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X-Wing Galactic Cup Top 16

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July 10, 2014

It’s been a long road to get to the top 16, but we are here.  Out of 144 players from 26 countries we are now down to 16 of the best players.  No one here is going to be easy, those days are long gone.  Now lets see which players have what it takes to move onto the top 8.

Top 16 Match ups:

Antigrapist has the bracket list here

Dodo Wins and moves on to the top 8
PCGamerPirate Wins and moves on to the top 8
Starslinger72 Wins and moves on to the top 8
rurouni Wins and moves on to the top 8
agedsuperdave Wins and moves on to the top 8
Rekkon Wins and moves on to the top 8
Fumatu Wins and moves on to the top 8
Davidwa Wins and moves on to the top 8


Here’s some links to the past rounds

Galactic Cup Wild Card Round

Galactic Cup Top 32

Galactic Cup Division Rounds

Good luck to everyone and may the force be with you.  All games are due by Sunday the 20th of July.  If all games are done before that time I will start the next round early.
    1. Huge fan of your LiveCasts man! please keep posting those up to YouTube! Especially when we get to the semi final level of this great event!

      On a side note… could we interest you in an interview with NOVA Squadron Radio when this is all over?


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      1. Absolutely! Thanks for offering. And if you guys want to co-commentate on of the top 16 matches with me, please let me know, all that is required is Skype and Vassal.

      2. We have both and would be honored! We will have to set something up for the live casts and I REALLY want to hear about your Regionals event when it is over.

    1. Yep will try to sort this out tomorrow. The best thing would be for the top 16 participants to get their match times sorted and posted here so I can match up co-commentators and then publish a schedule of matches to the internet.

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    1. Starslinger won an epic 3 hour match that ended with a 2-hull Soontir dog fighting with a full health B-Wing. In the end the infinite 2-turns + BR + Boost were too much for the B-Wing. Congrats and good luck in the Top 8 to a fellow Windy City Squadron member!

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      1. This was a really really close match. The number of times where both of us just missed having a shot on the other was crazy. Did you happen do save a lucky lady of the match anywhere? I pulled the vid from my stream down to edit tonight and was wondering how the dice rolled out.

      1. The point of the two lists is that it gives you more options, and you aren’t completely stuck on using the same list for months. It also cuts down on matches that are decided because you happen to face the one guy that is running a list that completely counters your squad.

        Both players have to pick a list before the start of the game, and then they reveal them simultaneously.

      2. I chose Dutch and Blues, while PCgamer chose BBXAA.

        I figured Carnor would counter the RGP’s hard, so he wouldn’t choose them, and his Awings would block my miniswarm, so I chose Dutch :)

        opened really well for me, 1st exchange of fire I lost 1 shield, he lost 5shields 1 hull on the same Bwing!

        after that the dice just went red hot for him and chilly for me, plus he made some nice moves with his Xwing.

        Ended with him losing 2 bwings and the X had 2 hull left.

  1. Just finished against agedsuperdave – he won. Well played mate!

    Good luck to all in the final rounds, thanks Mr Froggies for arranging such a great tournament, thanks to all the people I played – it was a pleasure and I learnt a hell of a lot playing against and watching you guys.



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      1. I don’t think anyone is from Wisconsin still left in the tournament, but if we are talking about good players in the midwest, we need to talk about more than Iowa and Illinois.

      2. There are outstanding players everywhere. In a worldwide tournament like this, with 150 people, I was just pointing out that 4 of the top 8 are from 2 neighboring states, which is quite a feat. Apologies to pcgamerpirate and antigrapist because I don’t know where you guys are from. I think, and I may be wrong about this, that davidwa is in the pacific northwest.

  2. Couple of great damn games tonight, in Dom v. Texx and Rekkon v. Theorist.

    Watching the Dom/Texx log now, and those of you that were with me on mixlr in calling for Texx to BR *back* with Turr, then Turr-boost out of arc after firing: we were right. It’s close, but makes it. (Still, I’m impressed that Texx saw that he could arc-dodge with a forward BR, also, even if it did cost running over the rock. I didn’t think that would make it.)

    Man, that game would have become an instant classic if not for the fatigue-BR that killed Turr. (Sorry, Dallas … you know I was rooting for you.)

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    1. Looks like the log “locked” in the Rekkon/Theorist game (seemed to have happened after Rekkon mentioned a VASSAL bug costing him his log), so I was unable to 100% verify that (in the top right corner) Theorist could have gone 4-S and boosted out of arcs, saving himself from taking fire (and thus winning the game). I’m about 95% sure, though, as I said on mixlr, that it was that turn that swung the game.

      Of course, armchair quarterbacking is easy, when the 300-pound dude (“We call him B-wing”) isn’t actually rushing at *my* face.

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  3. EPIC games last night. thanks for everyone that tuned in to the livecast as well; we had a great time, and even got treated with Mr Froggies joining the cast towards the end (with some broad discussion of a potential Vassal League!?!).

    I’ve got 5 or 6 videos up on twitch now from last night – had a few technical glitches that caused me to have to stop and restart service – so it is going to be a couple of days until I can stitch them into something for youtube.

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