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Galactic Cup Top 8

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July 18, 2014

The Top 16 had some epic games, and I look forward to some amazing top 8 showings.  Making it this far is no easy task!  To move on your going to need Skill, Luck, and a favorable match up, because from here on out nothing is going to be easy.

Top 8 Match ups:

Antigrapist has the bracket list here

Starslinger72 Wins and moves on to the top 4
Agedsuperdave Wins and moves on to the top 4
fumatu Wins and moves on to the top 4
rekkon Wins and moves on to the top 4

Here’s some links to the past rounds

Galactic Cup Top 16

Galactic Cup Top 32

Galactic Cup Wild Card Round

Galactic Cup Division Rounds

Good luck to everyone and may the force be with you.  All games are due by Sunday the 27th of July.  If all games are done before that time I will start the next round early.
  1. Hello Team Covenant community! First time posting in these forums.

    Been enjoying sozin’s broadcasts of the Galactic Cup, so much so I have decided to join the community on here and I’ll have to try my hand at the Vassal module.

    Good luck to those remaining and keep up the great work! Pleasure to watch.

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      1. I haven’t been in a game that had a miss play punished so hard in a long time. The bump was bad enough but then to have Luke and Biggs go down the following turn was brutal.

  2. I just finished listening to the background cast from my game in Top 16 vs Rekkon. Was a great game; I felt good about losing because Rekkon made some great calls to win it. Been in a very good mood since actually, just because it was so much fun. Would play that match again in a heartbeat, as either squad. It felt very even to me all game long.

    In my opinion if I had to pick the moment when I lost, it wasn’t the 3 forward. I did almost choose 4 forward there, but wasn’t 100% I’d not take 2 ions and drift off the map. Felt I’d rather chance speed 3 than the drift off when I was still healthy.

    The move where I lost, as much as there was one, was when I didn’t take the 1 left turn and roll north. I was super-sure Rekkon was going to block that move and send me into the rocks next turn, and I wasn’t sure what angle Chewie would be if he did. It seemed obvious as my best move, so I chose not to do it. That ended up biting me, as Rekkon’s move ignored that possibility. As soon as I saw that he hadn’t countered the juke, I felt I’d lost the game by not taking it. I’d have gotten 3 shots on him before he fired at me again, with Y-wing as his only ship left. That’s enough to eat through his remaining health, at least better chances than I had.

    Looking back it’s humorous to me how many times 1 extra hit/evade here or there might have saved me at the end. Just 1 more health on Chewbacca would have been enough to let me change tactics and buy an extra shot, by just making sure it was the ion turret shooting me. I blame Chewbacca pulling double duty, since he was his own Gunner. Such a tight game.

    There was a turn where I took Evade against an expected ion shot, that was a blunder. I knew it wouldn’t be enough, and should have ramped offense instead that turn. And even though I completely hair-brained on one of my most used and favorite cards (Expert Handling… I literally did not think about removing target locks at all even in my prep time; TERRIBLE!), it only ended up biting me for 1 extra damage taken. Either of those might have saved me. But Rekkon has a few things like that too I imagine, so I think it ended right where it should have.

    Did you ever get Lady Luck to work? I had wanted to see this game.

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    1. I have also watched the cast now. Very interesting to hear the other perspectives. Lady Luck seems to confirm my impression of the game. Dice were about average, though Theorist’s were better earlier. So many things in that match came down to razor margins.

      I would not say I ignored that possibility, Theorist. Many times I just had to guess which way you were going to go. I literally flipped a coin once during the match. There was also a dash of “I know he knows I know that maneuver” recursion.

      To clarify, my handle is pronounced like “reckon,” not like the abbreviation of reconnaissance.

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      1. I meant in terms of what maneuver you chose. The 50/50 chance there of me/you guessing right. I felt that after a whole game of looping around the map, the juke was a better call — I did the same thing in my loss during qualifying, and lost Chewbacca pretty much the exact same way there.

      2. Everyone talked about the 3-forward instead of 4-forward moment, but what is often forgotten is what Rekkon did on that turn. Dodo and I agreed that the B-Wing should have done a hard 1-turn north in front of the asteroid to set up a shot for the later rounds. We assumed that Theorist would do a 4-straight so going south of the asteroid made no sense and Rekkon would be chasing Chewie and it would be several turns before he got a shot. But because Theorist did a 3-forward, Rekkon did have a shot. But had Rekkon actually done a 1-hard turn north, then a 3-forward is probably the right move for Chewie as I believe it gave him a range 1 on the Y-Wing with only 1 Ion cannon shot coming his way.

        My point is, a move in the later stages of a game is rarely the “Right” or “Wrong” move in a vacuum. Landing on asteroids or other obviously bad moves are almost always wrong, but in general, a move has to be gauged against what your opponent is going to do. Since you have no way of knowing, it is hard to criticize maneuvers too much. Catching someone off guard with a “crazy” maneuver might be the right choice in some situations.

      3. It’s funny that you mention that. Part of my reasoning behind going 4 forward at the end of the game instead of juking was because Rekkon didn’t cut to intercept with his B-wings earlier. It seemed like he was determined not to get caught by a slow move, so I just kept going fast.

        My reasoning for going slower was that I didn’t think the healthy B-wing’s 3 forward would clear the rock, at least not surely enough that Rekkon would chance it when he had other reasonable moves. When he pulled it off and rolled left it put a gun in play I thought would be out of range — in fact by my eye I thought I might be out of range anyway, and almost was; that Ion Cannon barely had me. Chewbacca was supposed to pick off the hurt B-wing (which he did), block the Y-wing next turn (which he did), and get out of Y-wing’s range after the block (which he didn’t; unexpectedly ionized). I could have gone faster, but that wouldn’t have blocked the Y-wing and had a very slim chance of the pretty much dead B-wing ionizing me off the map.

      1. Dodo is moving to London this week. He gave me lots of notice for this. It looks like his internet install was foo bared, so He and Rekkon are rescheduling. I’m giving them a little extra time to sort this out. I’m giving them extra time because I was informed before the round started.

      2. Good news – Internet is installed, so me and Rekkon are aiming for Monday/Tuesday. Will update when we know a decent time!

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