X-Wing Tournament II Round 3

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The final match for round two was played on May the 4 be with you, which is pretty cool. The battles are heating up as we enter round 3.  There have been a lot of epic battles in round 2 lets see if we can top them in this third round.  With two rounds left every match is going to be critical if you want to make the top 8.  Here’s the current match ups.

Third Round Matches:

Ryan Voigt (@rekkon) W VS Richard White (@kelvantiberius) L game log
Doug Kinney (@hothie) W VS Kevin Allen L game log
Michaël Juneau (@mu0n) L VS Theorist (@theorist) W game log
Scott Williams (@mrfroggies) W VS Gabor Horn (@hirisov) L game log
Garrett Hughes (@budgernaut) L VS Will Balvanz  (@wbalvanz) W game log
Trevor Payton (@thereisnotry) L VS Trenden Flanigan (@littlebull76) W game log
Roy Engebakken (@zlygoor) W VS Nikolaj Friis Hansen (@forensicus) L game log
Keith Wilson (@kjpw88) L VS Russell (@lordlavell) W game log
Jesus Sanchez (@ringo) W VS Patrick Corifxsen (@corvax) L game log
Gabriel Hughes (@parakitor) W VS Jeff Wilder (@wilder3jw) L game log
Robert McCowen (@vorpalsword) W VS Chris Engler (@wapcaplets) L game log
Tony Frederico (@tonyf1330) results VS Bryan (@zarash) results game log
Ceodryn (@phboujon) L VS Ron Brannan (@jetsetter) W game log
Commander Stew (@commandostew) W VS Nick Harrison (@doctormungmung) L game log
Joshua Brown (@stryker) W VS BYE results game log
Mike Rebman (@mikerebby) W VS Aaron Bonar (@origen) L game log

Now that round 3 has officially started, I just want to say a couple things to the players.  I know that many of you are still getting the hang of Vassal, but try and be considerate of your opponents time.  Please be mindful if you are taking very long turns.  I’m sorry to say that Zach has had to step down, due to time.  He’s getting ready to run several events at his store, and also preparing for MonCon, so in this round we have our first bye.  Good luck to everyone.