lando’s departure was more a choice as he was left with only one hull and Krassis finally getting his ship pointed in the right direction.

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      1. We both played it tight – the collisions that mattered for both of us were literally a few pixels. I have to give points to wappy, though – it was just the tiny back corner of Chewie that ended up off the board, and I didn’t notice it. He was the one who brought it up. It was a hard call for him to make, and I admire it. I’m certainly hoping we get a chance for a rematch later in the tourney.

      2. I was definitely disappointed at the way my maneuvers turned out when Chewie left the board but rules is rules. Whether it’s by a pixel or half a ship-width off the board is off the board. Important lesson learned about flying two YTs that close together near the board edge.

      3. That lesson is actually a big part of what I took away from it – especially the potential for using it offensively. A lot of people like to run the Falcons close to the edge like that. A well-placed blocking ship can force that corner off. It’s definitely something to remember.

  6. Josh and I just got done playing.

    He let me redo my manuevers on turn 2. If not Luke and Rookie would have been off the board. I did right turn 2 instead of left turn 2. I feel really embarrassed about the whole situation.

    If he would not have let me redo it then it would have been 2 y’s vs Josh’s list.

    This just shows what a great group of guys we have playing this game. If this would have been Magic or any other game I would have been screwed.

    I think I will be sticking around for a while.

    Its not the actual game that makes a game fun its the people playing that game. All the people here that I have talked to and played against on Vassal have been some of the best group of people that I have ever played any games with, and I have played alot of games. I am pushing 40, and I am not sure if I am one of the oldest people playing here or not.

    I would just like to say to Josh and everyone reading this thanks for making a good game great. You are what makes this game great.

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      1. I am glad that Josh let me redo the 2 manuevers.

        Anyone playing would clearly see thats what I wanted to do, but thats not what I had marked on the dials.

        Starting at the top of the board can be tricky sometimes. I was going this way <—– so I should have noticed it. I will chalk it up as just getting up and not being with it yet. Embarassing none the less.

        I am not sure if someone at regionals would have let me do the same thing or not. I know I would definatly let someone else redo it at the start of the game like that before any firing happened.

        I just hope I don't make the same mistake on Saturday when I go to the one here. It will be a little better because I will be sitting on that side of the board and can flip the dial.

        Everyone makes mistakes. I just hope I don't make any at the start of the game like that again. If anything it will teach me to triple check the dials before placing.

        I think most people playing there will be just as friendly as they are here. At least I hope so. You guys make me have confidence that it will be like that.

      2. Robert gave me one for a bad dial in our game, too. It was actually funny – we were chatting as we played, and I mentioned that I’d been meaning to go in and change the graphics on the dials because I think the turns and banks are too similar – and then BAM! I pick a turn when I meant a bank. He was kind enough to give it to me.

        I really am going to go through and fix those images one of these days…

      3. I’m not always so nice, but I will usually let someone take back an obvious error like that. Here, it was pretty clear that @Buhallin had made a genuine mistake–the bank would have put him on an obvious and avoidable asteroid, and the turn put him comfortably between two asteroids and squarely behind Han.

        I guess if I’m going to win, I’d rather do it honestly. (c:

    1. I don’t make the game great — far from it; more like John Candy doing ballet — but if someone makes an obvious mistake that’s game-ending, like an opposite-dial turn off the map, I will always let him or her reverse it. Intent matters; the game is intended to judge skill in eye-balling maneuvers, not whether or not a player develops momentary dial-slexia. Seriously, who hasn’t?

      On the other hand, unless the other player is genuinely insistent (and sometimes he or she is, because most people want to be at least somewhat challenged), I don’t take do-overs myself. It has nothing to do with nobility … it’s just that I tend to learn best from falling on my face and busting my own nose. I mis-dial much less frequently than I used to, as a result.

      On VASSAL, I still struggle. The Bank icon looks exactly like a Turn template, which gets me very occasionally, but — more often — I’ve multi-selected dials and accidentally — and disastrously — multi-rotated them.

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  7. I’ll back what some have said, concerning the community here — our site has always prided itself on being both highly sporting and otherwise maintaining itself as a warm place (though we all have our moments once in a while). As TC has transitioned from mostly Monsterpocalypse and Warmachine/Hordes, I have been glad to see new community members both appreciate and add to the environment here. I salute all of you who help make X-wing so fun to play and discuss.

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      1. Thanks. Normally the 8 hour time difference wouldn’t be an issue, since we would play at the weekend morning/afternoon. However since it’s regionals weekend that’s not an option. And I don’t want to be the one who holds up round 2 because we couldn’t find a time to play.

    1. I beat Commender Stew during round 8. Biggs lasted until round 4 or 5. His A-Wing with assault missiles was primed to fire them off with Target Lock and Focus, but some concentrated fire from Chewbacca meant he had to use his focus to survive, meaning his assault missiles didn’t hit. A series of bad asteroid collisions for his Wedge and Garven meant they were shot out of the sky by my Wedge. Thanks Commander Stew for the game!

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      1. Wow. I’m glad I stayed up until 4am in the morning the other night to play my second round game. Wouldn’t want to be the last one you are all waiting for with all this name calling going on :p

  8. Looks like Kath Scarlet can’t catch a break. After failing to capture Han Solo, and then fending off Imperial justice – now Han’s friends Wedge, Luke, and Garven are hunting her down for some payback.

    This has been fun – I’m ready for Round 3!

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